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Hearn grew up in Charlotte and got interested in building from his Dad and from winning the Soapbox Derby in 1949. He was also a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Pursuing a career as an Electrical Engineer, he graduated from Georgia Tech and worked for GE for two years before starting his own business, Computrol, making computers for the textile industry.  Hearn moved to Hilton Head SC in 1984 and is an electrical engineering consultant. 

1966 - The Andrew Hearn Residence, 3517 Johnny Cake Lane, Charlotte. Hearn started working on the plans for this house in 1964 and was also the contractor. 2.63 acres. Sold in 1984 to Denise and Nicholas Garbacz. This is one hip house, with an entrance bridge straddling a small stream, "Brady Bunch" stair styling, a circular kitchen, a super deep tub, a triple-barcolounger for TV-watching, and James Bond wallpaper in the basement bathroom. Was on the market for two years, then sold in November of 2010 to Robert and Laura Smith. Part of the Historic Charlotte May 2009 tour. Sold in 2013 to Gabrielle Larew.  Sold in 2016 to Leslie S. and Alan J. Sykes.  Photos by George Smart.

Sources include: Denise Garbacz, Drew Hearn, Gabrielle Larew.