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1923 - The Eugene C. and Mary McGinnis House, aka the McGinnis-Bagwell House, 931 Vance Street, Raleigh. A prairie-style modern built by Raleigh engineer Howard E. Satterfield. Architect unknown, although it was likely Satterfield. Sold in 1950 to Larry and Hasseltine Bagwell. Two story apartment addition was added in 1989. Sold in 2002 to John F. and Michelle Cowell. Sold in 2017 to Donna Edwards and Murtaza Parekh. The rear addition was removed in 2003 and a new addition designed by Richard Hall and built by DJ Rose by 2005. Interiors by Glen Lavinder. 5455 heated and cooled square feet, approx. 1860 square feet of balconies, terraces, porches, and patios. 4 bedrooms, 4 full baths, 3 half baths, two garages, and a geothermal heating and cooling system. Sold in 2017 to Murtaza Parekh and Donna Edwards.

1942 - The Josephine Edwards House, 20 Turner Street, Raleigh. Designed by her son, NCSU Architectural Engineering graduate Richard Edwards. After she died, the heirs eventually transferred the house to grandson Francis C. Edwards, Jr., the owner as of 2012. Sold in 2018 to Kenneth G. Curtis Jr.  2014 photo, bottom, by Virginia Clark.

2509 Wake Dr, Raleigh, NC 276082509 Wake Dr, Raleigh, NC 27608

1948 - The R. Wade and Odessa M. Brady House, 2509 Wake Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Built by Wade Brady. Sold in 1993 to Virginia and Robert Price. Sold in 2015 to Blair A. and John M. Risinger.

1951 - The John and Elizabeth Phelps House, 3909 Rhododendron, Raleigh. Designed by Elizabeth Phelps. Built by John Phelps. Sold in the early 1960's to Doye and Frances Jean Sherrill. Sold in 1977 to Richard G. Coleman. Sold in 1984 to Carl J. Brakebill III. Addition in 1995. Sold in 1994 to Charles and Sherri Grantham who still owned it as of 2012. Photo by Leilani Carter.

1951 – The John H. Harris House, 3214 Birnamwood, Raleigh. Harris was a landscape architect on the Horticulture faculty at NCSU known as the Tar Heel Gardener on local radio and tv. He designed the house with "buddies in the architecture school at NCSU," according to Kay Walker. Sold in 1994 to Daniel M. and Kay Walker. Expanded and modified in 2000. Bottom photo by Virginia Clark.

1951 – The Frank T. and Margaret Colvert House, 3025 Granville Drive, Raleigh.  Deeded to heirs. Still in the family as of 2018. Possibly designed by architect James Edwards Jr. who sold them the lot.  Needs verification.


1951 - The Arthur McKimmon II House, aka the Wachovia Building Company Contemporary Ranch House, 823 Bryan Street, Raleigh.  Architect unknown; historian Cynthia de Miranda wrote in the National Register nomination that it could have been from a plan book or from Cameron Village architect Leif Valand, or a combination. The house next door at 829 Bryan Street used the same plan but reversed the house and garage. Built by Wachovia Building Company.

 Architect McKimmon bought the house but did not design it. He would move into a house of his own design a few years later. Sold in 1956 to Albert M. Jenkins, Jr., for whom McKimmon would later design a house. Sold in 1966 to Nathaniel L. Sparrow. Sold in 1970 to Jesse and Peggy Jo D. Kirby. Sold in 1992 to Michael W. and Christy Morris. Sold in 1998 to Jacqueline Jordan and Billy Joe East. Sold in 2000 to Jacqueline Jordan. Top two photos by Cynthia De Miranda. Bottom photo by Gerry Broome.Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

1952 – The Richard and Dolores Booth Residence, aka Highland Gardens, 3119 Birnamwood Road, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Sold in 1973 to Joseph and Linda Grimsley. Sold in 1985 to Judson P. and Nancy Essex. Renovation in the late 80’s by Gail Lindsey. Sold in 2000 to Ben and Beth Yerxa. Will Alphin redesigned and built the front entry and second story. Louis Cherry designed a rear addition and renovation that was not built.  David Arneson's later addition and renovation was built in 2014.  Top picture is from 1998, next from 2007, next from 2014.

1953 - The Wallace and Margaret Alford House, 924 Lake Boone Trail, Raleigh. Designed by engineer John D. Joslin. Restored, including a new 6-burner gas range, other new appliances, and the original built-in charcoal grill. Sold in 1956 to Grace and Hobson Gattis. Sold in 1997 to Perry Young. Sold in 2000 to David and Allison Black. Sold in 2010 to Jeffrey and Christina Hutchinson.

1954 -  The Zigrida (Ziggie) Rita Smith house, 702 Daniels Street, Raleigh. Sold in 2010 to Christoper D. Grahms. For sale in 2019.

1954 - The Henry C. Riggs House, 3224 Lewis Farm Road, Raleigh. Riggs bought the plans from Popular Mechanics for $15 and began construction in 1952. According to his daughter, "the prototype was of frame construction but he decided to build of concrete block (possibly because of reduced finishing costs) and steel-framed casement windows. This change of materials necessitated slight revisions to the plans; he also added a three-quarter bath and eliminated the breezeway. Although he worked full-time and frequently was out of town on business, he acted as the general contractor and did much of the work himself. While buying materials, we met another couple building a block house and we would visit each others' project and compare notes. We moved into our house as soon as the roof was on and the electrical, heating, and plumbing operational. For months my bed sat atop a big pile of plywood. By the end of 1954 father was purchasing wallpaper and drapery rods indicating that construction was basically complete. The exterior was left unpainted until it was time to sell; interior block walls were painted (using the vacuum cleaner) while interior partitions were traditional stud and drywall. The house sat on a concrete slab with radiant heat; a well provided water. The yard was left in its natural wooded state except for a small strip of lawn across the front."

Sold in 1956 to Evelyn Hall. Sold in 1995 to David Sinclair Rice, the son of Dick Rice. As of 2012 still owned by David Rice. A two-story addition was added at one end and also a front porch. 2014 photos by Virginia Clark.

1954 - The William L. and Mildred S. Johnson House, 1317 Onslow, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Had a flat roof originally. Sold in 1958 to Patricia (Patty) LeMaire Blosser and architect Dale Blosser. Sold in 1991 to Stewart Park Inc. Sold in 1995 to Robert D. and Dorothy C. Park. Sold in 1999 to Glenwood West Inc. Sold in 2003 back to Robert D. and Dorothy C. Park. Sold later in 2003 to Lana Saulmon. Bottom photo by Virginia Clark.

1955 - The Albert and Betty Borg House, 1235 Onslow Road, Raleigh. According to Karin Stephens, it was designed by Cecil Elliott, a design professor at NCSU. Sold in 1958 to George and Karin Stephens. In 1965, they put in a fallout shelter. Sold to William C. Griffin in 1965. Sold in 1999 to Ronald Sederoff. Sold in 2004 to Shunichi and Jennifer Ito.

1956 - The Marcelene Penny Ogburn House, 2319 Airline Drive, Raleigh. The architect was likely her husband James Penny, needs verification. Sold in 2014 to Jeffrey and Lindsay Taylor. Destroyed in 2015.

1956 - 4301 Galax Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Sold in 1965 to Donna P. and Mendell Robinson. Sold in 2015 to William Jackson Henderson.

1957 - The Florence and John K. Roberts Jr. House, 114 Longview Lake Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Sold in 1963 to Emily W. and Roger A. Smith. Sold to Lori Ann Smith in 2009. Sold in 2015 to Jeffrey A. Dennie.

1957 - The William M. and Dolores S. Sexton House, 5325 Barclay Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Sold in 1977 to Frank and Mary Edens. Sold in 1978 to J. Forrest and Lana P. Barnwell who still owned it as of 2012. Renovated 2002. Photo by Ericka Giroux.

1957 - The William Wesley (Wes) Carroll and Frances Katherine Plyler Carroll House, 1609 Pineview Drive, Raleigh. According to Wes Carroll, they chose a design from a plan book, and an unknown architecture student at NCSU modified the plan and made working drawings. Built by R. H. Eakley, from whom the Carrolls bought the property. There is a central core of brick running from the basement through to the roof. Was originally two bedrooms. Sold in 1961 to Richard (Dick) J. and Barbara B. Volk. They added a bedroom downstairs in the 1990's. Sold in 2006 to Andrew (Drew) and Barbara H. Pendergrass. Sold in 2015 to Rhonda J. and Thomas W. Harding.

1957 - The Joseph N. and Helen Boaz House, 3309 Milton Road, Raleigh. Designed by architect Joseph N. Boaz, partner to Milton Small and faculty member at the NCSU School of Design. Sold in 1966 to Charles and Joanne Jones. Sold in 1974 to Larry and Lynn Gottlieb. Sold in 1976 to Whan Su and Young Kang. Sold in 1998 to Michael and Christy Morris. Sold in 2004 to Eva and Christian Garland. Transferred in 2013 to Eva R. Garland. Top photo from 2005; the exterior Modernist elements have been removed. Second photo from 1997. Bottom photo from 1995.

1958 - The Truman and Marie Miller House, a duplex at 2703 Ashland Street, Raleigh. Sold in 1964 to Jack and June B. Preston who switched it to a single family residence. Sold in 1974 to June B. Preston who still owned it as of 2012. Architect unknown by the Prestons. Photo by Leilani Carter.

1958 - The Sidney Hughes House, 5207 Hawksbury Lane, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Built by the Stevens Building Company. Sold in 1960 to Furman Bodenheimer. Sold in 1963 to William and Elfrieda Kurdian. Sold in 1965 to Preston and Jane Walker. Sold in 2007 to Kim Markling. Sold in 2018 to Kyle Eckenrode.

1958 - The Johnny W. Duncan House, 1016 Legend Road, Raleigh. Sold in 2016 to Dale R.Hemrick and Steven R. Norris II.

1959 – The James L. Penny and Marcelene Penny (Ogburn) Residence, 2129 Ridge Road, Raleigh. Designed and bulit by James Penny. Sold in 1964 to Miriam S. Yearby, Lawrence Crabtree, and Virginia W. Crabtree. Renovated 1975. Sold in 1978 to Margaret Ann Link who still owned it as of 2012. Renovated 1993.

1959 – The Henry T. and Zelda O'Neal Hicks III House, 218 Lynwood Lane, Raleigh. Their daughter, Betsy Hicks Lowry, does not recall an architect being involved. Sold in 1965 to Fred S. and Amanda B. Wilkerson. Sold in 2013 to Matthew L. Horney.

1959 - 3015 Haven Road, Raleigh. Built by J. T. Butts Construction Company. Architect unknown. Sold in 1960 to Harry and Rhoda Weiss. Sold in 1964 to Dixie Development Company. Sold in 1965 to George and Kate Sakas; hers brother was architect Lewis Polier. Sold in 2008 to Aaron Vaughen. Top photo from 1996, bottom from 2009.

1960 - The F. L. and Helen Wrenn Hood Residence, 917 Macon Place, Raleigh. Built by Howard Lynch. Designed by Jerry Miller. 1.02 acres. 2990 square feet. Sold in 1972 to Guy and Mamie Hubbard. Sold in 1978 to Hazel and James Ritchey. The house was damaged by water requiring an extensive restoration. Sold in 1994 to William and Cathryn Little. Sold in 2002 to Larsen and Nancy Isely. Sold in 2009 to Nathan and Tracy Sheaffer. Sold in 2014 to Susan Black and David Coman Holt.

1960 - The D. K. Collins House, 812 Macon Place, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Sold in 1992 to Carolina Builders Corporation. Sold in 1993 to John and Jo Ann O'Connell. Sold in 2013 to William G. Allen Builder LLC. Destroyed in 2013 and replaced, bottom photo by Virginia Clark.

1960 - The John N. Langdon House, 4118 Yadkin Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Sold in 1969 to Douglas and Jane Prescott. Sold in 1970 to John F. Prescott Sr. Sold in 1971 to George Alexander Finley. Sold in 1974 to James and Nanza Byrum. Sold in 1975 to William E. Powell. Sold in 1983 to Edward Ray Smith. Sold in 1988 to Lyston and Lamont Farmer. Sold in 1989 to John Mark Ward. Sold in 1993 to Steven L. and Kathleen Worm. Sold in 1999 to John E. and Stephanie Jenkins III. Sold in 2002 to Patricia and George Gillenwater. Sold in 2005 to Mayre Kristen C. Wall. Bottom photo by Virginia Clark.


1960 - The R. A. and Margaret Bashford House, 4212 Windsor Place, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Sold in 1973 to Larry L. and Brenda J. Kennedy. Sold in 1975 to John and Elizabeth B. Gardner. Sold in 1989 to architect Walter G. Davis who did an extensive remodel. Sold in 2006 to Emmanuel Scott and Kristine B. Lee. Sold in 2008 to Kristine B. Lee. Sold in 2013 to Rebecca E. and Michael T. Brady.

1960 - The Paul and Lois R. Sharpe Residence, 4112 Windsor Place, Raleigh. Designed by his brother, Marvin Sharpe of Haw River NC. Sold in 2009 to Jennifer L. Krall. 2014 photo by Virginia Clark.

1960 - The James A. and Olivia McNeill Residence, 3449 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh. According to their son, Darryl, the house was built by James McNeill from a magazine plan. James McNeill made a model first then built it. Sold in 1993 to Marco and Anne Meulink who still owned it as of 2012. Renovated in 1995. Photo by Virginia Clark.

1960 - The Rosalie and Pete Williams House, now located at 225 South Tarboro Street, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Built by the Williams. Sold in 1985 to Roger C. Sessoms, who moved it from 1821 Rock Quarry Road (bottom photo). This house was built on a concrete slab and the slab was unbroken in the move. Sold in 1994 to Willie Smiley Jr. Sold in 1998 back to Roger C. Sessoms. Sold in 1998 to Quinn C. Harris. Sold in 1999 to Carl Tony Crews and Hilda Faye Crews. Sold in 2002 to Bank One. Sold in 2003 back to Carl Tony Crews and Hilda Faye Crews. Sold in 2004 to Francis and Olamiju Aremo. Sold in 2009 to Lasalle Bank. Sold in 2009 to Barton Investment Group LLC. Was vacant for about a year. Sold in 2010 to Russell (Ray) and Jeanie Grunch. Sold in 2015 to Marie J. Schacht.

1960 - The Joseph H. (Joe) and Elizabeth A. (Betsy) Cox House, 1132 Trailwood Drive, Raleigh. Commissioned 1956. Cox taught at the NCSU School of Design and was a prominent artist known for his paintings and scultures, especially the Color Wall, a kinetic light sculpture at NCSU. James Ellis Adams designed the house. Sold in 1986 to Herbert H. Byrd who used it as a rental. Byrd did modifications, including adding hip roofs on top of the flat roof. Architect Mike Cindric rented it for a while. Sold in 1993 to John and Victoria Fels.  Deeded to Victoria Fels.  Sold in 2017.

1960 - The Robert and Miriam Prichard House, 625 South Lakeside Drive, Raleigh. According to Miriam Prichard, it was designed and built by Robert Prichard and his brother Bill and Mideastern Construction Company to replicate a "California Ranch" style. Sold in 1998 to Robert L. Levy. Sold in 2011 to Kristopher Lucas Bass.

1960 - The Sherman E. and Virginia S. Crites House, 315 Yadkin Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. The Crites lived in a similar home in New York and duplicated it here. According to June Brown, Bob Caviness was the builder, and Baker Roofing did the original roof work, which leaked and had to be replaced several times. Sold to R. Akers Moore. Sold in 1967 to Harry and June G. Brown. Sold in 1993 to Michael and Marilyn Olson, who did a renovation and addition, top photo. Sold in 1999 to architect Jeff Davis and his wife Joyce, who undid many past changes with their own beautiful restoration. Photos by Jeff Davis.

1960 - The Howard L. Lynch House, 4313 Yadkin Drive, Raleigh. Built by Howard Lynch. Designed by Jerry Miller.  Sold in 1961 to Carl A. Johnson, aka John C. Randolph. Sold in 1967 to Myrtle E. and Ned R. Stull. Sold in 1972 to Sondra G. and Harold A. Berdiansky. Later deeded to Harold A. Berdiansky. Sold in 1998 to Lee Roi Parker III. Sold in 2005 to Susan L. Eismann. Sold in 2014 to Kristy D. Ford and Michelle D. Joshua.

1960 - The Gatling House, 1617 East Martin, Raleigh. Architect unknown.  Renovated on Love it or List it. For sale in 2019.


1961 - The John H. Voorhees, Jr. House, 2727 North Mayview Road, Raleigh. Voorhees, a city planner in Raleigh who also taught at NCSU, designed it himself. Sold to James C. and Molly Kuehn in 1988. Sold to Sold to Salvatore and Ilene Corbo in 1995. Sold to Kimberly Dove in 2006. She began renovations, tearing out the living room down to the ground, then work stopped - for years. In 2011, after living in what was essentially half a house, Dove put the property on the market as a lot. Sold in 2013 to Sarah Cornel and Brian Chick, who destroyed it in 2013 -- but replaced it with a new Modernist house by Charles Holden. Top photo by Leilani Carter, middle by Goodnight Raleigh, bottom by Virginia Faust.

1961 - The Arch E. Lynch Jr. House. 3400 Fernwood Drive, Raleigh.  Designed by R. B. Cauthen. Deeded in 1976 to Hilda S. Lynch. Sold in 1981 to Patricia A. and Aldon M. Delancey. Transferred in 2006 to the Patricia A. Delancey Trust. Sold in 2013 to Kara L. and Jonathan T. Griffith.

1961 - The Lawrence C. and Marjorie Moore Residence, 5014 Shamrock Drive, Raleigh. Designed and built by Myrick and Associates. Sold in 1967 to John and Virginia Stephenson. Has its own fallout shelter. Top photo by Leilani Carter. Sold in 2010 to Benjamin and Eoline Runkle.

1961 - The Perry Saylor House, 2114 Timberlake Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Deeded via will to Catherine Saylor in 1982. Sold in 1983 to Armand V. Cooke. Sold in 2008 to James R. and Patricia H. Stimmel. In 2010, the Stimmels put the house into a trust.

1961 - The Opal Francis (Trixie) Porter House, 103 West Lakeside Drive, Fuquay-Varina NC. Porter worked for Standard Homes and designed the house herself.Sold in 1974 to Ellen Clendeni. Sold in 1988 to Leslie A. Monk and Janet Kirk. Sold in 1991 to Harvey H. and Michele B. Allen. Sold in 1993 to Daniel J. and Toni C. Strong.

1962 - The David J. and Marilyn Martin House, 248 Marilyn Circle, Cary. Built from a plan book, according to former owner Andrew Ingraham, this Usonian design sold in 1962 to James R. and Betty Jean Royal. Sold in 1965 back to David J. and Marilyn Martin. Sold in 1966 to Walter C. and Pearl Marks. Remodeled in 1966. Sold in 1967 to Thomas E. and Jacqueline Harmon. Sold in 1968 to Rodger C. and Kathleen J. Bailey. Sold in 1969 to James and Katherine Hoffman. Sold in 1979 to Donald and Laura Grimes. Sold in 1989 to Joseph Lee Hucks. Sold in 1996 to Andrew and Deborah Ingraham who put on an addition and extensive renovation in 1998. Sold in 2003 to Christopher Watkins.

1962 - The William H. (Bill) Sigmon House, 3617 Alamance Drive, Raleigh. Designed by William H. (Bill) Sigmon. Deeded in 2011 to Martha Sigmon. Sold in 2015 to Sarah L. Cowan.

 1962 - The Julius Leonard Perry and Ethel Skinner Perry House,
4900 Glen Forest Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Sold in 1966 to G. Henry and Hilda F. Ramsey. Sold in 1969 to William W. Elliott. Sold in 1994 to James and Grace J. McQueen. Deeded in 2012 to Grace J. McQueen. Photos by Leilani Carter and Virginia Clark.

1962 - The Jean H. and Roger C. Petersen House,
719 Davidson Street
, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Sold in 1965 to Linda L. and Sidney R. Warner. Sold in 1971 to Patricia C. and Richard Coleman. Deeded in 1975 to Richard Coleman. Sold in 1978 to Anne T. and John A. White. Sold in 1981 to Frances N. and Charles L. Helms. Sold in 2003 to Victoria S. and Andrew H. Messer. Sold in 2017 to Beth Bridgers.

1962 - The Sarah C. and Edward L. Jernigan House, 600 Davidson Street, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Sold 1964 to Jeannette S. and William J. Barclay. Sold 1997 to Bettie S. and George H. Lee. Sold in 2013 to Susan Hull Stacy. Sold in 2016 to Ivana M. and Eric W. Beck.  Bottom photo by Virginia Clark.

1962 - The Morton R. and Ruth B. Shaw House, 5509 Lambshire Drive, Raleigh. Designed by Richard B. Pollman of Home Planners Inc, a plan book publisher. This is model N1126 without the exposed beams. Built by Bob Caviness. Sold in 2015 to Robert and Connie Tomlinson.  2016 renovations by architect Matt Griffith.

1963 - The Hoke and Hortense Bullock House, 5601 Winthrop Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Deeded in 1970 to Hortense B. Bullock.  Sold in 1988 to Lyston and Lamont Farmer. Sold in 1996 to Lamont Farmer. Sold in 1998 to Reid Hardin and Amy Ball. Sold in 2004 to Willard Barbour and Emily Aldrich. Photos by Leilani Carter.

1963/1993 - 2510 York Road, Raleigh.  Sold in 1992 to Janice L. and Drexel D. Powell. Sold in 2017 to Jean M. and Stephen T. Burke.

1963 - The Vernon R. (Ray) and Gail Glenn House, 3819 Buffaloe Road, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Sold in 1968 to Paul and Nancy Allen. Sold in 1972 to Sidney and Hilda Deans. Sold in 1987 to Nancy Larkins and Michael Eckert. Sold in 1995 to Steven and Lucinda Rowland. Deeded to Lucinda Sue Sager. Bottom photo by Virginia Clark.

1963 -
119 Rose Street, Cary NC.  Sold by HUD in 1967 to Helen P. and Raymond T. StPierre. Sold in 1971 to Constance S. and Ronald J. Cousino. Sold in 1987 to Pamela H. and Gordon R. Dickson. Sold by her trust in 2016 to Jomayri and Keegan Robinson.

1964 - The Grady S. and Ann B. Patterson, Jr. House, 206 Drummond, Raleigh. Designed by by William Waldo Dodge III of Dodge and Beckwith. Featured in the June 1963 Southern Architect, b/w photos. Sold to developer John Kane, who destroyed the house in 2011 and built a new house, bottom photo.

1964 - 5601 Lambshire Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown.  Built and developed by Bob Caviness.  Sold in 1966 to Bern and Gladys Strawn Bullard. Deeded to Alan and Barbara Bullard Page. Sold in 2018 to Julie B. and Chad Barba.

1964 - The Keith and Alice Harrod House, 3942 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh NC. Designed and built by Keith Harrod. They later converted the garage to a den, created a carport, expanded the master bedroom, and added a bath. Sold in 1980 to Nannette Merle Strowd. Sold in 1981 to William Jackson. Went into foreclosure. Sold in 2008 to Paul E. Castelloe.

1964 - The Richard and Iris Kurtz House, 2105 Coley Forest Place, Raleigh NC. Designed and built by Richard Kurtz. Deeded in 1994 to Iris Kurtz.  Sold in 2016 to Jeanie and Frank N. White.

1964 - The Anthony A. Delisse House. 4706 St. Thomas Place, Raleigh.  Architect unknown. Sold in 1983 to Laura R. and Edward R. Johnston Jr. Sold in 1999 to Kathleen N. and Steven L. Worm.

1965 - The Wavely Garland Avent and Ann Avent House, 3336 Ocotea Street, Raleigh. Designed and built by Wavely G. Avent (pictured above), according to his wife Ann and their son Tony. Larry B. Bell drew up the plans. Sold in 1989 to Hill Carrow. Sold in 1993 to Robert and Mary McDowell. Sold in 2011 to Harry and Martha Tueting who still owned it as of 2014. Top photo by Leilani Carter.

1965 - The Mary Alice Simmons House, 614 Gardner Street, Raleigh, uniquely built over a creek. J. B. Bagwell was the builder. Architect unknown. Sold in 1972 to Carroll Leggett. Sold in 1976 to J. C. Raulston. Sold in 1997 to Aurora Hernandez who still owned it as of 2012 as a rental house. Photos by Leilani Carter.

1965 - The Minnie S. and Fred A. Stone House, 920 Runnymede Road, Raleigh. Designed by C. Frank Branan. Transferred in 1996 to a family trust. Sold in 2002 to Mary G. and Micou M. Browne. Sold in 2019 to Elizabeth and Scott Lincicome.  

1966 - The John Devereaux Joslin Residence, 3037 Granville Drive, Raleigh. Designed by Joslin, an engineer. Sold for the first time in 2012 to Janie W. and Cecil O. Smith, Jr. who destroyed it. 2014 photo, bottom, by Virginia Clark.

1966 - The Jane M. and Rufus L. Edmisten House, 1533 Shadowood Lane, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Sold in 1977 to Mina Y. and Peter S. Hsing. Sold in 1997 to Jamie S. and Walter R. Summerford III. Sold in 2003 to Tania B. and Brian T. Grant. Sold in 2014 to Jaimie Ann Bertino.

1966 - The Paul and Dorothy Frontiero House, 4512 Bartlett Drive, Raleigh. Designed by architect Paul Canin (bottom photo) for their house in Poughkeepsie NY in 1959. They liked it so much they had him duplicate the plans when they moved to Raleigh. As of 2012 still occupied by the Frontieros.

1966 - The John V. and Roberta E. Parham House, 2312 Bedford Avenue, Raleigh. Built by John V. Parham, an administrator at Shaw University. The only Modernist house in Oberlin Village, a black community established in the late 1860's by freed slaves. Sold in 1997 to Faye and Christian Lawrence. Sold in 1999 to Tara and Lars Pressley. Sold in 2000 to Gail Peter Borden and Brooke Johnson. Sold in 2006 to M. Ruth Little.

1966 - The James M. and Eloise F. Potter, Jr. House, 9433 Golfside Drive (Baker Road), Zebulon NC. The plans were purchased from a publication and modified by Bill Quan, an NCSU city planning student. The contractor was Floyd Edwards of Zebulon. Deeded in 1976 to Eloise F. Potter. Deeded around 2015 to her daughter Crystal.

1967 - The James L. and Betty Bost House, 1512 Delmont, Raleigh. Designed and built by James Bost, who worked in the shop at the NCSU School of Design. Deeded to the James L. Bost Revocable Trust in 2017.  


1967 – The Eugene W. and Helen H. Cornish House,
1208 Imperial Road
, Cary. Architect unknown. Sold in 1977 to Patsy and Elizabeth Porcello. Sold in 1982 to Craig and Sharon L. Mann. Addition in 1987. Sold in 2001 to Sharon L. Mann. Sold in 2002 to Julia G. and Matthew G. Walter. Sold in 2006 to Frank D. Watson and Janet M. McDonald. Bottom photo by Virginia Clark.

1968 - 3905 Jackson Street, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Sold in 2014 to Carlos Salamanca.

1968 - The Doris A. and Nakhleh P. Zarzar House, 4727 Wedgewood Street, Raleigh.  Architect unknown. Deeded in 2009 to Doris A. Zarzar.

1969 - The James Blythe Brown and Evelyn Brown House,
5200 Sedgefield Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Sold in 1970 to Hilda P. and O. Ray Barbour. Sold to Able Investment Company in 1971. Sold later in 1971 to Stephen G. and Sheryl Bush. Sold in 1972 to Dorothy K. and Ronald Craig Wilburn. Sold to Victor and Mary Anne Hocutt in 1979. Sold in 1980 to Nellie Alford. Sold in 1983 to John and Wanda Canada. Sold in 1990 to Michael and Mary Gregory. Sold in 1997 to John Bosch Jr. Sold in 1998 to Arllie Lee Perry. Sold in 2001 to Chase Bank of Texas. Sold in 2001 to Karen and Roberto Ibarra. Sold in 2004 to Doug Stoddart. Sold in 2013 to Christine and Andres W. Rosario. Photo by Leilani Carter. Bottom photo by Virginia Clark.

1969 – The James Stanley Wiberly and Helen K. Wiberly House, 2119 Ridge Road, Raleigh. Architect unknown. 2922 square feet. Sold in 1976 to Gerald G. L. and Nancy C. R. Meyer. Sold in 1977 to Carl E. and Tina Poole Grad. In 2006, deeded to Tina Poole Grad in who still owned it as of 2012. Two additions, one in 1988 and one in 2002, both designed by the Grads. Second photo by Virginia Clark.

1969 -
1420 Jenks Carpenter Road, Cary. Architect unknown. Sold in 1973 to Homer & Margarita M. Morrison. Sold in 1981 to Robert and Evelyn A. Hickman. Sold in 1987 to Douglas J Geiger who still owned it as of 2012. Was for rent and sale in 2010. 3 bed, 3.0 bath, 1990 sqft. Larger photos by Katheryn OldShield Mukai.

1970 - 314 Edinburgh Drive, Cary. Architect unknown. Sold in 2014 to Donna S. and Michael Reiser.

1970 - The Carey and Jane Durham House, 808 Westwood Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Developed in 1969 by Charles and Graye Shaw. Sold in 1978 to Roger and Betty Strobel.


1970 - The Milton E. and Gene W. Hobbs House, 208 Edinburgh, Cary. Architect unknown.  Lake front property. Developed by MacGregor Downs and sold to the Hobbs in 1971. Sold in 1983 to Norman and Joanne Hoube. Sold in 1984 to Recaredo and Lourdes Reyes. Sold in 2011 to John and Linda Charlesworth. Sold in 2013 to Kenneth B. Hammer. Photo by Leilani Carter.

1971 - The Richard and Barbara Kitchell House, 5713 Calton Drive, Raleigh, designed by Ron McLaren. Sold in 2001 to James P. Knight. Sold later in 2001 to Leslie (Les) Geller. Sold in 2004 to Arthur Withington. Sold later in 2004 to Thomas B. Skinner Jr. and James Lester Harmon. Sold in 2008 to Joseph Grayson Minton, Jr.

1971 - 1400 Ravenhurst Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. The house is identical to the Bursey House at 837 Shady Lawn in Chapel Hill which was built by J. P. Goforth. Sold in 1972 to Charles G. Fuller. Sold in 1989 to Locksley Gardner. Sold in 1997 to Anna C. Schmink. Sold in 1999 to Jennie Lancaster and Laura Crumpler. Sold in 2004 to Bradley and Evelyn Dolan. Sold in 2012 to Elisa F. and Jay R. Mosier. Sold in 2013 to Brenda Cockrell. Renovations by architect Louis Cherry.

1972 - The Thomas H. and Joyce Byrd III House, 214 Annandale, Cary. Designed by Bill Nichols. Built by Frank Walser.  Deeded to Joyce W. Bryd in 1972, Trustee in 2007.  Still owned by the Byrds as of 2011.

1972 - The Chet A. and Barbara R. Boyd House, 3212 Kenly Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Built by Ammons Construction. Sold in 1975 to Leroy C. and Carolyn C. Register. Sold in 1979 to David and Sandra Rutledge. Remodeled 1980. Sold in 1991 to Sandra C. Thomas. Sold in 1999 to DMA Development Inc. Sold in 2001 to Douglas and Nancy Feathersone. Sold in 2003 to Nancy Featherstone. Sold in 2004 to Frances L. Britchford. Sold in 2015 to Sandra H. and Shawn M Murray. Photos 2, 3 by Virginia Clark.

1973 - The William and Alma Waters House, 212 Edinburgh Drive, Cary. Two linked Topsider pedestal houses, 1952 square feet total. Sold in 1977 to Edward and Eleanor Battiste. Sold to James and Eleanor Shawfield Strothman in 1994. Sold to Beryl Road Properties in 2007. First two photos by Bill Mooney. Bottom photo by Leilani Carter. Dismantled in 2011. Sold in 2017 to Abcz Properties LLC.

1973 - The Peter and Judy Edwards House, 8227 Hillside Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Two modules connected by a bridge. Modernist exterior with rather plain interiors. Deeded in 1995 to Peter Edwards. Sold in 2015 to Michael and Catherine Majewski who did a renovation, bottom photo.

1973 - The Robert B. and Barbara B. Allen House, 3317 Timberlake Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. There's a separate garage/apartment, second photo. Photos by Virginia Clark.

1973 - The Harvey (Harv) and Georgia Kebschull House, 1108 Bancroft Street, Raleigh. Designed by Harv Kebschull. Built by J. P. Goforth Sold in 2016 to Laura and Matthew Andrako.

1973 - The James and Rubye Collins House, 8615 O'Neal Road, Raleigh. Designed by Ed Mogelnicki and or Bill Poole; needs verification. Sold in 2007 to Ed and Jennifer Hackim then vacant for quite some time. Sold in 2013 to Victor Poole. Photos by Leilani Carter. Sold in 2014 to Todd and Candace Blevins.  Destroyed, and a new house built, bottom photo by Virginia Clark.

1973 - The Joseph L. (Jay) and Janice James House, 6128 Riverside Drive, Wake Forest NC. Jay James, who received training in engineering in the Navy, designed and built 15 1/2 240sf hexagon structures and connected them to form a 5000 sf house on nearly three acres. James extended the roof line down to the ground in many areas, creating outside storage rooms. The house featured passive and active solar power, including a mirror that tracked the sun. The pool was floored over in 2003 to create a large bonus room. However, the pool is still under the floor and could be easily recovered. James also built houses in Raleigh for Fred Nixon, Harold Sharp, and Paul Fleming.

1973 - The Terrence and Betty D. Curtin House, 2809 Sandia Drive, Raleigh. Designed in 1972 by RNR, a partnership between Calvin A. Mellott of Chapel Hill and David S. Reed of Raleigh. Built in 1973 by RNR. Sold in 1974 to John and Anne Dornan. Sold in 1991 to Terry Elrod and Anne B. Schwerin. Sold in 2000 to Donald and Cari Hepp. Sold in 2006 to Rebecca Hadley Watson who did a complete renovation. Sold in 2012 to Alexander M. and Elizabeth B. McTighe. Sold in 2015 to Abigail and Brandon North.

1973 - 600 Country Club Lane, Cary. Architect unknown. 
Sold in 2017 to Cynthia A. and Nicholas J. Quarantello.

1975 - The Marilyn S. and John M. Miller House, 1107 Imperial Road, Cary NC. Architect unknown. As of 2014, still owned by the Millers.

1975 - The A. C. and Dorothy B. (Dot) Hall Jr. House, 5219 Coronado Drive, Raleigh.  Hall was the Raleigh City Planning Director 1952-1980.  Designed by Hall. The house burned down around 1976 and was rebuilt.  Sold in 1980 to Dorita M. and Joseph Jay Goldstein Jr. Deeded in 1984 to a relocation firm.  Sold again in 1984 to David R. McCormick and later his wife Barbara M. McCormick. Sold in 2003 to Jeffrey A. Payne. Sold in 2005 to Jeffrey M. Hollebrandt and Richard C. Hilts Jr. Transferred in 2009 to their Trust. For sale in 2017.

 1976 - The William and Leilani Carter Residence,
3509 Catalano Drive, Raleigh. Leilani Carter chose a magazine plan for the original house. There were two renovations, one of the living room area by architect Frank Craig and one by Rick Best. As of 2012 still owned by the Carters. Photos by Leilani Carter.

1976 - The Speros J. and Patricia L. Fleggas House, 2816 Sandia Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Developed by Audie Barefoot, Jr. Sold in 1991 to William M. Black, Jr. Sold in 1992 to Daniel J. Woods. Sold in 1995 to Robert S. and Jeanne B. W. Kiel. Sold in 2000 to Robert P. Gruber, Jr. Sold in 2004 to Carol and Hristina Mauriello. Sold in 2006 to Robert and Haven Lindsey. Sold in 2015 to Robert Lindsey.

1976 - The Charles T. and Betty Joyner House, 8120 Park Side Drive, Raleigh. Designed by Lyn E. Adams. Renovations in 1995. Sold in 1997 to Michael and Julie Sollins. Sold in 2004 to Tony K. Stewart. Sold in 2007 to George Hallowell and Joan Holub. Sold in 2014 to Mindy Beth Smith and Marcus Steven Norris Jr. 

1977 - The David W. and Brenda O. Johnson House, 6904 Woodmere Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown.

1978 - The Oral D. and Mary Roberson Residence, 8221 Netherlands Drive, Raleigh. Ken Rose was the builder. Bennett Keasler was the architect. Sold in 1989 to Leo and Sharon Uhran. Originally had black cedar siding. Sold in 1990 to L. Arthur and Marguerite Thornton. Sold in 1992 to Charles and Jean Marie Livaudais who changed the color of the siding. Sold in 1996 to Richard and Marylou Cassese. Sold in 1999 to Johannes and Sonja Lombard who put on an addition in 2004. Sold in 2011 to Cheryl and Curtiss Mason. Photo by Virginia Clark.

1978 - The Larry R. and Donna C. Jewell Residence,
3105 Chancery Place
, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Sold in 1983 to Varner and Rebecca Olmstead. Sold in 1990 to Thomas and Beverly Flaherty. Sold to Eric and Hilary Lamb in 1997. Sold in 2002 to Gerd Duscher. Sold in 2009 to Zachary Miller and Amanda Washburn. Sold in 2014 to Jessica F. and Ryan C. Weaver. Bottom photo by Leilani Carter.  

1978 - The Walter S. and Miriam H. Hunt House,
601 Blenheim Drive, Raleigh. Designed by architect William Clyde (Cy) McGee. Built by Shelter Builders. Walter Hunt designed and had built a back deck with a custom gazebo, bottom photo. Sold in 1990 to Harriet Stubbs. Transferred in 1998 to Harriet S. Stubbs Family Trust. Sold in 2014 to Jessica C. and Ronald D. Williams.

1978 - The Rickey Daryle Bowman Residence,
2905 Debra Drive
, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Three bedrooms. 2113 square feet. Sold in 1987 to Sandra Cooper. Sold in 1993 to Frederick (Ted) Givens and Min Loi Hwee. Sold in 2009 to Megan and Joseph Chorley.

1978 - The Harold K. Jordan Jr. House, 105 Talicud Trail, Apex NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 1985 to Richard W. and Mary Embrey, Jr. Renovated 1999.  Sold in 2002 to Robert J. and Monica Connor Jr.  Pool added in 2014.  

1979 - The William W. Williams II House,
7512 Ebenezer Church Road
, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Sold in 1981 to Terry H. Tingen and Sandra Steed Cain. Sold in 1988 to Sandra Steed Cain. Sold in 1993 to John N. Richey. Sold in 1995 to Daniel and Elizabeth Page who still owned it as of 2017. Photo by Leilani Carter.

1979 - The John Meachum House,
4624 Yates Mill Pond Road, Raleigh. 4 acres. Several graduates of the NC State School of Design purchased 23 acres of land near Crossroads Mall. Their intent was to design and build their own homes in close proximity to each other so they could continue to collaborate on projects, especially passive solar homes. 4624 was the first built, designed by John Meachum and built by Meachum with Mike Funderburk who eventually started a company together called Sun Shelter Design. They had a hand in building at least one other home on the street.

When Meachum moved, sold to neighbors Robert and Joyce Hamlin to protect the neighborhood. They reduced the lot size to 1.5 acres and sold to a fellow School of Design alumni William Bayley. Deeded to Emily Bayley. Sold in 2015 to Brandon M. Cordrey and Brent A. Simoneaux.

1980 - The William A. (Alan) and Kate Turner House,
3518 Eden Croft Drive, Raleigh. Designed by architect Alan Turner. Sold in 1992 to Thomas and Marion Bolz who still owned it as of 2012.
Sold in 2016 to Diane S. and Douglas H. Vieman.  Bottom photo by Alan Turner.

1980 - The William Wakeham House II,
6801 West Lake Anne Drive, Raleigh. Designed by architect William Wakeham of Bartholomew and Wakeham next door to the house designed for his wife's mother. It stayed in the family until sold to Nikolay Klibson in 1998. Sold in 2000 to Mohammed Malek. Sold in 2002 to Allison and Reuben McFadden. Sold in 2006 to Debra Miller. Sold in 2014 to Michael E. Laut.

1980 - The John R. and Judith Adams House,
3025 Westbury Drive, Raleigh. Designed by Ellinwood Design Associates. 4000sf. Built by John R. Adams who still owned it as of 2012. B/W photo by Artech, Inc. Color photo, bottom, by Leilani Carter.

1981 - The Bradley and Julia Jones House, 106 Homestead Drive, Cary. The couple designed it on the back of a napkin and got a local builder to make it happen. The lower floor is also an office. Deeded to Bradley A. Jones in 2009. Sold in 2014 to Jessica M. and Chance W. White.

1983 - 626 Van Thomas Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. 
Sold in 2017 to Lisa Beresnyak.

1983 - The Perry and Susan Safran House, 1424 Granada, Raleigh. Designed by George Ellinwood. Sold in 2009 to Acco Properties LLC. Sold in 2010 to Justin Stimmel.  Sold in 2019 to Jacob and Rebecca Kitchener.

1984 - The Michael B. and Patricia K. Norton House, 11900 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh. Designed and built by the Nortons. Sold in 2007 to Phong Tran.

1984 - The Barry and Sue Garrett House, 8100 Brookwood Court, Raleigh. Sold to Sue Hepler. Built from a plan book created by architect Donald A. Gardner. Sold in 2011 to Casey and Melanie Carson.

1985 - The Richard and Sharyn McGann House, 7413 Wingfoot Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Developed and built by Jack Satterwhite. The original buyer fell through and it was purchased by the McGann's. Sold in 1991 to Howard and Anda Edelson. Sold in 2001 to Florence Crane. Renovated in 2012. For sale in 2014.

1985 - The Harold and Bettie Garner House, 2804 Cascade Place, Garner NC, on Lake Benson. Architect unknown. Sold in 1998 to Kenneth and Barbara Lehner. Sold in 2004 to Mark and Allison V. Smith. 2489 sf. Sold in 2010 to Pamela A. Adams.

1987 - The Sloane M. Burton, Jr. House, 3506 Tennyson Place, Raleigh. Designed by architect Burton who still owned it as of 2016. Photo by Virginia Clark.

1987 - 7505 Spyglass Way, Raleigh. 
Sold in 2016 to Lindsey M. and Russell J. Smith.

1987 - The Diane I. and Alan G. Lutz House, 5217 Ginger Trail, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Built by Gary Gardner. Sold in 1991 to Wendy S. and Mark A. Peterson. Sold in 1997 to Birgita and Edward Loeser. Sold in 2002 to Elizabeth L. and Stephen R. Smith. Sold in 2014 to Erica Orsini and Arthur W. Winstead Jr.

1988 - The Ricardo A. and Patricia Gonzalez House, aka Pond Paradise, 5433 Den Heider Way, Raleigh. Designed by architect Ricardo Gonzalez. Built by Gregory Wallace of Southern Pines. HVAC engineering by Nick Kisler of Cary. Featured in NC Architect Magazine in 1989. Sold in 2006 to Zahid Riaz and Shelly Soch. Renovated in 2017 by Love It or List It.

 1993 - The Laura H. Borden and Roy Borden House, 4200 Azalea Drive, Raleigh. Lee Butler owned the land but sold it before leaving Raleigh. It changed hands several times, including to neighbor David Tung. In 1992, Laura Borden bought the property and designed this house for herself and husband Roy who served as general contractor. It is similar in style, however, to Butler's earlier designs. As of 2012 still owned by Laura Borden. Photo by Virginia Clark.

 2003 - The Erick and Gloria Venerio Residence, 1132 Thelonious Drive (also listed as 1918 Waters Drive), Raleigh. Built by Habitat for Humanity. Designed by architect Anna Marich.

2006 - The Randolph D. and Debra Zelov, Jr. House, 5432 Windmill Lane, Raleigh. Designed by Randolph Zelov. Built by Scott McLean. Sold in 2012 to the Marybeth Selby Trust. Sold in 2015 to Cassandra M. and Matthew R. Phillips.

2006 - The John P. and Diana M. Bell House, 12913 Old Creedmoor Road, Raleigh. Designed and built by architect John P. Bell. Sold in 2007 to Gordon and Timothy McGilton.

2006 - The Isaac Panzarella House/Office, 232 Glascock Street, Raleigh NC. Color photos by Tobias Kaiser. Located behind a 1930's house, bottom photo.

2008 - The Alireza A. Mousavi and Maryam "Samila" Mohseni Residence, 9913 Macon Road, Raleigh. Designed and built by the owners. All steel framing with block wall construction designed to withstand hurricanes. Cabinetry by Ikea. Photos by Leilani Carter.

2009 - The Chris and Emily Alexander Renovation, 1131 Marshall Street, Raleigh. Designed by Chris Alexander, who bought it in 2004, and his friend Michael Cotton. Construction began in 2006, also by Alexander. Renovation and extension of an existing house, bottom photo. Top two photos by Leilani Carter.

2011 - The Shawn M. and Courtney S. Stecker House, 1004 Trappers Forest Drive, Wake Forest NC. Designed by Shawn and Courtney Stecker.

2012 - The Suzanne Francis House, aka the Lake Anne House, 8104 Park Side Drive, Raleigh. Commissioned 2012. Designed by Bob Wuopio. Construction stopped 2013-2017.  There appears to be an occupant as of 2018.

2015 - The Charles C. Bell and Meryl Johnson-Bell Renovation, 3208 Kenly Court, Raleigh. Original house was built in 1952, bottom photo is from 1995. Original concept by Kenneth Hobgood; design completed by the owners. Top photo by Leilani Carter. 

2014 - The Robert H. and Amy Moorer Renovation, 800 Daniels Street, Raleigh. Original house built in 1952. Renovation architect unknown; built by Ben Hale Builders. Photo by Todd Hancock. For rent in 2018.

2014 - The Justin Cannon House, 1137 Linden Crest Road, formerly 9736 Jordan View Road, formerly Dirt Peeler Road, Raleigh.  Designed by Alan Mascord Designs of Portland OR.  Built by Mitchell Construction. Sold in 2017 to Linda A. Carnes.

2015 - The Martin Knapp Renovation, 1307 Ridge Road, Raleigh. Designed by Bailey Allred. Original house built in 1952, bottom photo.

2015 - The Dukes Properties and Construction LLC House, 5619 Oak Forest Drive, Raleigh. Designed by Andre Johnson. Unbuilt.

2015 - The Joseph Murray and Stacey Ainbinder-Murray House, 2646 St. Mary's Street, Raleigh. Designed by Sam Young of Southern Home Designs. Built by L and L of Raleigh.

2015 - The Scotty and Jennifer Gibbs House, 4118 Picardy Drive, Raleigh.  Adapted from a plan book by Christian Olmstead.  Built by Olmstead Homesteads, Inc.

2016 - The A-Square Development, six houses, aka the Powell Road Houses, Powell Road, Raleigh. Designed by Lane Miller.  Built by Build Raleigh.

2016 -
607 East Edenton Street, Raleigh. Architect unknown. Built by Five Horizons Build. Sold in 2017 to Michael C. Wilson and Stacia Harrington Wilson.

2016 - The Jose and Lauren Lopez House, aka the Basic Blaq House, 2512 Gresham Lake Road, Raleigh. Designed by Jose Lopez.

2017 - The Kulbir Sidhu House, aka the Sarsaparilla House, 5316 Sendero Drive, Raleigh. Commissioned 2014. Dan Tyree from Owasso OK designed the house with input from the owner. Dan Gregory of North Carolina Developers Inc. did the structural, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing plans and built most of it. Another builder was hired to finish the house but remains incomplete as of 2017.  136 windows, 5000sf. 

2017 - The Bob and LeeAnn Anderson House, 1107 Person Street, Raleigh. Designed and built by Bob Anderson.

2017 - The Khi (David) and Quyen Mao House, 707 Chamberlain Street, Raleigh. Designed by Ted Van Dyk of New City. Special ceramic tiles by Edward Rubio. Commissioned around 2015.  Former house on that site, bottom photo.  For sale in 2017.

2017 - 409 East Lee Street, Raleigh. Designed by Andre Johnson.  Developed by Dukes Properties of Garner NC and Oak City Partners LLC. Part of the Noble Development.

2017 - The Meredith L. and Dwayne E. Dungan Jr. House, 1314 South East Street, Raleigh. Designed by Maurer Architecture. 

2018 - The 10 Arros Townhouses, 533 and 537 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh.  Designed by Linda Lavis of JDavis Architects.

2018 - The Joseph and Laura Aspland House, 8260 Hillside Drive, Raleigh.  Architect unknown.  

2018 - The Saint Condominiums, St. Mary's Street, Raleigh. Designed by Souheil al-Awar.

2018 - The Staney Doremus and Mary Shackleton House, 4000 Wingate Drive, Raleigh.  Architect unknown. Photo by Leilani Carter.

2018 - The Edward R. and Mary Ruth J. Pupa House, 3320 Rock Creek, Raleigh.  Architect unknown.

2019 - Approximately 810 Fairall, Raleigh. Architect unknown.

2019 - The Justin Waller Renovation, 2311 Lora Lane, Raleigh NC.  Architect unknown.  Photo by Leilani Carter.

2019 - The Chavis Condos, 424 Chavis, Raleigh. Designed by Clearscapes and Jeanne Queen. Developed by Stones Townhomes LLC (Jason Queen).

Sources include: Endangered DurhamThe Town and Gown Architecture of Chapel Hill, North Carolina 1795-1975 by M. Ruth Little, Michael Stevenson, and Richard Hall.