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Chad Parker grew up in Winston-Salem in a family of stonemasons. He always wanted to be an architect. Parker graduated from the NCSU College of Design in 2000 in Environmental Design and in 2001 with a Bachelors in Architecture. He interned at Pearce Brinkley Cease and Lee and Calloway Johnson Moore then founded Vernacular Studio with Brett Hautop. In 2011 the firm merged with Gensler.

2007 - The Robert J. and Jennifer Barker, Jr. Residence, 1533 Sunrise Avenue, Raleigh. Extensive modern renovation of an existing house, bottom photo. Won a 2007 AIANC Design Award.  Remodeled and expended in 2016.

2008 - The Jonathan Dodge House, 550 East Edenton Street, Raleigh. Built on the site of an older house, bottom photo.

2008 - The William and Brooke McDaniel Residence, 1113 Marlowe Road, Raleigh, designed with Brett Hautop. 4800 square feet. Built by Durham Potter. A News and Observer Home of the Month. For sale in 2016-2017.

Year Unknown - The M House Renovation, North Hills, Raleigh, designed with Brett Hautop. Bottom photo is original house. Unbuilt.

Year Unknown - The Kennedy House, Raleigh, designed with Brett Hautop. Unbuilt.

Year Unknown - The Postage Stamp House, Hayes Barton area, Raleigh, designed with Brett Hautop. Unbuilt.

Sources include: Brett Hautop, Chad Parker.