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Chad Parker grew up in Winston-Salem in a family of stonemasons. He always wanted to be an architect. Parker graduated from the NCSU College of Design in 2000 in Environmental Design and in 2001 with a Bachelors in Architecture. He interned at Pearce Brinkley Cease and Lee and Calloway Johnson Moore then founded Vernacular Studio with Brett Hautop. In September 2011 the firm merged with Gensler.

2007 - The Robert J. and Jennifer Barker, Jr. Residence, 1533 Sunrise Avenue, Raleigh. Extensive modern renovation of an existing house, bottom photo. Won a 2007 AIANC Design Award.

2008 - The Jonathan Dodge House, 550 East Edenton Street, Raleigh. Built on the site of an older house, bottom photo.

2008 - The William and Brooke McDaniel Residence, 1113 Marlowe Road, Raleigh, designed with Brett Hautop. 4800 square feet. Built by Durham Potter. A News and Observer Home of the Month, August 2010.

Year Unknown - The M House Renovation, North Hills, Raleigh, designed with Brett Hautop. Bottom photo is original house. Unbuilt.

Year Unknown - The Kennedy House, Raleigh, designed with Brett Hautop. Unbuilt.

Year Unknown - The Postage Stamp House, Hayes Barton area,
Raleigh, designed with Brett Hautop. Unbuilt.

Sources include: Brett Hautop, Chad Parker.