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Washburn was born in Greenville NC and graduated from D. H. Conley HS, going on to BA degrees from NC State University in Environmental Design in 1997; Industrial Design in 1997; and Architecture in 1999. She interned with Frank Harmon then worked at his firm through 1999. She then moved to Boston MA to work for Paul Lukez for two years. She was a Studio Instructor at Boston Architectural College 2001-2002. In 2001 she co-founded Tonic Design with Charles Holden and Shelley Gruendler. In 2004, Vinny Petrarca joined the practice and the firm changed to design/build. She moved to San Diego then to Redmond WA in 2006, then went on her own in 2009 as Calico Studio PLLC for architecture and Calico Creates for art, based in Chapel Hill NC.


1999 - The Dianne Pearson and Bruce Edwards Addition, Lexington MA. Designed while working for Paul Lukez.


2000 - The Marcus Residence Renovation, Chesnut Hill MA. Designed while working for Paul Lukez.

2002 - aka the North Pepper Residence Renovation, Altadena CA.

2003 - aka the Indian Camp Residence Renovation, Lincoln MA.

2003 - The Washburn House Renovation, aka the Wisteria Residence, Greenville NC. Her parents' home.

2004 - The Heather Washburn House, aka the Stone Avenue Residence Renovation, Somerville MA.

2006 - aka the Sudbury Residence, Concord MA.





2007 - The Doug and Ann Sharpe Renovation, aka Silver Hill Residence, 401 Silver Hill Road, Concord MA. Built by SD Fitzgerald of Concord. Contributing designers: Charles Holden and Robby Johnston. Original 1960s house, bottom photo. Top three photos by Anton Grassl/Esto.

2010 – aka the NE 4th Residence Addition, Kirkland WA.

Data:Heather Business:Calico Studio:Marketing:Architecture JPGs:Ames Lake:LS20140812_eislerres_001.jpg Data:Heather Business:Calico Studio:c1011 Ames Lake Studio:Design:Images:finalimages:SubmissionPages:gallery images:nautilusstudio_12.jpg

2014 - The Ames Lake Residence Addition, aka Kaleidoscope Residence, Redmond WA. Built by Dovetail Construction. A new studio was completed in 2012.


2014 - The Smith Residence Addition, Redmond WA.

2014 - The Mughal Residence Renovation, Sammamish WA.

Bertha Backup:Calico Business:Marketing:NCmodernist:NCMODimagefolder:Lewis_site.jpg

2016 - The Lewis Residence, Kenmore WA.


2016 - The Ahn Renovation, Chapel Hill NC.

Bertha Backup:c1604 Weiler Basement:finalpics:WeilerLounge1.jpg Bertha Backup:c1604 Weiler Basement:finalpics:WeilerLounge6.jpg

2017 - aka Industrial Deco Renovation, Chapel Hill NC.

2018 - aka Chapel Hill Oasis Renovation, Chapel Hill NC.

2018 - aka the Summerfield Residence and Community Center, Summerfield NC.

ki_calicostudio-Hill House1881 1 2 1-min.jpg

ki_calicostudio-Untitled_Panorama6 2 2 1-min.jpg

2018 - The Tricoci-Melloni Residence, aka Hilltop Residence, aka Hill House, aka Fox Hill Farm, 2605 Littleleaf Lane, Hillsborough NC. Built by Bold Construction.





2019 - The Heather and Spike Washburn House, aka Acorn Acres, 111 Woodward Way, Chapel Hill NC.

2019 - The Audrey Pettifor and Mark Schoeman Addition, aka Wesley Court Addition, 389 Wesley Court, Chapel Hill NC.


2019 - aka Wee Scot Family Retreat, Sorrento ME.

2019 - aka Social Hub Renovation, Cary NC.

Sources include: Heather Washburn.