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1939 - The Richard P. and Ruth Melbohm House, 835 South Hawthorne Road, Winston-Salem NC. This was the parsonage for St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church.  ocal tradition holds that Reverend Meibohm’s sister designed it in the International style. Remodeled 1990. Sold to Sarah T. Smith.

1940 - The R. J. Reynolds, Jr. Residence, aka Merry Acres, 2852 Merry Acres Lane, Winston-Salem. Designed by Luther Lashmit of Northup and O'Brien. Donated to Wake Forest University in 1966. Destroyed in 1978.

1941 - The Austin D. and Alberta C. Parker House, 1058 Teague Road, Winston-Salem. Parker sketched the designs for this and the next house on a paper bag while sailing back to the United States after one of his trips to Cuba. He hired Fogle Brothers to build two unusual but not really Modernist houses, one for himself and one for his son, Mark Parker. As of 2016 owned by the Parker heirs.

1941 - The Mark Parker House, next door at 1080 Teague Road, Winston-Salem. Designed by Austin Parker. As of 2016 owned by Richard and Mark Parker.

1947 - The Carl H. and Florrie S. Russell House, 2200 East 23rd Street, Winston-Salem. Architect unknown. Still occupied by members of the Russell family as of 2012. Photos by Ormando Harris.

1953 - The Floyd and Bertha Burge House, 1801 Georgia Avenue, Winston-Salem. Designed by their son, J. Kenneth Burge, based on classes he took with George Matsumoto at the NCSU School of Design. Also built by J. Kenneth Burge. Sold in 1978 to Stuart and Marie V. Bellin. Sold in 2014 to Stanley and Julie Carter who restored it.

1954 - The Ellen and Olin Perryman House, 3312 Anderson Drive, Winston-Salem. The plans came from a Better Homes and Gardens plan book. Smaller photos by J. Sinclair. Sold in 1984 to Michael L. Venable.  Sold in 2002 to Thomas E. and Suzanne Bridges.  Sold in 2004 to to Linwood R. (Robbie) and Joan J. King III.

1954 - 3161 Waterford Road, Winston-Salem. Architect unknown. Sold in 2019.

1955 - The Durward A. and Margaret K. Smith Sr. House, 1255 Twin Oak Drive, Winston-Salem. Likely a stock plan. Built by the owner.  Sold in 1962 to Gerald J. and Gaynelle Brown.  Sold in 1968 to Ronald W. and Dolly T. Evans.  Sold in 1988 to Thomas and Linda D. Porter.  Sold in 2008 to Gabriel S. Higgins. Top two photos by Myra Caffarey.

1955 - The Floyd S. and Eunice H. Burge, Jr. House, 1330 Irving Street SW, Winston-Salem.  Designed and built by Floyd Burge, Jr. 
Sold in 2017 to Michael Wergin and RJ Droll.

1955 - 3743 Crosland, Winston-Salem. Architect unknown. Sold in 2019.

1955 - 4065 High Point Road, Winston-Salem. Architect unknown. Sold in 2018.

1958 - 3920 Gracemont Drive, Winston-Salem. Architect unknown. Sold in 2007 to Lori and Jake Barnett. Bottom photo by Myra Caffarey.

 1959 - The J. Kenneth and Emily Burge House, 720 Pine Valley Road, Winston-Salem. Designed by the owner, architect and contractor J. Kenneth Burge. When first built, it was on stilts, and later they enclosed the bottom floor for their kids. Sold in 2018 to Traci L. and Peter A. Fala.



1959 - The John Green House, 816 Pine Valley, Winston-Salem. Designed and built by John Green. Sold in 1965 to the Blake Family. Sold in 2011 to Alan Greene, who did a renovation, before and after shots above.  Sold in 2018 to Megan Salzman Media, TR for Medica 1989 Revocable Trust.

1961 - 5564 Overlook Circle, Winston-Salem. Architect unknown. Sold by original owners in 2000 to Sarah Layton and Rose Purvis. Sold in 2012 to Elizabeth B. Ells Trust and Grady I. Ingle Trust. Sold in 2013 to Trevor Williams. Sold in 2018 to Sharon A. Callicut. Bottom photo by Myra Caffarey. 


1961 - The Marjorie P. Newell House, 3901 Guinevere Lane, Winston-Salem. Architect unknown. Architect Steven Grassia drew up plans for an unbuilt Marjorie Newell house on Lake Tillery in 1977, but he does not recall the original architect for this one. Sold to Will and Christie Spencer. Sold to Brian Chromiere. Sold in 2003 to Helen Atkins-Haire. Sold in 2012 to Aminta M. and Andrew E. Howard.  Deeded through foreclosure to HUD. Sold in 2018 to A. M. and P. Z. Pledger.

1963 - 3901 Pomeroy Drive, Winston-Salem. Architect unknown. Sold in 2011 to Shirley Wilson Bynum. Photo by Myra Caffarey.



1964 - The Albert Butler Residence, 2850 Galsworthy Drive, Winston-Salem. Designed by architect Byron Simonson from Palm Beach FL. Landscape design by Dick Bell. Sold in 1998 to Michael and Ramelle Pulitzer. Sold in 2012 to Karen J. and Valentin Apple. Bottom 4 photos by Michael Blevins.

1964 - The Gene and Ruth Beroth House, 2431 Olivet Church Road, Winston-Salem. Designed and built by Gene Beroth, who was an engineer at R. J. Reynolds. It took him five years to complete. He designed all the interior woodwork including custom storm windows for the entire home and custom shutters for the den.He lived there until his passing in 2009. Sold in 2016 to Jennifer and James Dilla. Photos by Scott Bryson.

1966 - The Grace G. Coan House, 1057 West Kent Road, Winston-Salem. Designed by Daniel Bailey Gale of Hellmuth Obata Kassabaum. Sold in 1976 to Frank B. and Barbara L. Hanes. Sold in 2014 to Nicolas and Jill Sear.

 1966 - The Dallas (Dale) Cundiff House, 1681 Little Creek Circle, Winston-Salem NC. Designed by architect Dale Cundiff.  Sold in 2015 to Michael G. Carter. Sold in 2018 to William C. (Bud) McIntire.

1968 - 4000 Philpark Drive, Winston-Salem. Designed by Donald Van Eaton. Sold to Don E. Wall. Sold in 2014 to Jeffrey El and Marisa L. Carter. Sold in 2015 to Deborah and Todd Wolffus.


1968 - 3381 Poteat Court, Winston-Salem. Architect unknown.  Sold in 2016 to Heather K. and Michael G. Hosey.

1969 - 1215 Yorkshire Road, Winston-Salem. Designed and built by Vincent Fabrizio as a spec house. Sold to Edward and Martha Spudis. Sold in 2013 to Jamie B. and Cary W. Chambers.  Sold in 2015 to Lisa R. West and Timothy J. McCann.


1969 - The Howard W. and Anne Kesler Shields House, 3380 Sledd Court, Winston-Salem. 2787 sf. Designed by George Colvin of Colvin Hammill & Walter. Landscape design by Dick Bell. The owners added a garage independently. As of 2014 still owned by the Shields.

1970 - The Jeter A. and Peggy W. Floyd House, 3410 Kem Drive, Winston-Salem. Built by Jeter Floyd. Photos by Heather Fearnbach. Foreclosed in 2012. Sold in 2013 to Lynn and Arthur Bernstein; the house will be renovated in 2014.

1970 - 6500 Blazingwood Drive, Pfafftown, Forsyth County. Architect unknown. Sold in 2018.

1970 - 715 Swanson Court, Winston-Salem. Developed by the Winston-Salem Housing Foundation.  Traditional design, but used an experimental build method using concrete-filled sacks stacked and wet down to form the exterior walls.  Sold in 2017.

1970 -The James T. (Jim) and Jacqueleene (Jackie) Dobbins House, 2838 Bartram Road, Winston-Salem. Jim Dobbins designed and drew up the plans. The couple lived in Japan from 1954-56, thus the Asian influence. W.G. Dinkins of Yadkinville was the builder. Sold in 2014 to Allison and Bradley Roehrenbeck.

1970 -2815 Bartram Road, Winston-Salem. George Colvin of Colvin Hammill and Walter was the architect. As of 2012 owned by the Shelby Lee Chaden Living Trust.

1971 - The Hilda A. Totherow House, 410 Archer Road, Winston-Salem. Designed by Dale Cundiff. As of 2012 still owned by the Totherows. Deeded in 2014 to Paula A. Totherow. Photos by Duffy Healey.


1971 - The Harold L. and Annie Brown Kennedy House, 3727 Spaulding Drive, Winston-Salem. Architect unknown. Annie Brown Kennedy was the second black female attorney to practice Carolina and the first appointed to the North Carolina General Assembly, serving six terms between 1979 and 1994. Still owned by the Kennedy's as of 2012; they do not recall the architect.

1973 - 1475 Chesterfield Road, Lewisville, Forsyth County. Architect unknown. Sold in 2018.

1973 - The Roland H. and Barbara Hayes House, 3910 Pomeroy Drive, Winston-Salem. Designed by Barbara Hayes. Built by J. C. Hall of Winston-Salem. As of 2012 still owned by Roland and Barbara Hayes.

1975 - 3415 Cumberland Road, Winston-Salem. Architect unknown.  Sold to Carl W. Matthews. Sold in 2013 to James M. Webster Jr.  Sold in 2015 to Anthony W. Hairston.

2831 Galsworthy Dr, Winston Salem, NC 27106

1975 - The John T. and Marilyn Hayes House, 2831 Galsworthy Drive, Winston-Salem. Designed by John Hayes, a doctor with an engineering background. 1.1 acres. Sold in 2013 to Phyllis H. and Keith J. Winston who did a renovation. Sold in 2019.

1977 - The Joseph L. Hursch, Jr. House, 1645 Briar Lake Circle, Winston-Salem. Architect unknown. Sold in 1987 to Frances V. Creighton and Marvin S. Coats. Sold in 2016 to Leslie K. and Thomas B. Russell. 

1977 - The Paul and Margaret Leinbach Kolb House, 897 Winewood Boulevard, Winston-Salem. Designed by Paul Kolb, a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright. Sold in 2017 to Kristen S. and David M. Holder.

1988 - The Jefferson C. and Susan Woodall House, 261 Canterbury Trail, Winston-Salem NC. The roof was modified after 2007, bottom photo. Designed by Jefferson C. Woodall. Sold in 2018 to Catherine C. and Adam V. Parks.

2006 - The Philip and Joan Behrens House, 537 Bethany Church Road, Midway NC near Winston-Salem.  Designed by Philip Behrens and architect Martin A.  Senell of Greensboro.  Senell did the roof line and Behrens did the room functions and room layout, final sizes.  Built by Ed Miller of Thomasville NC.  For sale in 2016.


2013 - The Kevin and Laura Owen House, 228 Knollwood, Winston-Salem. Designed by architect Kevin Owen. Built by BETA Builders. Original house built in 1955, bottom photo. Won a Merit Design Award from AIA Winston-Salem. Top photo by J. Sinclair.

Sources include:  Heather Fearnbach, Curtis Leonard, Adam Sebastian, Allan Greene, Buddy Glasscoe, W. Clayton Mays, Jr., Aubrey Kirby.