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Dan MacMillan is one of Fayetteville's most recognized architects. He went to school at NCSU and graduated in 1948 just before Henry Kamphoefner came on board as Dean of the newly formed School of Design.  After working a few years for Jim Webb, he worked for a year as a project engineer for Muirhead Construction on Raleigh's Dorton Arena. MacMillan recalled that Mies Van Der Rohe came to visit during that year to see the Arena. 

In 1952, he founded Dan MacMillan Architect and Associates in Fayetteville with his brother Frank MacMillan. When Frank got his license, the firm was renamed MacMillan and MacMillan. They were soon joined by Mason Hicks. Photo above, left to right: Dan MacMillan, Mason Hicks, Frank MacMillan. In 1968, the MacMillans joined with two new partners to form MacMillan, MacMillan, Shawcroft and Thames. That partnership broke up in 1970. MacMillan sold the business to George Ellinwood after his brother Frank died in 1991 and worked there for a few years. MacMillan retired and lives in Fayetteville.

Late 1950's - The NCO Club at Fort Bragg, Fayetteville NC Dick Bell was the landscape architect. Instead of working through the Army Corps of Engineers, as was common practice, the sergeants involved wanted a great Modernist building and got a loan from the Army to fund construction.

MacMillan interviewed in 2011 

Frank MacMillan

"The office you go into the first few years is really determinant of the way you turn out." -- Dan MacMillan

 "After the Dust Settles," a documentary on a Fayetteville tear down, the Kistler-Hollstein House designed by Dan MacMillan. Produced by Jan Johnson and Pat Wright of Moonlight Communications. Part 1 Part 2


1953 - The Tom Suggs House, 728 Athens Avenue, Fayetteville. According to Dan MacMillan, it featured the first deck in town. As of 2012 owned by Robert J. Lints.

1953 - The H. J. Ziegler House, 606 Forest Lake Drive, formerly 606 Vista Drive, Fayetteville. On the lake. Designed by Mason Hicks while working with Dan MacMillan. Four bedrooms, 3.5 baths. Destroyed approximately late 2008. The land was sold in 2012.

1955 - The Samuel D. Mendelsohn House, 2309 Westdale Drive, Fayetteville. Commissioned 1954.  Project architect, Mason Hicks. Probably built by C. E. Reeves and Sons of Fayetteville.  Sold to Tim White and Rachel Blackmer. Sold in 2015 to Rebecca W. and David N. Wendelken.

1955 - The E. C. Garber House, 1810 Lakeshore Drive, Fayetteville NC. Dan MacMillan was the primary architect along with his brother.

1955 - The Bernard Fleishman House, 2702 Skye Drive, Fayetteville NC. As of 2012 owned by William and Mary Pollitt.

1956 - The Paul Kitchen House, Warsaw NC. Has been sold.

1957 - The Ursula and John Green House, 124 Dundee Road, Fayetteville. Designed by MacMillan and MacMillan. As of 2012 owned by Kerry and Jeanne Clancy.

1958 - The Charles E. Kistler and Dell Hollstein House, 323 Birnam Drive, Fayetteville NC. The Kistler-Hollstein house was one of the best local examples of Modernist architecture. Landscape design by Dick Bell, shown with MacMillan in top photo. Dell Hollstein lived on the 2.1 acre property for almost 50 years. She had it on the market for a number of years and lowered the price several times. There were calls to move it but that was impossible because of the concrete slab. Preservation North Carolina officials visited the site but their interest came too late. Developer Buzz Loyd became interested in the land only after Hollstein removed the condition that the house remain. The house was destroyed in 2005 and replaced by McMansions, bottom three photos by Moonlight Communications.

 "After the Dust Settles," a documentary the Kistler-Hollstein House by Jan Johnson and Pat Wright of Moonlight Communications.Part 1 Part 2

1958 - The Harold L. Godwin House, 1813 Lakeshore Drive, Fayetteville NC. Designed by MacMillan and MacMillan. Frank MacMillan was the primary architect. As of 2012 still owned by Harold Godwin.

1960 - The Samuel A. and Michelle Wright House, 3609 Drayton Road, Fayetteville NC.  Still occupied by the Wrights as of 2011.

1964 - The William S. and Mary Jane Ward Residence, 401 Ramblewood Drive, Raleigh. Frank MacMillan designed a U-shaped house built on 3.4 acres - over a stream - something cities don't let you do anymore. Built by Caviness and Son. Dick Bell was the Landscape Architect. Ezra Meir was the Structural Engineer. Paul H. Brown was the Mechanial Engineer. Appeared in NC Architect June-July 1968. Photos by Lewis P. Watson. 

After William Ward committed suicide in the driveway, his widow sold the property to Carl and Anne Broadus in 1968. Sold to Philip and Sylvia Redwine in 1973. Sold to R. L. and Jean Poe Martin in 1976. Sold to Emerson Scarborough in 1978. Sold to Lonnie Poole, CEO of Waste Industries, in 1991. Sold in 2008 to Ramblewood LLC Properties, Ven and Lisa Poole. In 2011, they did a renovation and addition designed by JDavis Architects, expanding the bridge section over the creek.

1965 - The Stacy Weaver-James Warner House, 2865 Skye Drive, Fayetteville. Designed by MacMillan and MacMillan. Sold to James and Julie Warner. As of 2012 owned by Kimberly Ann Barrie. Photo by Ericka Giroux.

1966 - The Erasmus (Ras) Evans House, 142 Ellerslie Drive, Fayetteville NC. As of 2012 owned by his daughter, Ellen Evans Jordan, and Carl Jordan.


1967 - The Dorothy Hutaff House, 411 Devane Street, near the Kistler-Hollstein House, Fayetteville NC. As of 2012 owned by Joan English Allen.  Photo by Michelle Myers.

1967 - The Kenneth and Jean Dickinson House, 409 Ramblewood Drive, Raleigh NC. They bought the land from neighbor William Ward. One of the few single family houses built by commercial contractor Seby Jones. As of 2012 still owned by the Dickinsons.

1967 - The John Mitchell House, Lakeshore Drive, Fayetteville NC. Has been destroyed.

1969 - The Henry Rankin House, 505 Valley Road, Fayetteville NC.  As of 2012 owned by Norwood Bryan.

1970 - The James Sutherland House, 501 Valley Road, Fayetteville NC.  As of 2012 owned by John and Margaret Dickson.


1970 - The Denny and Betty Shaffer House, 2910 Skye Drive, Fayetteville NC. As of 2012 still owned by the Shaffers. For sale in 2018.

1970 - The William and Urana DeGraw House, 1120 Longleaf Drive, Fayetteville NC. Sold in 1973 to Assad and Patricia Meymandi.  Sold in 1993 to Johnny and Zula Wood.   

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