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Hicks was born in Bluefield WV moved to Buckhannon WV in 1931. At the age of 15 he built a black walnut colonial four poster bed still in use by the family today. He was a 1939 graduate of Buckhannon-Upshur High School and went on to study mathematics and art at West Virginia Wesleyan College in Buckhannon. Drafted in 1942, he was sent by the Army Air Corps to study meteorology at MIT. After a distinguished career as a meteorologist in Europe during WWII, Mason was discharged as a Captain in 1946. Under the GI Bill he went on to study architecture at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and MIT from which he earned an MA in Architecture in 1949.  Hicks worked for Jim Webb in Chapel Hill 1950-1952. In 1952, he moved to Fayetteville and was partners with Dan and Frank MacMillan at MacMillan, Hicks, and MacMillan. In 1960, he left to form his own firm.  He partnered with Jim Willis as Hicks and Willis 1965-1967.  Notable projects include the 1969 Fayetteville Airport Terminal. Hicks taught with Harwell Harris at the NCSU School of Design in 1985. He was also an avid furniture builder. He retired in the early 1990's and lived in Fayetteville.

Hicks is third from left, with John Webb, Jim Webb, William Wurster, and Wurster's wife Catherine Bauer and their daughter. Photo by Dan MacMillan.

Left to right: Bill Laslett, Henry Kamphoefner, and Hicks.

1946 - The Mason and Grace Hicks Renovations, 1415 Summit Avenue, Fayetteville. Hicks did not design it but the house became his work-in-progress for decades.

1955 - The L. P. (Pete) and Nanny French House, 2310 Westdale Drive, Fayetteville. Designed by Hicks while working with Dan MacMillan. Featured in the April 1962 Southern Architect. Built by C. E. Reeves and Sons of Fayetteville. Landscape architects, Godwin and Bell. Sold to Colin and Mary Wallace Markland. Sold in 1984 to John H. and Nancy G. Parker Belser. Transferred to Nancy G. Parker upon her divorce and name change. Sold in 2002 to David and Sandra Fisher. Hicks called this his favorite house.  Reported destroyed as of 2014, needs verification. 

1963 - The Edward and Amy Cook House, 436 Summerlea Drive, Fayetteville.
As of 2011 still owned by the Cooks.

1963 - The J. O. (Joe) and Lura S. Tally House, 3100 Tallywood Drive, Fayetteville. 7.23 acres. Deeded in 1984 to William L. and Jesse C. Tally, who still own it as of 2015. Here's a classic situation where the land is worth much more than the house. Has been vacant since around 2010 - and is in danger of teardown.  

1964 - The Joan and Richard Robert (Bob) Allen House, 1414 Pine Valley Loop, Fayetteville. Landscape design by Dick Bell. Built by Richard Allen. As of 2011 still owned by the Allens.

1965 - The JW and Millie Pate House, 1510 Morganton Road, Fayetteville. The North Carolina DOT took posession of the property in error. Deeded back to Joan Elizabeth Pate and Susan Lynn Pate Greenwood. Sold in 2015 to Michael M. V. Pennink who did a renovation.  Sold in 2017 to Vincent Manno and Michael Pennink.