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King was born in Greenville SC. Following graduation from Lee H. Edwards High School, King entered World War II, serving in the Army Air Corps, and flying a C-47 over the Battle of the Bulge. He graduated from NCSU with a degree in Architectural Engineering with honors in 1949. He worked for Six Associates and Lindsay Gudger in Asheville then started his own firm in 1952.  In 1968 the AIANC gave J. Bertram King Architects an honorary award for the design of Warren Wilson Chapel in Swannanoa NC, shown below. He was President of AIANC in 1973. He retired in the mid-1990's. His records are in a storage unit in Asheville managed by his son, David.

Additional Resources: Bert King Facebook Tribute Page

2011 Interview at his home, 222 Country Club

1948 - The Elsie A. and Harold K. Bennett House, 47 Windsor Road, Asheville. Traditional design with extensive rear gardens. Deeded to Stephen D. Bennett, still owner as of 2015.


1951 - The Julia B. and J. Bertram King House, 222 Country Club Road, Asheville NC. Transferred in 2007 to the J. Bertram King Trust. Sold in 2013 to Shakamar Investment Company. Sold in 2013 to Carley and Eric Albee. Sold in 2014 to Chris Coles and Sally Hudson. Remodeled and restored by Maria Rusafova. Renovation photos by Jennifer Coates.

1954 - The Ray and Francella Poston House, 5 Northwood Road, Asheville NC. A flat-roofed house, one of the first in Asheville. Landscape design by Doan Ogdon. Sold in 1964 to Grace and Phillip Walker who still owned it as of 2013. Bottom photo by LeNoir Medlock.  Sold in 2017 to Molly J. and Christopher K. Russell.

1955 - The Harry and Mariella Dumont House, 15 Grovewood Road, Asheville NC. They lived there for about 45 years. Sold in 2007 to Eric and Carly Albee who did a remodel. Sold to Lucy Cobos and William Barrier.  Sold in 2017.

1957 - 361 Windsor Road, Asheville NC. Sold to James A. and Mary P. Chase. Sold in 2000 to John and Judy Cuellar. Sold in 2003 to Robert H. Wallace, Jr. Sold in 2014 to Paul C. Pinholster.

1957 - 549 Sunset Drive, formerly 535 North Griffing, Asheville NC. Sold in 2009 to Thomas S. (Tom) and Yumiko Virant, a builder and an architect, who did an extensive renovation finished in 2013. Sold in 2014 to Janean L. and Bernard Winitz.

1958 - The Hobbs House, 44 Hamburg Mountain Road, Weaverville NC. Traditional design. Sold in 1984 to Rex and Denise Snodgrass. Sold in 2013 to Leah M. and Alvis E. Dunn.

1958 - 160 Hamburg Mountain Road, Weaverville NC. Sold to John Dick. Sold in 2005 to Robert Tenny and Elizabeth Stembridge.

1959 - The R. D. Gregory House, 105 Kimberly Knoll, Asheville. Sold to Calvin and Janice Carr. Sold in 1999 to Donald and Catherine Schaller. Video. Sold in 2011 to Kenneth and Lucy Dierks.

1960 - The John M. and Jane D. Reed House. 344 Vanderbilt Road, Asheville NC. Sold in 1977 to Dianna B. and Jeffrey V. Goodman. Deeded in 1990 to Dianna B. Goodman. Sold in 1997 to Anne B. and Thomas M. Wilson. Sold in 2004 to Hilary C. and Thomas E. Lynch. Sold in 2013 to Edward L. McClintick.

1960 - The Dick and Jane Haber Residence I, 565 Old Toll Road, Asheville NC. Sold to Warren Fluharty. Sold in 1993 to Abdulkader and Kathy J. Inkidar who still owned it as of 2013.


1960 - The Johnston House, 92 Horizon Hill Road, Asheville NC. 4886 sf. Landscape design by Doan Odgon and Kirk Alexander. Sold to Deborah Dennison. Sold in 2000 to Sally Kennedy. Sold in 2006 to Lorne and Nancy Hall, still owners as of 2016.

1960 - The Kenneth Partin Sr. House, 42 Lakeview Road, Asheville NC. Gardens by Doan Ogdon. On Beaver Lake. Charles Sappenfield was the project architect. Sold to Dennis Drenning. Sold in 1986 to Audrey and Bob Baer. Sold in 2006 to Peter and Brenda Gignac who did a complete renovation and added a home theatre. Sold in 2012 to Jennifer L. and Peter G. Pinholster Jr.

1961 - The Larry Mills House, 46 Lakeview Road, Asheville NC. On Beaver Lake. Sold around 1985 to Lowell and Sally Pearlman. Sold in 1997 to Brent Nappier. Sold in 1999 to Ray and Martha (Coralie) Morgan. Sold in 2013 to Asheville Lakeview Properties LLC.

1962 - The Leon Feldman House, 18 Beaverbrook Road, Asheville. Sold to John and Donna Pierce. Sold in 1997 to Christopher and Virginia McNally. Sold in 2002 to Robert (Randy) Siegel who still owned it as of 2016. Bottom two photos by Stewart Young.

1962 - 157 Windsor Road, Asheville NC. Sold to John and Susann Barber. Sold in 2000 to Robert and Sandra Whyte. Sold in 2013 to Sundri and Keith Simon.

1963 - The Fred and Grace Lentz House, 310 Town Mountain Road, Asheville NC. Sold before 2002 to Harriet Manley. Sold in 2006 to Raymond Hardy Holland III. 2800 sf.  For sale in 2018.

1963 - 26 East Fox Chase Road, Asheville NC. Sold in the 1990's to Wayne and Patricia Woodson. Sold in 2000 to Paul and Barbara Rumson. Sold in 2006 to Robert Fluharty. Sold in 2014 to Tiffany J. and Chadwick S. Roberson.

1963 -  275 Stratford Road, Asheville NC. Sold in 2018 to Tracy E. and Timothy D. Farley.

1964 - 10 Crowningway, Asheville NC. Sold to Marilyn Dawson. Sold in 2006 to Bradley and Peggy Holmes. Samsel Architects did a 2010 remodel and addition.

1965 - 4 Kent Place, Asheville NC. Sold to Donna A. Brock. Sold in 1997 to Edward Broadwell. Sold in 1998 to Giselle Kovac. Sold in 2015 to Cynthia A. Coker and Lucinda M. Murphy.

1965 - The Sophie Q. and George F. Cramer House, 314 Vanderbilt Road, Asheville. Traditional house. Deeded in 1994 to Eleanor B. Miller and Paul H. Miller, and in 1995 to their Trusts. Sold in 2011 to Barbara M. and William C. Baggett III. Sold in 2014 to Kristina E. and James William Kinaird Jr.

1966 - 13 Kent Place, Asheville NC. 2469 sf. Sold to Steven H. and Pamela D. Baker. Sold in 1999 to Harold and Rebecca Gross. Sold in 2004 to Tom and Cheri Brackett, still owners as of 2015.

1979 - The Dick and Jane Haber Residence II, 305 Town Mountain Road, Asheville NC. Sold to Jean Honig, who took out the pool. Sold in 2008 to Richard and Carole Marcotte who did an extensive two-year renovation and put the pool back, bottom photo by Angela Roehl. Top two photos by Bert King; rest by Carole Marcotte.

Sources include: Modern Asheville, Bert King, Mark Allison, Troy Winterrowd, Audrey and Bob Bayer, Jack Thomson, Lowell Pearlman, LeNoir Medlock, and Carole Marcotte.