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Michael Ross Kersting grew up in Las Cruces NM. He earned a BA in 1986 from the University of New Mexico and an MA in Architecture from NCSU in 1990. After working in Washington DC, Kersting moved to Wilmington NC where he worked for Ligon Flynn for about 18 months then worked for Woods Architecture in Santa Fe NM. Kersting worked for contractor Nick Garrett and in parallel established Michael Ross Kersting Architecture PA in Wilmington NC in 1995. He broke off from Garrett around 1997.

2015 NCMH Interview

1997 - The John and Carol Edwards House, 2033 Balmoral Place, Wilmington NC. Contemporary design with a huge indoor pool. Deeded to various Edwards trusts.

1998 - The Sarah Switzer Keane House, 7424 Fisherman Creek Drive, Wilmington NC. Traditional design. Sold in 2005 to Scott Atkinson. Sold in 2010 to Robert and Abigail Clark.

1999 - The Ralph and Teresa Gevinson House, 5915 Hollyholm Trace, Wilmington NC. Traditional design. Built by Nick Garrett.

1999 - The Timothy W. and Heidi Winslow House, 6901 Runningbrook, Wilmington NC. Sold in 2003 to Gregory and Stephanie Collins.

2000 - The Howard M. and Jane Poole House, 430 North Fort Fisher, Kure Beach NC. Later tenovations by Art Davis Construction. Sold in 2011 to Terry B. and Nancy Grier. Sold in 2015 to Kerri K. and Peter J. Connellan.

2001 – The Jack and Lisbeth Renwick House, aka the Lantern, 6807 Towles Road, Wilmington NC. Built by David Lennard Builders. Sold in 2008 to John R. and Judith Shay.

2001 - The Dennis and Anne Sorhagen Renovation, 6320 Guinea Lane, Wilmington NC. Traditonal design. Built by the Farlow Group. Interior Designer, Lydia Rogers & Company.  Landscape Architect, Pam Kersting Landscape Architecture.  Sold in 2013 to David and Michelle Starbuck.

2001 - The William Kersting House, 3401 Vista Primera Road, Las Cruces NM.

2002 - The Richard and Jonquille Curwen House, aka On the Creek, 1809 Baywater Court, Bolivia NC.  Sold to Baywater Rentals LLC.

2003 - The Richard and Sandra Randazzo House, 2001 Balmoral Place, Wilmington NC. Traditional design. For sale 2014-2015.

2003 - The Loren and Susan Harrell House, 204 Beach Road North, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington NC. Sold in 2012 to Budd and Lynn Blackburn.

2004 - The Roger and Susan Gendron House, 2214 Allen's Lane, Wilmington NC. Sold in 2014 to Lance Lazarus.

2005 - The Michael and Pamela Kersting Residence, aka the Steel Koi House, aka the Architect House, 6917 Running Brook Terrace, Wilmington NC. Photos by Joshua Curry. Built by David Lennard.

2006 - The Paul and Melinda Chipley House, 304 North Channel Drive, Wrightsville Beach NC.


2005 - aka View to Portugal, Wrightsville Beach NC. Address unknown.


2006 – The Alice S. Bryant Renovation, aka the Half and Half House Renovation, 513 North Channel Drive, Wrightsville Beach NC. Half traditional beach house, half Modernist house. Built by Jim Shaw Builders.


2007 – The Anthony and Patricia Van Schaick House, aka Point 3 Residence, 1015 Ocean Ridge Drive, Wilmington NC. Located in Landfall. Built by the Farlow Group. Commissioned 2006.  Photos by Joshua Curry. 

Around 2007 - The Jean LeGwin Renovation, 7515 Dunbar, Wilmington NC. Built by David Lennard Builders. Original house built in 1982. Includes a Boathouse/Gazebo, bottom photo. The project architect was Hunter Paul Coffey.

2008 - The Alvah and Janice Bohannon House, aka Oyster in the Rough, 1518 Landfall Drive, Wilmington.  Built by the Farlow Group.  Landscape design by Pam Kersting.



Around 2007 - The Jean Legwin Studio, aka the L2 House, aka House by the Creek, 7515 Dunbar Road, Wilmington NC. On the same property as the Legwin house above.

2008 - The John and Roberta Wilson Residence, aka The Dragonfly Villa, 2012 Northstar Place, Wilmington NC. Photos by Joshua Curry. Built by David Lennard. The landscape architect was Pamela Kersting. Featured in Wrightsivlle Beach Magazine September 2008. Won 1st place People's Choice Award in the 2013 George Matsumoto Prize Sold in 2016 to Jennie A. and Ivan J. Leichtling.

2008 - aka Stealth House, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington. Traditional design.

2008 - The John A. and Amy Jones Residence, aka Mother Boathouse, 20 Shore Drive, Wrightsville Beach NC.

Dining Room

2007 - The Norman and Mary Lou Garrity House, aka Sandcastle, 2616 North Lumina Avenue, Wrightsville Beach NC. Interiors by Nancy Mullineaux. Built by Nick Garrett.

2009 - The Dennis Gillings House, 14 East Oxford, Wrightsville Beach NC. 8000 sf. For sale in 2016.

2010 - The Arthur and Sherri Drogue House, 1000 Turnberry Place, Wilmington NC. Traditional design. Photo by Joshua Curry.

Around 2010 - The Dalton Residence, aka The Bear Claw House, Smith Mountain Lake VA. Unbuilt.

2011 - The Sherwood House Addition and Expansion, aka The Pause/Rewind/Fast Forward House, 2 East Beach Bay Lane, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington NC. Built by David Lennard Builders. Original house from 1980. For sale 2014-2015.

2012 - The Mark Batson Remodel, aka 32, aka Rust 32, 32 Pelican Drive, Wrightsville Beach NC. Built by Tongue and Groove Builders LLC, owned by Mark Batson. Photos by Joshua Curry.

2013 - The Alice Ray Cathrall House, 621 Dundee Lakes Place, Wilmington NC. For sale in 2017.

2013 - The Douglas Lebda Renovation, aka the On Water Main House, 1625 Futch Creek Road, Wilmington NC. Interior photos by Michael Blevins.

2013 - The Douglas Lebda Guest House, aka On Water, aka the Taking Flight House, aka Walking on Water, 1625 Futch Creek, Wilmington NC. Designed with Toby R. Keeton. Built by Mark Batson, Tongue and Groove Custom Builder. Rudy Dombroski, Structural Engineer. Won 1st place in the 2014 Matsumoto Prize People's Choice category.

2014 - The Lynne Herndon Renovation, aka the Equinox House, 7444 Dunbar Road, Wilmington NC. Built by David Lennard Builders. Original house and garage built in 1996, bottom photo. Photos by Rick Ricozzi.



2014 - The Chris and Alison Parker House, aka the Modern Cottage, 3004 Sunnybranch Drive, Wilmington NC. Traditional design. Built by Chris Parker Construction Group. Sold in 2015 to Roger Hauger.

2014 - The Richard and Lisa Poole Renovation, 2 Shore Drive, Wrightsville Beach NC. Built by True Builders. Photos by Rick Ricozzi.

2015 - The Chris and Amy Knott House, aka Waterline, 34 Pelican Drive, Wrightsville Beach NC. Designed with Toby Keeton. Built by David Lennard.  Won 1st place in the People's Choice category in the 2015 Matsumoto Prize.

2015 - House on Carolina Beach NC.

2015 - The Rob and Sharon Smart House, 2506 Marsh Hen Drive, Oak Island NC.

2016 - The Will and Christy Spencer House, aka Run Ashore, aka Shipwreck, 521 Beach Road North, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington NC. A piece of shipwreck was found during the excavation and will become a sculpture as a memorial.  Built by Tongue and Groove Builders. Has a rooftop pool.  Featured in the Wilmington Star News, April 12, 2017.

2016 - The Derek Winstanly House, 8 Water Street, Wrightville Beach NC. Built by Parker Construction Group.  W. D. Jones, Structural Engineer. Under construction. Peridot, Interior Design.

2016 - The Jeffrey Schrager and Anne York House, aka Ick Ick Not, 305 South Lumina, Wrightsville Beach NC. Built by Doster Building Company.  Original house on that site, bottom photo.

2016 - The McNeill Properties II House, 407 South Lumina Avenue, Wrightsville Beach NC.  Traditional design.  Built by Parker Construction Group.

2016 - The Oz Nichols House Renovation, 306 North Channel Drive, Wrightsville Beach NC. 

2017 - 240 Beach Road, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington NC. Formerly the location of the Stanback House by Henry Johnston.

2017 - The Marci and Joe Thurber House, aka Eastlight, 148 Goodwill Lane, Swansboro NC. 

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