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Sebastian was born in Lewisville NC and graduated in 1998 from West Forsyth High School. He graduated from the NCSU College of Design in architecture with a BA in 2002 and a Masters in 2004. During design school he interned at Calloway Johnson Moore and West. 

He was principal designer 2004-2014 with Walter Robbs Callahan & Pierce Architects. In 2010 he patented Cap-A-Cooz, a bottle opener that is integrated into a beverage insulator (coozie). 

In 2014 he joined the Winston-Salem firm of STITCH as a partner.

2014 - Sebastian talks about Modernist Houses on the Camel City Dispatch podcast (fast forward to 16:00)


2010 - The Adam and Anna Sebastian House, aka the Hole One Residence, 5219 Dock Davis Road, Clemmons NC. Photography by Adam Sebastian and his $150 point & shoot digital camera. Built by Ken McDaniel & Adam Sebastian. Won 1st Place People's Choice in NCMH's 2012 George Matsumoto Prize. Won a 2013 AIA Winston-Salem Design Award. Sold in 2014 to Paul and Moira Kuhn.  Won a 2016 AIANC Honor Award.

2015 - The Hildreth-Krabel House, aka the BlauHaus Residence, 1831 Angelo Street, Winston-Salem NC. Video

2016 - The Noga House, 811 Holland Street, Winston-Salem.

2016 - The Salzhaus, 815 Holland Street, Winston-Salem.

2016 - The Ben Schwab House, Granville Drive, aka Sidecar House.

2016 - The Pistol House, 807 Holland Street, Winston-Salem.

2016 - The Summer House, 805 Holland Street, Winston Salem

2016 - The Frank Campion Art Studio, Clemmons NC.

2016 - The Wainscott House, 30 Kemp Road East, Greensboro NC.

2017 - The Wayne Tharp House, Southport NC.

Sources include: Adam Sebastian, Anna Sebastian, STITCH.