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Malcolm was born in Atlanta and was raised in Fort Smith AR. He attended Notre Dame and received a BS in Architectural Engineering in 1933. Malcolm moved to Raleigh after graduation and married Anna Deluke Boylin of Wadesboro NC in 1935. Moving to Charlotte in 1937, he opened an office in 1939 but was forced to close it during WWII when he worked at the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge TN. He re-opened the office in 1945. He sold the business in the 1970's to HDR and retired.

1949 - The Clemmie D. and Veva C. Spangler House, 1930 Queens Road West, Charlotte NC. Sold in 1977 to Leon and Sibille H. Olive. Sold in 2006 to Kelly M. and Frederick E. Hopkins, III. For sale in 2019.

Year unknown - The Williams Residence, Charlotte NC.

Year unknown - The Thompson Residence, Wilmington NC.

Year unknown - The Bristol Residence, Bristol VA.

1952 - The A. Rhett Gunter Residence, 2127 Radcliffe Avenue, Charlotte NC. Project architect, William Boone. Sold to A. Freeman Edgerton. Sold in 1974 to David L. and Elizabeth G. Vanrensselaer. Sold in 1976 to Robert H. and Delores B. Detloff. Sold in 1977 to Frank J. and Jeannette B. Merchant. Sold in 2007 to Ryan D. and Jennifer M. Clutter. Destroyed in 2008. New house, above, completed in 2009.

1950's - The Spencer Love Residence, Charlotte NC. Project architect, William Boone.

1952 - The J. H. Martin Residence. Project architect, William Boone.

1952 - The James Overton Residence.
Project architect, William Boone.

1952 - The Thomas Bernard Autrey and Helen Autrey, Jr. Residence, 325 McAlway Road, Charlotte. Project architect, William Boone. Sold in 1972 to Leston T. and Scarlett Funderburk, still owners as of 2014.

1952 - The Thomas Bernard and Gertrude Autrey, Sr. House, 617 McAlway Road, Charlotte. Designed while at Malcolm Architects. Built in the same style as 325 McAlway. Sold about 1960 to Martin J. Rudinoff. Sold to Elizabeth S. Jenkins. Sold in 1986 to Mark A. and Evelyn C. Woodruff. Sold in 1989 to Jeffrey D. Smith. Sold in 2015 to Bella Bee Homes, LLC. Sold in 2017 to Joseph E. Borgese. Has been remodeled.

1953 - The Ralph Connor Residence.
Project architect, William Boone.

1953 - The Emmett and Henrietta M. Wilkinson House, 224 Shasta Lane, Charlotte NC. Project architect, William Boone. The site’s address was 230 Sardis Road Circle until 1960. Sold in 1985 to Maurice D. and Brenda A. McIntosh. Sold in 1998 to Raymond L. and Deborah A. Krzyzaniak.

3445 Sharon Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211

3445 Sharon Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211

1953 - The George R. and Dorothy Jones Smith House, aka GE Hotpoint House of the Future, 3445 Sharon Road, Charlotte NC. Project architect, William Boone. At the time, it was state of the art for appliances. Deeded in 2002 to Dorothy Jones Smith, LLC. Sold in 2018 to Caprock, LLC.

1954 - The Bela and Ruby D. Udvarnoki House, 609 Woodridge Drive, Murfreesboro NC. Sold in 1996 to Joe David and Betsy McGee McLean. Sold in 2012 to WRB Rentals, Inc.

1954 - The J. C. Jones Residence.
Project architect, William Boone.

1954 - The Robert J. (Bob) and Nena Alberta Alander House, 4920 Carmel Club Drive, Charlotte NC. Project architect, William Boone. Sold in 1978 to Margaret S. and Joseph F. Baigas, Jr.

1954 - The Malcolm and Gladys Peak Residence, 2311 Brandon Circle, Charlotte. Project architect, William Boone. Destroyed, new house built in 1997, photo above.

1954 - The Edward J. and Marie West Renovation, 2201 Hastings Drive, Charlotte. Project architect, William Boone. Originally built in 1949. Deeded to Ann Mason Neill in 1990. Sold in 2015 to Kelly and Michelle Frenzel. Destroyed 2015. New house going up, bottom photo.

1954 - The John W. and Betsy Heinz House, 4622 General Pershing Drive, Charlotte NC. Project architect, William Boone. Commissioned 1952. Sold in 1956 to Cecil A. and Juanita R. Searcy. Sold in 1970 to Donald R. and Pamela B. Miller. Sold in 2013 to The Resident Experts, Inc. Sold in 2014 to James S. and Sarah E. Hasty. Sold in 2016 to Brian James and Rachel S. Fishback.

1957 - The Albert G. and Dorothy Segal House, 810 Colville Road, Charlotte NC. Project architect, William Boone. Deeded in 1981 to Linda A. and Jerry Segal. Sold in 1996 to Sarah Belk Gambrell. Sold in 1999 to B. D. and Patricia A. Rodgers. Sold in 2008 to William B. and Sharon L. Allen.

Sources include: James B. Malcolm.