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2009 video by the Charlotte Historic Landmarks Commission

1950 - The J. J. Pierce Residence, 1015 Jefferson Drive, Charlotte. Pierce, retired from owning a successful printing firm, bought the land from Forest Products Corporation in 1948. According to Fenton Erwin, the second owner, it was his understanding that it was built by a wood manufacturing company after WWII to display its wood products." After his wife died in 1956, the wheelchair-bound Pierce "resurrected himself, threw away the wheelchair and in his 80s took dancing lessons at an Arthur Murray dance studio and was quite popular with the widows." Sold to Fenton Erwin in 1971. Sold in 1974 to James and Jacqueline Maybeck. The Maybecks added a two-bedroom, one-bath wing to the rear in 1975, built by Parke Construction Company. Sold in 2005 to Madison and Lili Corbus Geer who remodeled the kitchen, the utility area, and created a new family room where the porch used to be. Photos by George Smart.

1950 - 4910 Carmel Park Drive, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold before 1977 to John J. and Patricia Rodgers. For sale in 2018 as a teardown.

1951 - The Carl and Orpha Baxter Residence, 322 Mammoth Oaks, Charlotte. Designed by the Baxters. Built by a local builder. Sold toEarl and Beatrice Armstrong in 1977. Sold in 1978 to John E. and Patricia M. Hardman, II. Sold in 1989 to Charles and Faye Klumpp. Sold in 2002 to Eldred Hudson and Robert (Bob) Rossier. Located on 1.25 acres with some incredible gardens in the rear. Photos by Bob Rossier.

1952 - The A. R. Hoover III House, 501 Journey Street SW, Concord NC. The architect and engineer was A. R. Hoover III. 4200 sf. Renovations between 2005 and 2010. Sold in 2010 to Chris and Angela Evans. 

1952 - 5921 Preston Lane, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold in 1982 to Ara D. and Martha Allen.

1953 - 3108 Airlie Street, Charlotte NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 2013 to Laura K. and John Scott Wilkening. Sold in 2016 to Alexandra Wentz and Austin Crane.

1953 - 2110 Peppercorn Lane, Charlotte. Architect unknown. 
Sold in 2017 to John R. Biles.

1954 - 1515 Maryland Avenue, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold to Edwin R. Todd. Deeded to Edwin R. and Christine Todd. Sold in 2017 to Leeward Development Group as a teardown.

1955 - 4479 Applegate Road, Charlotte NC. Architect unknown. Sold to Joyce J. and James B. Haynes. Sold in 1995 to April M. Vaillancourt. Sold in 2006 to Suzanne Marie and Charles Griffith. Sold in 2014 to Jeffry W. Sharp.

1955 - The Earlene Kimball Residence, 2236 Ferncliff Road, Charlotte. 4300 square feet. Designed by Louis Humbert Asbury, Jr., right photo. Sold in 1967 to Carey and D'Arlene Pound. Sold in 1997 to Kerry Maxwell. Sold in 2003 to Michael Newton. Sold in 2007 to Amy and Jim Langdon. Renovations by architect Matt Benson.

Around 1955 - 3637 Pelham Lane, Charlotte. Designed by architect Ralfe (not Ralph) Mesrobian. Sold in 2017 to Zachery Henderson and Melanie Guinn and renovated.

1955 - 2015 Cloister Drive, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold to Marilyn Shapiro. Renovations in 1968 by Crutcher Ross. Sold in 2012 to Sara J. Spivey and John D. Templeton. Photos by Michael Blevins.

1955 - 5201 Addison Drive, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold in 2016 to Valerie and Andre Holtshausen.

1956 - 3715 Carmel Acres Drive, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold in 1999 to Elizabeth and William Lipari.  Renovated.

4100 Carmel Acres Dr, Charlotte, NC 28226

1956 - 4100 Carmel Acres Drive, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold in 2016 to Victoria E. and Simon Lockren.

1956 - 5800 Wedgewood Drive, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold in 2007 to Properties of Donste. Sold in 2007 to Donald R. Witter. Sold in 2013 to Stepahnie R. Henn. Sold in 2016 to Amy Kern.

1956 - The Neil Arch Biggs House, 7201 Benita, Charlotte. Designed and built by Neil Arch Biggs, modified from a Better Homes and Gardens plan. Sold in 2007 to Wayne Tobola and Christopher Isaacson. Sold in 2017 to Najah C. and Ian E. Sundberg.

1956 - 5745 Wedgewood Drive, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold in 1989 to Timothy C. Morrow. Sold in 2007 to Properties of Donste. Sold in 2015 to Christie and Jonathan Horn.

1956 - 5742 Murrayhill Road, Charlotte.  Sold in 1985 to Linda M. and Larry B. Tolbert . Placed in their Trust in 2003. in Sold in 2018 to Alyssa and Joshua D. Waller.

1957 - The Pritchard House, 3401 Sharon Road, Charlotte. Sold to the Harris family. Sold to Baskin V. and Harriet Belk, Jr. According to Baskin Belk, the house was a Frank Lloyd Wright-published design which was a show house for glass and other building materials from 1957 to 1958.

1957 - 6409 Reddmann Road, Charlotte.  Architect unknown.

1958 - The Margie and Julius Goldstein Residence, 447 Merwick Circle, Charlotte NC. Designed by architect Albert (Al) Barnes Cameron, in the first class under Henry Kamphoefner at the NCSU School of Design. He later worked for Odell but designed houses on the side. The Goldsteins lived there for over 50 years. Sold in 2010 to Mark and Catherine Merkel. Sold in 2018 to Heather St. Aubin-Stout and and Gray Stout.

1958 - The Harry C. and Rebecca Wolf, Jr. House, 3821 Arbor Way, Charlotte. Harry's son Harry III became one of North Carolina's most successful architects. Designed by architect Charles Bates who worked for Odell at the time. Sold around 1977 to architect Tebee Hawkins and his wife Dorothy. Sold in 2001 to architect Matthew Benson and interior designer Barrie Benson, who designed an addition and renovation built by Advanced Renovations. 

1958 - 7542 Valleybrook Road, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Built by Clemmie D. Spangler. Sold in the 1990's to Francis Blanchfield, Jr.Sold in 2016 to Elizabeth and Michael Whitehead.

1958 - 3116 Pendleton Avenue, Charlotte. Designed and built by Crosland as a model house. Sold in 2015 to Virginia Saunders.


1959 - 1412 Cavendish Court, Charlotte. Sold to Alvin P. Perkinson II. Sold in 1993 to Kenneth L. Schorr. Sold in 2007 to Keith T. Philipp. Featured on the 2011 Historic Charlotte Tour. Sold in 2012 to James Ernst and Perrin Morst.

1959 - 2121 Valencia Terrace, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold in 2016 to Ariana E. and Matthieu Royer.

1960 - 4300 Sharon View Road, Charlotte. Architect unknown.
Sold in 1987 to Ellen E. and Roy P. Paratore. Sold in 2016 to Britton Mccorkle Sr.

1960 - The John O. and Dorothy T. McFarland House, 714 Larkhall Lane, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold in 1969 to Norman R. and Natalie A. Cohen. The house was seriously damaged by Hurricane Hugo in 1989; nine trees went through the roof. Sold in 1990 to Dane Barkley Howard. Sold in 1992 to Jason and Madeline McFadden-Lewis. Sold in 1997 to Michael T. and Elizabeth M. Whitehead. Sold in 2006 to Shonn Ross. Sold in 2014 to Curtis and Lucinda Cook. Photos by Lucinda Cook.

1960 - The Donald (Don) Bruce Winecoff House, 6631 Williams Road, Charlotte. Designed by architect Don Winecoff. Top photo by Gail Jodon. Deeded to widow, Kathryn Miller Winecoff. Deeded to heirs, James Miller Winecoff, Juliet Winecoff Scoggins and husband Mark Stephen Scoggins. Sold in 2013 to Gregory A. Hasco.

1960 - 2022 Wensley, Charlotte. Designed and built by John Crosland Homes. Sold to Caroline F. Johnson. Sold in 1996 to Katherine Culp (Kaycee) Odom who did a renovation. Sold in 2012 to Christopher L. Johnson. Sold in 2015 to Jordan M. Long.

1960 - 110 Brookshire Avenue, Kannapolis. Multiple owners. Sold in 2002 to Sandra C. and Christopher B. Lippard. Went into foreclosure and sold in 2005 to JMP Creations LLC. Sold in 2006 to Cleo E. Boling. Sold in 2014 to Stephanie Hunter.

1960 - 2208 Birchcrest Drive, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold to Edward Jablonsky Trust. Sold in 2013 to Jeffrey L. Smith.

1960 - 4801 Howland Lane, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold to Gwynne and Lee Movius. Modifications by architect Stan Russell.

4642 Sharon View Rd, Charlotte, NC 28226

1960 - The John G. and Mary L. Plumides House, 4642 Sharon View Road, Charlotte. Architect unknown, but it was the same person who designed the house which became the Camden Fairview clubhouse, according to son George Plumides. Sold in 2013 to Holly and Ken Schoolmeester who did a renovation. For sale in 2019.

1960 - The Charles Bates Residence, 9331 Providence Road, Charlotte. Designed by architect Charles Bates who worked for Odell Associates at the time. A close version of the Glass House by Philip Johnson. The house was accidentally built on the property line with a neighbor. Sold in 1968 to Stacy E. Simmons, also an architect. Simmons bought the adjacent property from the neighbor's family in 1999. As of 2012 still owned by Simmons.

1962 -  The Donald T. and Betsye B. White House, 6827 Folger Drive, Charlotte.  Architect unknown.  Sold in 1990 to Meriam T. & Robert P. Provence. Sold in 1994 to Dena M. Starr & Michael Raffler. Sold in 2001 to Charles Prendergast. Sold in 2013 to Tammy and Alan D. Baker. Remodeled in 2014.

1961 - 3910 Abingdon Road, Charlotte. Designed by M. McDowell Brackett. Sold around 1992 to Sandra C. and David Dupuy. Stan Russell designed a new entry in 2004. Sold in 2013 to D. Kieffer Knight.

1961 - The Wilbert E. and Viola Rankin House, 3111 Spring Valley Road, Charlotte. Designed by John Crosland Homes. Sold in 1963 to Edgar and Dorothy Huddleston. Sold in 1965 to James W. Owens, Jr. Sold in 1967 to Melvin Hostetter. Sold to Bobby and Eilo Stephens. Transferred to Eilo Stephens Rice and Michael Rice. Sold in 1995 to Timothy A. Karol and Laura Kalman. Sold in 1999 to Stuart Waggoner. Sold in 2005 to Julian M. Bass and Delores E. Wendell. Sold in 2007 to Kristin and Lowell Galindo. Sold in 2010 to Robin and Amanda Unsworth.  Sold in 2016 to James Arlington White II.

1961 - 2032 Emerywood, Charlotte. Sold in 2013 to Tinatuh Kolleh. Architect unknown.

1961 - 1438 Larkfield Lane, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold to Barney and Jane Lisk. Sold in 1995 to Lisa K. Rowe. Sold in 1998 to Kathleen Federal. Sold in 2006 to Jennifer Bennett. Sold in 2008 to Brian Goodwin.

1962 - The John S. and Lucy R. Hawkins House, 7101 Terrace Drive, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Built by the Thomasson Company. 2609 sf. Sold in 1962 to Ted and Vera Lafleur. They built a three-level deck in the back. Sold to James W. (Wes) and Teraysa Grasty. Sold in 2010 to Lowell and Kristin Galindo. Sold in 2011 to Michael and Michele Mosher-Turanski. Sold in 2015 to Tessa B. Harmon and Michael K. Fulghum.

1962 - The Elizabeth E. and Lawrence W. Gibbes House, 4052 Arbor Way, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold in 2004 to Pamela and Douglas Metcalf.

1963 - 4116 Silver Bell Drive, Charlotte NC. Architect unknown.  Sold in 2016 to Richmond Harding Stowe.

1963 - 3500 Craig Avenue, Charlotte NC.  Architect unknown. Sold to Walter E. White Jr. Sold in 2015 to Kory Daniel Hodge.  For sale in 2018.

1963 - The Eugene (Gene) Warren House, 5322 Finsbury Place, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Playroom and master suite added in the 1970's. Sold for the first time to Emily and Hunt Allen.

1963 - The Benjamin F. and Edith Sides, Jr. House, 1510 Burtonwood Circle, Charlotte. Designed by Benjamin F. Sides Jr. Sold in 2017 to Shane Johnson.

1963 - 1000 River Oaks Lane, Charlotte. Built and designed by Hubert Whitlock of the Whitlock Construction Company. 2.5 acres. Renovated in 2016. Sold in 2017 to Crystal P. and Daniel Baker.

1963 - The Percy L. Bernstein House, 124 Randstone Court, Charlotte. Sold in 1970 to Gertrude and Sidney Kosch. Transferred in 1991 to Elise Kosch and Gerald M. Menaker. Sold in 2005 to Patricia and John Bland. Sold in 2017 to Julie and Ronald Scott Mercer Jr.

1964 - 120 Glen Oaks Road, Charlotte NC. Architect unknown. Sold to Terry C. Steelman, Trustee. Sold in 1992 to Roberta B. and Andrew D. Bowman. Sold in 2013 to Lamees and Zakaria Jameel. 

1964 - The Charles (Chuck) and Carolyn Kibler House, 6012 Colchester, Charlotte. The original architect and builder was John Crosland Homes. Architect Kibler, who was working for Marsh & Hawkins, and his wife Carolyn made many Modernist modfications between 1964 and 1989. Still owned by the Kiblers as of 2012.

1964 - 627 Robmont Road, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold to Barbara and James Plonk. Sold in 2016 to Martha McCabe and Maurizio Bendandi. Photo by Gail Jodon.

1964 - 5300 Gorham Drive, Charlotte. Sold in 1975 to William K. Hile. Designed by Charles Morrison Grier. Located on a lake. For sale in 2018.

1964 - 4323 La Brea, Charlotte. Selected from a plan book; modified by Charlotte architect Claud D. Crosby. Sold to James and Julia Saunders.

1965 - 5668 Lansing Drive,  Charlotte.  Renovated by 5668 Lansing Dr LLC. Sold in 2018 to Jordan Prewit.

1965 - 3336 Winnipeg Circle, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold in 1992 to John E. and Gloria Barringer. Sold in 2012 to Matthew Pearman. 

1965 - 1311 Greylyn Drive, Charlotte. Architect unknown. 2268 sf. Sold to Gary T. and Pamela Brooks.  Sold in 1991 to Charles Lee, Linda A. Kroff, C. M. Welty. Sold in 2012 to William M. Johnson. Sold in 2016 to Jessica N. Coxson.  For sale in 2019.

1965 - The G. W. MacKinnon House, 3723 Pomfret Drive, Charlotte. Designed and built by the original owner. Sold to second owner. Sold in 1987 to third owners Thomas F. Smart, Jr., and Nancy Rapp. Photos by Cal Mitchener. Very similar to 3401 Sharon Road. Sold in 2013 to Christina Lynne and William Scott Bianchi.

1965 - 2130 Valencia Terrace, Charlotte.  Architect unknown. Sold in 2077.  Sold in 2017 to Meridith Helgeson.

 Inline image 1

1966 - The Edgar and Mary Jones House, 3409 Knob Hill Court, Charlotte. Designed by Gene Midyette, who worked for Odell but did houses on the side. Built by Edgar Jones who still owned it as of 2012. 

1966 - 4346 La Brea, Charlotte. Selected from a plan book. Sold to Clara Graham.

1966 - The James R. Brennan Jr. House, 2800 Newport Lane, Matthews NC.
Architect unknown. Sold by heirs in 2016 to Kama M. Craig and Smith M. Long. Sold in 2018 to Anna Trent.

1966 - 3800 Ayscough Road, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold in 2003 to Gregory and Kimberly Hansen, who did a renovation. Photos by Sterling Stevens.

1967 - 411 Lansdowne Road, Charlotte. Sold in 2017 to Trantor Bilders LLC.

1970 - The Spurgeon and Loretta Webber, Jr. House, 4200 Hyde Park Drive, Charlotte. Modernist in the style of Edward Durell Stone. Architect unknown. As of 2011 still owned by the Webbers.


1970 - The Mark Bernstein House, 5300 Hardison Road, Charlotte NC. Designed by Lawrence Allen Bernstein, Mark's brother. Lawrence was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Locally, Crutcher Ross was the project architect. 1 acre. Sold in 2004 to Joseph (Joe) and Carol Gigler, whose well-intentioned but excessive deed restrictions to "save" the house made it completely unsellable, despite interest from buyers and realtors. They let it sit vacant from 2007-2016. Photos by Gail Jodon, Modern Charlotte Part of the 2010 TMH ModShop Tour. Put on the NCMH Endangered list in 2013. Ironically, the Giglers had it destroyed in April 2016, bottom photos.

1971 - aka the Prototype Residence, 8212 Eagles Point Court, Charlotte. Designed by Ferebee Walters & Associates. When interviewed in February 2011, Scott Ferebee said "it may have been a demonstration house for the Wood Council." There were at least two more of this plan built in Charlotte, one on Raintree Lane and one on Rounding Run. Sold in 2014 to Terrace E. Beatty.

1971 - The Carolyn Anne Monroe Bryson House, aka the Brady Bunch House, 5601 Merry Mount Drive, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Deeded to heirs. For sale for the first time in 2017.

1972 - The Daisy and J. Miguel Salcines House, 3201 Carmel Road, Charlotte. Designed by Cuban architect Gustavo Moreno of Greenville SC.

According to their daughter Lillian, "the house is Y-shaped. The central hall of the Y is a slate floor with two planters located in the foyer leading into the living room. The hallway leads to a play room (recreation room with large bar area. There is a guest room and full bath behind that room. The left side of the Y as you face the home from the street includes the living spaces and the right hand side of the Y has 4 bedrooms and two full baths. The rear of the house has glass sliders leading out onto covered and uncovered terraces with steps leading down to the yard. A pool had been contemplated but was never built.

The flat roof and white brick were very unusual at the time. The Charlotte Observer ran a color photo story about the house at the time and interviewed my mother Daisy Salcines for the article.

"Our family took many weekend trips to Greenville South Carolina to the home of the Cuban architect Gustavo Moreno to finalize the design. My family left Cuba in August of 1961 right after the Bay of Pigs invasion. The Moreno family and our family always enjoyed a traditional Cuban meal each time before we headed back to Charlotte. Being able to gather with other Cuban families at that time was very meaningful because everyone who had left the Island felt very homesick and there was a lot of nostalgia accompanied by dwindling hopes of ever being able to return. The front door which is a double door was cut from a piece of wood that was used for the doors of the Metropolitan Opera House being crafted that same year. As I mentioned yesterday my mother also had two commercial water fountains installed in the house (Kitchen/play room) to keep the three of us from constantly grabbing glasses and ice and leaving them in the sink. All of these little details came back for me last night and brought me a lot of joy just remembering." Transferred in 2015 to Salcine's Trust.

1972 - 5501 Hardison Road, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold to Martha Harbison. For sale in 2017.

1973 - 410 Lockley Drive, Charlotte. Architect unknown, but it looks like Odell-designed houses nearby. Sold to Harry F. and Jo Ann R. Wolfe, Jr.

1975 - 2114 Pinewood Circle, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold to Neil N. Brown. Sold in 2002 to Jonathan E. Heigel. Sold in 2003 to Joseph P. and Victoria Durham, Jr. Sold in 2014 to Kristen B. and James W. Thompson Jr.

1976 - 2434 Ainsdale Road, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Photo by TJ Land. Sold in 2005 to Bradley J. Ward and Jonathan M. Studioso.

1977 - The Forrest R. (Reg) and Patsy W. Narmour House, 3343 Tinkerbell Lane, Charlotte. Designed by Forrest R. (Reg) Narmour. Sold in 1985 to John J. and Dawn S. Obrien. Sold in 2014 to Jane L. and Matthew S. Herson.

1979 - The George Godwin House, 2710 Huntingtowne Farms Lane, Charlotte. Designed by George Godwin. Sold to Kam and Rachel Tai. Renovated 2011. Sold in 2013 to Christina E. Vernon.



1980 - The Hans O. and Peggy Huntley Keilhack House, 6000 Amos Smith Road, Charlotte. Commissioned 1979. Designed by Florida architect Gene Leedy. Built by KeilTex. Leedy also designed two commercial buildings for Hans Keilhack. 8900 sf. Originally 30 acres on the north end of Lake Wylie. Featured in Florida Architect Magazine, July/August 1988. Sold in 2016 to Matthew C. and Holly Clapham.

1982 - 84 Turtle Lane, Lake Wylie SC. Architect unknown. Sold in 2010 to Brian Syphard.

1983 - The Richard E. and Sandra I. Atkinson Residence, 13730 Capriole Lane, Matthews NC. Designed by Richard Atkinson. Transferred in 2003 to Sandra I. Atkinson. 

1984 - The Robert C. (Bob) Dellinger House, 3306 Nancy Creek Road, Charlotte. Designed by architect Bob Dellinger of Dellinger/Lee. Sold to a Dellinger family trust. Sold in 2011 to Richard and Sarah Warmath. Remodel/addition designed by Donald B. Peadon, Jr., Peadon/Finein.

1986 - The Jane R. and James L. (Lou) Davis House, 2400 Rock Creek Drive, Charlotte. Designed by George Bonson Hopson. For sale for the first time in 2017.

1989 - The Marilyn K. and Jerome T. Rodgers House, 5508 Hardison, Charlotte. Designed by Overcash and Harris of Charlotte. The project architect was Tony Miller, who also did subsequent renovations and additions. Sold in 1992 to Suzanne P. and Edward H. (Ted) Gross. NCMH toured it in 2013

1991 - The Charles G. and Barbara H. Collins House, 22938 Torrence Chapel Road, Cornelius NC. On Lake Norman. Designed by Forrest (Reg) Narmour. Sold in 2004 to Gwen A. and Robey C. Best Jr.

1993 - The Jill P. and Richard K. McDevett House, 14828 East Rocky River Road, Davidson NC. Designed by Chet Helt of Charlotte. A version of Frank Lloyd Wright's Baird House in Amherst MA. Built by Johnny Jones. Remodeled in 2003. Sold in 2016 to Cary Wade and Julius Jennings III.

2002 - The Robert F. and Deborah Carmazzi Residence, aka The Charlotte Residence, 8363 Providence Road, Charlotte. Designed by William McDonough Architects. Allison Ewing was the project architect. Top photos by Phillip Beaurline. Nelson Byrd Woltz was the landscape architect. Sinclair Pratt Cameron were the structural engineers. 2RW Consulting Engineers handled mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Built by Philip Thomas. The house was remodeled in 2013.

2003 - The John (Chris) Gregson and Lee Ann Gregson Renovation, 2200 Cloister, Charlotte. Purchased in 1999 as it looked in the bottom photo. Fred Gregory designed a front addition in 2003. Jeremy Fisher and Dee Blackburn of Studio 1 architects designed a second addition in 2009 involving a library, covered exterior space, master suite upstairs, garage with an office above, a mud room/laundry room, and a renovated kitchen. Top photo by George Smart, others by Chris Gregson and Mitchell Kearney.

2003 - The Franklin H. (Frank) Brooks Residence, 2432 Cloister Drive, Charlotte. Designed by the owner, who described it as a contemporary Prairie house.

2010 - The Marcus S. and Avis Lee House, 15401 Jetton, Cornelius NC. On Lake Norman. Designed by Don Lee and Chris Holcombe. Built by Chris Holcombe. Deeded in 2012 to Marcus S. Lee. Sold in 2013 to 15401 Jetton Road LLC. Sold in 2016 to The Redburg Hinton Trust and Steven M. Loeb.


2012 - The Metro 10 Condos, 921A, 921B, 923A, 923B, 925A, 925B, 927A, 927B, 929A, 929B Westbrook Drive, Charlotte. Designed and developed by James Fiscus.


2012 - The Octadia 8 Condos, 913A, 913B, 915A, 915B, 917A, 917B, 919A, 919B Westbrook Drive, Charlotte. Developed by James Fiscus, who did the interior design. Exterior architecture by Michael Williams of Liquid Design.

2013 - The Central 27 Condos, 1611 Central, Charlotte. Designed by Jimmy Dudley.

2013 - The Vireo Condos, 905 and 909 Westbrook Drive, Charlotte. Design and construction by owners Heidi and James Fiscus.

2013 - aka UrbanEden, a student project by UNC Charlotte for the 2013 Solar Delathlon. Work began on the design in October 2011. The UNC Charlotte team began construction in March 2013 and completed the house in September 2013 before transporting it to California for a competition in October 2013. Faculty advisor, Mona Azarbayjani. Won 3rd Place in the People's Choice category of the 2014 George Matsumoto Prize. Was in storage for years. As of 2018, sadly, it was dismantled and the parts recycled.

2013 - The Michael J. Bake House, 1609 Providence Road, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold in 2017 to Providence Drive LLC.

2014 - The Ashesh Parikh and Ruchi Agrawal House, 2528 Cornell Avenue, Charlotte. Designed by Greg Perry. Built by Gerrard Builders.

Around 2016 - Renovation, 2130 East 5th Street, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Original house designed in 1932. Photos by Michael Blevins.

2016 - The Austin Bryant Green House, 2110 Peppercorn Lane, Charlotte. Designed by Janice Finein of Peadon Finein Architecture. Built on the site of a destroyed Modernist house previously owned by the Trexlers, bottom photo, architect unknown. Sold in 2017 to John R. Biles.

2017 - 3028 Palm Ave Unit 18A, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold in 2017 to Scott Toney.

2017 - 3036 Palm Avenue Unit 19A, Charlotte. Architect unknown. Sold in 2017 to Erin and Michael Salamone.

Around 2017 - aka Moderna, Charlotte. 24 houses by Kyle Swarts.

2018 - North End Park, Charlotte. 3 houses designed by Elizabeth Grillo.  21 more on the way.

2018 - aka NoDa House, 703 Charles Avenue, Charlotte NC.  Designed by Perry Poole and Drew Button.   Built by Arbor Construction, Aaron Price, and Perry Poole. Won a 2018 AIA Charlotte Award.

2018 - The Gerrit Baumann and Ashley Lorance House, 2720 Yadkin Avenue, Charlotte.  Designed and built by architect Gerrit Baumann.

2018 - House designed by Peter Wong, 17th Street, Charlotte.  Built by Sean Seifert of Origami Builders. 

Year unknown - 6810 Folger Drive, Charlotte.  Architect unknown.

Year unknown - 7319 Folger Drive, Charlotte.  Architect unknown.

Year unknown - 6700 Folger Drive, Charlotte. Architect unknown.

2017 - 4227 Raney Way, Charlotte. Designed by Peter Vasseur Home Design.  Sold in 2017. There are more to come on the same street.

2018 - 430 Lorna Street, Charlotte NC. Architect unknown.  Sold in 2018 to Deborah J. Dwight and Kevin J. Smith.

2019 - Kings Mountain NC.  Designed by Mike Vinsel. Built by Enertia.

Sources include: Charlotte Historic Landmarks Commission, Gail Jodon, Cobalt DBS, Diane Althouse, Drew Hearn, Chris Gregson, Charlotte Urban Home Magazine Fall 2009, Toby Witte, Peter Levinson.