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 Maria Rusafova


Maria Rusafova grew up in Bulgaria. After graduating in 2000 with a Bachelor of Architecture from the UT-Knoxville College of Architecture, she interned for Progressive Architecture+Design and ADS Architects. From 2000 to 2013, she worked at PBC+L Architecture/Clark Nexsen. She lives and works in Asheville NC, is married to and partners with architect Jakub Markulis, and speaks Bulgarian, Russian, French, and English. In November 2013 they went with their kids on a 18-month, round-the-world trip.

2003 - The Maria Rusafova and Jakub Markulis House, 2 Perdue Place, Asheville NC.  Designed with Jakub Markulis. Photos by Jennifer Coates.

2003 - The Vincent and Kira Luca Residence, 57 Mount Emerald Drive, Fairview NC. Designed with Jakub Markulis.  Sold in 2017. Sold in 2017 to Tara D. and William B. Peaco.

2004 - aka the Studio, aka the Shed, Marshall NC.  On the same property as the Red and Brown Houses, below.

2010 - aka the Red House, Marshall NC.  On the same property as the Brown House.

2013 - The Rebecca Hedly House, aka the Blue House, 65 Highland Street, Asheville NC. Built by owner Rebecca Hedly. Photos by Jennifer Coates. Won 3rd place in the juried 2014 Matsumoto Awards.

2013 - The Mariana Niemtzoff and Rodolfo Curiel House, aka the Stegall Lane House, 7 Stegall Lane, Asheville NC. Designed with Jakub Markulis. Photos by Jennifer Coates.

2010 - aka the Brown House, Marshall NC.  On the same property as the Red House.

2012 - aka Cabarete Retreat, Cabarete, Dominican Republic.  Built by local labor.

2016 - aka the WOW House, Whispering Oaks Way, Candler NC.


2017 - Shelburne Woods Drive, Asheville NC.  Nine sustainable Modernist houses built by Sun Mountain Building. Top example is 51 Shelburne Woods.

2017 - 110 6th Street, Black Mountain NC. For sale in 2017.

2017 - 112 6th Street, Black Mountain NC. Sold in 2017.

Sources include: Maria Rusafova, Rusafova Markulis Architects.