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Archie Royal Davis graduated in Architectural Engineering at NCSU in 1930.  By 1939, he established his own firm in Durham and went on to design the Durham County Judicial Building, the Carolina Inn, the UNC Morehead Planetarium, and many other buildings in Durham and Orange counties. 

Photo above with wife Frances.  Other photo, Davis is sitting, second from the right, next to NCSU Dean Claude McKinney. His archives are at NC State University.

1947 - The Lawrence and Evelyn T. Hall Residence, 1013 South Duke Street, Durham This is one of two round houses (the other is two doors away, below) designed by Davis and built by developer JD Gibson.  Sold in 1985 to Jeff Essen.  Sold in 2007 to artist Bruce Mitchell.  Carrboro designer James Morgan designed renovations and a rear studio addition (last picture).  Top photo from the Durham Morning Herald, 1947.  Other photos by Bruce Mitchell.

1947 - The Thomas and Mignone King House, 1009 South Duke Street, Durham.  900 square feet. Sold in 1970 to Margaret King Stack and Norman Stack.  Sold in 1980 to William and Patsy Jernigan.  Sold in 1980 to Paul and Wendy Brunette.  Sold in 1983 to Arol and Marcia Ambler. Sold in 1986 to Clara G. and Locklin Ward.  Sold in 1991 to Lee R. and Susan Williams.  Sold in 1999 to Catherine Overman.  Top photo from the Durham Morning Herald, late 1940's. Sold in 2014 to Matthew D. Arnold and David Y. Oh.

1961 - The George R. and Lois Herbert House, 46 Beverly Drive, DurhamHerbert was the first president of Research Triangle Institute. As of 2011 owned by Lois Herbert Watkins. Their son Douglas "Casey" Herbert lives close by at 40 Beverly.  Sold in 2012 to Valeria and Samuel H. Johnson Jr. who did a 2015 renovation with HGTV's Love It or List It.

1961 - The Ira and Carolina Ward House, 1504 Michaux Road, Chapel Hill.  Built by Ira Ward’s brother, Jasper (J. P.) Ward, along with Bobbie Butler. Sold in 2005 to Christine Khoury. Sold in 2015 to IALU LLC. Photo by Chase Hanes.

1962 - The Archie Davis House, 52 Beverly Drive, Durham According to his godson, Casey Herbert, Archie never had time to do the new plans from scratch. His wife Frances ordered a set from Sunset Magazine and this house is the modified result. 

T. W. Wilkinson was the builder.  Sold in 1992 to Annette Brady and Richard McGann.  Sold 1995 to Grace Nordhoff and Jonathan Beard.  Sold 2003 to Jason and Anastasia Balius. Sold in 2004 to Daniel Weinlandt and Carol Cappelletti.  Top photo by George Smart.  Sold in 2012 to the Camille Blommer Revocable Trust. 

1965 - The Nello L. and Ethel Vredevoogd Teer, Jr. House, 3200 Rugby Road, Durham. Jon Condoret worked for Davis and was the principal architect. Built by George Birmingham. The bottom picture shows extensive renovations installed since the original design, above. Sold in 1994 to Charles A. and Elizabeth Ann Sanders who still owned it as of 2012.

Sources include:  Casey Herbert, Bruce Mitchell, Robert Carr, News and Observer December 8, 2007, daughter Charlotte Royal Davis, Durham News, Endangered Durham.