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1935 - The Gamble House, 1307 North Mangum Street, Durham. Mrs. Gamble was the daughter of Richard Dillard, who built both this house and the one next door. The architect was Ronald Greene of Greene and Rogers of Asheville NC. The floor plan was unusual for its time: the kitchen was in the front of the house and public living areas at the back. The house was featured in national magazines, including the 1939 American Homes. The house was sold to a doctor in the 1950's who imposed an unfortunate exterior renovation involving Permastone (second photo), which was later removed. The house was abandoned in the 1970's. Sold in 1977 to Gerard Tempest who restored it and the adjacent Dillard House. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. Sold to his son and daughter in law, Husidio John Tempest and Anne Marie O'Donnell Tempest. Went into foreclosure. Sold in 2012 to Mark D. Hazelrigg and Charlene M. Reiss. They received a 2013 Pyne Award from Preservation Durham for a restoration built by Svara Restoration.

Top photo from North Carolina Collection circa 1940. Third and fourth photos from Endangered Durham. Rest of photos from Stephen Brown.

1938 - The Paul F. Baum Residence, 112 Pinecrest Road, Durham. Designed by William Potter, husband of Baum's stepdaughter. Featured in the October 1941 Architectural Record, B/W photos. Sold in 1968 to James Bonk. Sold in 2014 to Margaret and Linus Owen-Garni.

1938 - The E. J. Evans House, 1021 Dacian Avenue, Durham. See the Evans family history here. Designed by architect Howard Raymond Weeks and engineer Thomas C. Atwood of Atwood and Weeks. Atwood sold his share to Weeks in the late 40’s and the firm became H. R. Weeks and Associates until Weeks died in 1956. Wilton E. "Red" Harris and George Pyne ran the firm for the next several decades. According to Endangered Durham, the building became a sorority house with the large basement used as a game room. It was later divided into apartments. In 1994, the owners received a Pyne award from Preservation Durham for restoration. Sold to Modric K. and Evelyn Tew. Sold in 2018 to Olga and J. J. Hawn.

1947 - The Essie McLean and Hubert E. Pennington House, 1401 Evergreen Street, Durham. Architect unknown. Deeded to Timothy K. Pennington, Sue P. Meschan, and Betty P. Hinkel in 2000. Sold to Diane Suner in 2016, who did a full renovation. Sold in 2016 to Evan M. Ferry.

1950 - 1223 Vickers Avenue, Durham. Designed by Marion A. Ham. In association with primary architect Welton Becket, Ham designed the 1965 North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company in Durham, the city’s most distinctive modernist commercial building which won recognition as one of Forbes magazine’s 1966 outstanding buildings and one of Fortune’s top ten of the 1960's. Ham worked earlier at Edmund J. Austin in Southern Pines. Sold to Kenneth Earl Glander. Sold in 2001 to Leon Anthony Thomas. Sold in 2004 to David E. and Juliette S. Cook. Sold in 2009 to John and Lalitree Darnielle. Center Studio Architecture did a kitchen renovation in 2010, Tom Merrigan, project architect; carport addition in 2016, Morgan Haynes, Project architect.

1953 - 1126 Woodburn Road, Durham. Architect unknown. Sold to Kristen L. Greenaway and Lori Sue Ramsey. Sold in 2015 to Joy E. and Zachary J. Turkal.

1954 - The John Bernard Pfeiffer, Jr. Residence, 3414 Rugby Road, Durham. The son of architect John B. Pfeiffer of New York City, Pfeiffer originally asked his brother Richard in New York to design a new house in the Hope Valley area of Durham. But John's wife Mary Louise had a different plan. She recruited one of her local architect golfing buddies to do the plans, an act which caused a rift between brothers that never completely healed. Her architect is unknown. Renovated in 1959 by Pfeiffer's father's firm. Sold in 1988 to Raymond and Cynthia Joyner who still owned it as of 2012. Photos by George Smart.



1954 - The Russell Robinson House, 115 Ashworth Drive, Durham. Robinson was the original owner, designer, and builder. He was from Virginia and built three homes; two different homes for himself, and one for his son. Sold to Flora and Marvin Carver. Sold in 1996 to their grandson, Rick Carver and his wife Tracey. 3200 sf. Includes pool, hot tub, atrium, and additional rec room/workshop. Sold in 2010 to Ken and Stephanie (Steff) Rowe. Sold in 2018 to Nate James and Bobbi Baker who did a renovation.

1955 - The Jeanne Smith Whitesides Residence, 1506 Kent Street, Durham. Jeanne Whitesides designed the house. Cathedral ceiling in the kitchen. Vaulted living room with Terrazzo floors, Jack and Jill bathrooms, and a secret closet behind the mirror at the end of the hall. Sold to Allan P. and Lenore Sindler in 1959. Sold to Sheldon and Evelyn Abelkop in 1967. Sold to Mark and Nancy D. Handler in 1980. Sold to E. Ruth Teague Lang in 1983. Sold to Charles and Genevieve Cotter in 1985. Sold in 1987 to Richard J. and Suzanne H. Wrazen. Sold to 1991 Thomas D. and Nancy H. Brown. Sold in 1995 to Jonathan Goldberg and Michael Moon. Sold in 1998 to John Burness and Anne D. Williams. Sold in 2000 to Anne D. Wiliams who still owned it as of 2012. Photo by Heather Wagner.

1955 - The Clyde and Eleanor H. Lloyd Residence, 126 Nelson Street, Durham. 3625 square feet, built by the Lloyds. This was the first Modernist house in Durham owned by a black family. Was on the Preservation Durham 1998 Tour. Sold in 2004 to James and Edwina Hunter. Design came from the 1940 L. F. Garlinghouse All American Homes Plan Book, page 76. There are more of this design in Henderson and two in Weldon. Used as a rental house. Foreclosed in 2013, then bought back by the owners.

1955 - 1615 Acadia Street, Durham. Architect unknown. Sold in 2016 to Barbara A. Nsiah. Sold in 2018 to Giselle Y. Lopez and Thomas N. Cowart.

1955 - The Fred Whitener House, 1105 Woodburn Road, Durham. Designed by Rudolph Matern of Jamaica Plains NY. Built by George Birmingham. Sold in 1964 to John and Marian Everett. Sold in 1992 to Stanley and Diane Tso. Sold in 1998 to Laura Adams. Sold in 2000 to Gregory Taylor. Sold in 2010 to Jeff Hawley and Erica Ungewitter.

1955 - The William A. and Dorothy W. Rhinehardt House, 312 Monticello Avenue, Durham NC. Designed by H. Leslie Walker Jr. (photo), The clients asked for a house in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian houses. Sold to John Dyes. Sold in 2006 to Nichole Kaufman. Sold in 2018 to Sydney J. Sogol and Joshua M. Hayes.


1956 - The Ruth Shaw Residence, 1210 Anderson Street, Durham. Architect unknown. 1566 square feet, three bedrooms. In 2007, Shaw did not recall the architect. Sold in 2008 to Christel Greiner.

1956 - 2209 North Duke Street, Durham. Designed and built by Richard and Thomas Wright of Wright Homes Incorporated of Durham. Sold to Ato Waters (formerly known as Nanabanyin Ato-Mansah) and Nana Adwowa Waters. Sold in 1987 to Virgilio L. and Veronica D. Argumedes. Sold in 1994 to Michael L. Jessup. Sold in 2012 to Rebekah Bailey and Andrew D. Perno.


1956 - The Charles Balford (aka C. B. or Balford) Hackney and Ruth Burke Hackney House, 1308 Welcome Circle, Durham. Designed by Balford Hackney. Sold in 1991 to Edward and Rita Weissman. Sold in 2002 to Michael R. Gustafson II.

1956 - The Mildred R. and Bill R. Dunn House, 1605 Greenleaf Street, Durham. Architect unknown. Sold in 1970 to Kathryn A. and William L. Freeman. Sold in 1997 to Carolyn T. Stewart and Robin G. Joseph. Transferred in 2008 to Carolyn Toddie Stewart. Sold in 2015 to Madaline M. Cash.

1957 - 2536 Wrightwood Avenue, Durham. Architect unknown. Sold in 2014 to J. C. Serrato.

1957 - The Spencer and Rosemary Overton House, 1208 Anderson Street, Durham. Architect unknown. Twin to the house at 1210 Anderson. Sold in 1961 to James and Frances Barwick. Sold in 1979 to James and Mary Kelley. Sold in 1986 to John and Irene Need. Sold in 2003 to Robert Letourneau and Russell E. Burns.

1957 - The Gregory Adams Kimble Residence, 2513 Wrightwood Avenue, Durham. According to their son, the Kimbles designed this house themselves. Built by James (Jimmy) Heizer of Heizer Construction. When the Kimbles moved to Colorado in 1968, they sold the house to Stanley Appel. Sold in 1977 to Bryan and Vicki Koon who still owned it as of 2012.


1957 - 2413 Wrightwood Avenue, Durham. Sold in 2000 to Gary L. Hull. Sold in 2013 to Laura Hans and Martin R. Zelder.

1957 - The George A. Watson House. 4023 Bristol Drive, Durham. Architect unknown. Sold in 1990 to Charlotte D.R. and Banks J. Clark. Sold in 2005 to David Howell. Sold in 2018 to Sandra Kuhach and Peter Axilrod.

1958 - 118 Newell Street, Durham. Architect unknown. Sold to Charles H. and Helen G. Lewis, Jr. Sold in 1985 to Bonnie Hood, still owner as of 2013.

1959 - The David G. and Gail Bradley House, 2507 Sevier Street, Durham. This is Plan X-50 by architect Rudolph A. Matern of Jamaica NY. When Gail Bradley died, David Bradley moved out and later remarried. Was vacant for an extended time. Sold in 1985 to John and Sheryl A. Lubans. Sold in 2018 to Katherine K. Hodel and Christopher E. Schroll.

1962 - The Jeanne W. and P. D. Robbins House, 3519 Tonbridge Way, Durham NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 1972 to Everett H. and Cornelia Ellinwood Jr. Deeded to heirs. Sold in 2009 to Eleanor Winfrey. Sold in 2017 to Jane Ann Caradale.

1963 - The John and Nancy Laszlo House, 5401 Couch Mountain Road, Durham. Located in Orange County. Originally a cabin designed and built by George Birmingham. The Laszlo's continued to build the house in sections with two by Leon Register and one by Wade Williams/Blackwell.  Lucy Carol Davis did the last remodel/addition in the early 1990's. Sold in 1991 to Robert D. and Gay Small. They added the garage. Sold in 1997 to William Christmas. Sold in 2004 to Joellen Mason. Sold in 2011 to Sonya and Jeffrey Fischer. Sold in 2015 to Dawn F. Mcclendon and John K. Ward.

1963 - The J. C. Wetherby House, 2604 Sevier Street, Durham. Designed by Ted Tillman. Sold to Arno L. and Karen Greenleaf. Sold in 2002 to Horace Wade Ford. Sold in 2018 to Laurie A. Braun and John H. Taylor .

1963 - The Edna T. and Vernon L. Maynor House, 3801 Shoccoree Drive, Durham. Architect unknown. Deeded in 1978 to Patricia Lee Maynor. Transferred to Jamese F. and Patricia L. (Maynor) Branch. Sold in 2013 to Sally M. and Clare E. Adkin, Jr. Sold in 2014 to Diana L. and Mark C. Staples.

1963 - 2208 Tampa Avenue, Durham.Sold in 2017 to Katelyn Bryant-Comstock and Andrew Macintyre.

1964 - 5025 Brenda Court, Durham. The design came from a Better Homes and Gardens plan book. The same plan (reversed) is at 311 Goodwin Road, Durham. Sold to Robert and Marie Robeson.

1964 - 5209 Barbee Road, Durham. Architect unknown. Owned by SCH Realty LLC in 2013. Sold in 2013 to Erika M. Baiocchi.

1965 - 2749 McDowell Road, Durham. Architect unknown. Owned in 1984 by Hugh G. and Lyn D. Robinson. Sold in 1995 to Thomas C. Hunter Jr. Sold in 2000 to Jeremy Sugarman. Sold in 2003 to Frances M. Davis. Sold in 2004 to Celeste Koeberl and John Gustovich. Sold in 2010 to Dona Koeberl.

Around 1965 - The Paul Milton Smith Jr. House, 1009 Red Oak, Durham.  Architect unknown, but based on a Better Homes and Gardens Plan. Built by Longworth.  For sale in 2019.

1965 - 3719 Randolph Road, Durham. Architect unknown. Sold in 2004 to Bernard Dale and Denny Hood.

1965 - The DeEtte A. and J. Nelson Strawbridge House, 446 Continental Drive, Durham. Designed by Robert Hedrick of Asheboro NC. Sold in 1982 to Ernest E. Wooden III. Sold in 1983 to Judy J. and Earnest E. Wooden III. Still owned by the Woodens as of 2014.

1965 - The Merle and Doris Elliott House, 311 Goodwin Road, Durham. According to their son John, the design came from a Better Homes and Gardens plan book. The house was built in reverse image from the plan. Sold in 2012 by the Elliott estate to Jerald E. (Erick) Fink and Jessica Hulick. The same plan (not reversed) is at 5025 Brenda Court, Durham.

1965 - 3905 Somerset Drive, Durham. Architect unknown. Builders were Richard & Thomas Wright. Sold in 2017 to Alyssa Coletti and Jason Hensley.


1966 - The Russell N. and Maelee Barringer Residence, 1912 Wilshire, Durham. Built by Teer Construction. Sold to the City of Durham in 1984. Sold in 1985 to Lester and Therese Fahrner. Sold in 1985 to David M. and Gracie Welsh. Sold in 1991 to Larry H. and Nancy M. Rocamora, still the owners as of 2012. Photos by Heather Wagner.

1967 - The Norman E. Williams House, 3123 Medford, Durham. Architect unknown.

1967 - 1516 Woodburn Road, Durham. Architect unknown. As of 2014 owned by William C. Wetsel and Shelia Collins. Photo by Duffy Healey.

1967 - 613 US 70 East, Hillsborough NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 2012 to Clifton and Jill Stephens.

1967 - 2203 Wilshire Drive, Durham. Sold in 2016 to Rissi Palmer and Bryan Stypmann.

1968 -
1847 Woodburn Road, Durham. Architect unknown. Sold in 1967 to Harold B. Lebovitz. Sold in 1987 to Kyong-Hui and Edwin B. Hathaway. Sold in 2018 to Ashley St. John and Aaron I. Bickell.

1969 - The Horst and Ruth Mary Meyer Residence, 2716 Montgomery Street, Durham. This is Plan P-907 from the plan book Encyclopedia of Home Designs 1967 by Master Plan Service, Inc. 3000 square feet. Sold in 2007 to Scott and Julie Hollenbeck. Sold in 2010 to Jina Park and Alan Russell. Sold in 2015 to Monika A. Bauer and Allan G. Collard-Wexler.


1969 - 15 Heath Place, Durham. Architect unknown. As of 2014 owned by Claudia and Kent Kimbrough. Photo by Duffy Healey.

1970 - The Yi and Ellen Kong House, 2814 Dekalb Street, Durham. 4000 sf. This is Plan P-742 from the plan book Encyclopedia of Home Designs 1967 by Master Plan Service, Inc. As of 2012, still owned by the Kongs.

1971 - 18 Heath Place, Durham. Architect unknown. As of 2014 owned by Susan S. Schiffman. Photo by Duffy Healey.

1973 - 2 Heath Place, Durham. Architect unknown. As of 2014 owned by Edward S. and Joan Roberts Eastman. Photo by Duffy Healey.


1974 - 2813 McDowell Road, Durham. Designed and built by Bob Bacon of Bomar Construction in the style of a Deck House - but it's not an actual Deck House. Sold in 1993 to Arturo De Lozanne and Theresa J. O'Halloran. Sold in 1999 to Susan Alberts and Robert Zimmerman. Renovated in 2013 by architect Barbara Richter.

1977 - The Richard L. Cox and James O. May House, 2523 Sevier, Durham. Designed and built by Bob Bacon of Bomar Construction. Sold in 2005 to Barbara R. Haight. Photo by Heather Wagner.

1978 - The Gregory Adams Kimble Residence II, 3100 Cornwall Road, Durham. When the Kimbles decided to come back from Colorado, they designed and lived in this their second area house until 2006 when both died. Deeded to their son Jeffrey Kimble and his wife Judith Kimble. Sold in 2011 to Lori McLean and Brian D. Chisholm. Sold in 2015 to Sean and Jennifer Selig.

1978 - The Philip and Susan Roth Costanza House, 2741 Spencer Street, Durham. Designed and built by Bomar Construction. As of 2013 owned by Richard Vinegar and Sherrie E. Zweig.

1979 - The Robert Myrick House, 5119 Troon Lane, Durham. Designed by Bruce Johnson of Energetics in Raleigh. Myrick was the general contractor. Sold to Ronald D. and Holly Cruickshank. In 1983-84 they did extensive rework on the entrance, atrium area, and the Master Suite while adding 3000 sf of deck, a pool, a black pool and hot tub area, a bar/cabana.changing area, and the creation of an early media room, perhaps one of the first in Durham. The majority of revisions were designed by Holly Cruickshank and executed by a local builder. Sold in 1988 to Peter K. Smith and Mary Louise Markert. Sold in 1994 to William L. Hampton. Sold in 2014 to Charles F. Adams and Robert Donaghey.

1980 - The Bruce and Elizabeth Kuniholm House, 1719 Tisdale Street, Durham. Designed and built by Bomar Construction Company. As of 2013 owned by Sarah and Tim Buthe. Photo by Leilani Carter.

1981 - The Robert and Tracey Potts Carson House, 1734 Tisdale Street, Durham. Designed by Shelley Beason. Built by Clay Thomas. Sold in 1989 to George J. Ellis III. At some point there was an addition by Jon Condoret. Sold in 2005 to Patrick and Wendy Aims Rowe.

1981 - The Patrick and Mary Logue house, 14 Harvey Place, Durham. Designed and built by Bob Bacon of Bomar Construction. As of 2013 stil owned by the Logues.

1981 - The Sarah Chetney and Brooks McCuen Residence, 2807 Montgomery Street, Durham. Architect unknown; possibly a Jon Condoret, awaiting verification. Sold in 2013 to Toby A. Ritterhoff and David W. Oldach. For sale in 2018.

1982 - The Raymond H. Vogel House, 17 Logging Trail, Durham.  Built by Freeman Ledbetter. Sold in 1997 to Mavis I. and S. Taylor Jarnagan. Sold in 2018 to Marie S. and James S. Cohen.

1983 - The Mindy K. and Lawrence Miller House, 5215 Friends School Road, Durham. Architect unknown. Sold in 1997 to Ellen Harnick and Andrew D. Krystal. Renovations in 2006 and 2010. Sold in 2017 to Meredith and Arthur Lawida.

1983 - The John F. Thompson House, 519 Walsenberg Drive, formerly 519 Vivaldi, Durham NC. Designed by architect John F. Thompson, son-in-law of Frank Depasquale. Sold for the first time in 2018 to Kenneth P. Mitchell.

1984 - The Richard and Elizabeth Schneider Residence, 9 Appleton Place, Durham. Designed by Santa Cruz architect Robert Burkhart for his in-laws. Sold in 1998 to Lex and Kathy Silbiger. They found the design too modern and the plan was softened and renovated by Ramon Garcia. Sold in 2012 to Marcia A. McPeak.

1984 - 2819 Montgomery Street, Durham NC. Designed by Bob Giddings of DesignWorks. Sold in 2018 to Chunkyun Seok and Sujung Choi.

1984 - The Richard Grogan House, 2342 Thunder Road, Durham. Designed by architect Richard Grogan and built by Grogan and his Dad. Sold in 1997 to Stephen J. and Ada M. Parrillo, still owners as of 2014.

1984 -The John T. Soper House, 10 Logging Trail, Durham NC. The John T. Soper house. Wood and brick passive solar home built by Freeman Ledbetter of Sun Space. Additions in 1986. Sold in 2019 to Nicole V. and Matthew Soffer.

1985 - The Francie Seymour and Robert Entman House, 2920 Wade Road, Durham. 2332 sf. Built and designed by Debbie Welch. Sold in 1989 to Barry Poss. Sold in 2000 to John G. and Stacey Reed Burkert. Sold in 2003 to John Brock and Jane E. Kasper. Extensively renovated in 2009. Sold in 2010 to Grendel Shelley Burrell. Sold in 2012 to Elaine A. and Douglas S. McVey. Sold in 2017 to Julie Navarro and Ralph Hachem.

1987 - 1505 West Lakewood, Durham. Sold in 2010 to Joanna C. Smith. Sold in 2018 to Sandra K. Davidson and Benjamin Sines.

1988 - The Charles A. Bentley Jr. House, 2519 Lanier Place, Durham. Designed by Glen Lehmann and Lee Mehler. Sold to Stephanie J. Bentley. Sold in 2005 to Adrienne M. Fox. Sold in 2010 to Sherman A. James. Sold in 2013 to the Allan R. Showalter Trust. Sold in 2017 to Michael Hennessy.

1988 - 910 Tarik Drive, Durham. Built by Freeman Ledbetter. Sold in 2017 to Amy S. and David Levy.

1989 - The N. William and Anne H. (Annie) Young House, 4 Chancery Place, Durham. Designed by Ralph Lasater. Sold in 2012 to David C. and Judith May II.

1990 - The Warren R. Wilson House, 1405 Forestview Street, Durham. Designed by architect Warren R. Wilson. Sold to James Hotelling and Bonny Gregory. Sold in 1996 to architect Lucien and Mary Margaret (Mimi) Roughton. Lucien Roughton did renovations. Sold in 2004 to Kenneth Calhoun and Anya Belkina. Sold in 2013 to Thomas B. Wiley.

1994 - The Lex and Ann Alexander Residence, 4663 Mount Sinai Road, Durham (located in Orange County). Designed by John Lindsey. Built by Frank Cole. Sold in 2004 to Pamela Douglas and Geoffrey Ginsburg.

2005 - The Siegfried and Silvia Heyden House, 3101 Pleasant Green Road, Durham. Located in Orange County. Designed by their son, architect Dan Heyden. Built by Omnibus. Sold in 2016 to Kristin and Timothy Jones.

2005 - The Deb and George Christie Residence, 5212 Twin Pines Lane, Durham NC (located in Orange County). Designed by Deb Christie with plans drawn by architect and builder John Hartley. She wrote a book about the experience called Green House. All of the siding was replaced in 2011.

2008 - The Freeman Ledbetter House, aka The Ark, 1309 Martin Luther King Parkway, Durham. Designed and built by Freeman Ledbetter. Features passive solar design with structural insulated panels, masonry and bamboo floors, solar heated radiant floors, and a tankless water heater. As of 2012 it was rented.

2009 - The Joshua R. Olsen House, 116 Solterra Way, Durham. Olsen developed it as a spec house, although he did live there a short time. Design/built by Bill Christopher and Matt Hosmer of ILM Design and Build of Wilmington. Sold in 2009 to Derek Cornish and Sally White. Sold in 2011 to Dan Ariely. Photos by ILM. Sold in 2015 to Stephanie Miller.



2010 - The John W. and Kylie White IV House, 2706 Whitfield Road, Durham. Designed by John Hart. Sold in 2014 to Anil Swami and Amal Hammoud.

2013 - 2 Barkwood Court, Durham. Modified plan book design. Prairie exterior, contemporary interior. Built by Lloyd Builders. Sold in 2016 to Evan M. Ferry. Sold in 2017 to Amy Davidian.

2014 - The Jerome B. (Jay) and Evelyn Hallan House, 3227 Haddon Road, Durham. Designed and built by Jay Hallan.

2016 - The Cecilia and Paul Kalish House, 2927 Wade Road, Durham. Designed by Jonathan Dayan. Modular construction built by Carolina Custom Homes of Burlington.

2017 - The D&L Weddings LLC House, 211 Mallard Street, Durham NC. Designed by Steve Clipp. Sold in 2018 to Elena Konstantinova.  Former house on that site, bottom photo.


2018 - The Jonathan and Daphna Dayan House, 1104 Anderson Street, Durham. Designed by Levaz Shachar.

2018 - The Matthew Ellis and Sheila Lee House, aka the Blue Dog House, 101 Blue Dog Lane, Durham. Designed by Jason and Signe Smith. Won 2nd place in the 2018 George Matsumoto Prize. Photos by Keith Isaacs. 

2019 - 3533 Rugby, Durham NC. Hampton 1240 design from a plan book by Alan Mascord.  Developed by Rugby Road Properties, LLC (Kenton Wiles).  

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