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Russell grew up in Ware Shoals SC near Greenville and graduated in Architecture from Clemson in 1976, working as a carpenter while in school. He moved to Houston TX and interned with MacKie Kamrath then came to Charlotte in 1978 and interned at Pease and Atkinson Dyer. He established his own modern architecture practice in 1982.

1980 - The Stan Russell House II, aka Wood and Stone Residence, Cabarrus County NC. Unbuilt.

1982 - The Mike and Barbara Bernath House, aka Brick and Cedar, 729 Peranna Place, Charlotte NC. Built by Mike Bernath. Russell's first house design. Still owned by the Bernaths as of 2021.

Around 1982 - The Ross Russell House, aka 3-Bedroom Rotated Square Hillside House, Greenville SC. Unbuilt.

1989 - The Bygie Mattick Renovation, aka the Inverted Gable Truss Renovation, 389 Creston Circle, Charlotte NC. Dramatic, low-budget second floor addition to a small, pre-fabricated house on 20 acres. Structural Engineer, Charlie Mitchell. Build by Don Tyson. Sold in 2011 to Twelve Ninety, LLC.

1990 - The Parrish House, aka Country House Dancers with Carousel Horse Collection, Concord NC. Unbuilt.

1994 - The Sloan Residence, aka Lake House Conversion, 4200 Acacia Road (Mallard Lane), Lake Wylie, York SC. Structural Engineer, Charlie Mitchell. Build by Craig Jenson. A second floor addition to a small, one-story lake cottage (bottom photo) using steel. Has been sold.

1995 - The Epstein Residence, aka Southpark Refuge, 7020 Old Dairy Lane, Charlotte NC. Structural Engineer, Charlie Mitchel. Built by Michael Moore. Sold to Terry and Dorothea K. Lisenby. Sold in 2016 to Judith V. and Randal Chou. Photos by Scott Stiles.

Around 1995 - aka House for a Music Teacher, Boone NC. Unbuilt.

Around 1995 - aka Addition to mid-century modern house, Lingenore Avenue, Charlotte NC. Unbuilt.

Around 1995 - The Stan Russell House, aka House and Studio of Brick and Metal, Charlotte NC. Unbuilt.

Around 2003 - The DePuy House, aka Lake Wylie Renovation, address unknown, Lake Wylie SC. Structural Engineer, Bic Engineering. Built by Todd Wilson.

2006 - The Catherine Powell Residence, aka Cotswold Modern, 2522 Cornell Avenue, Charlotte NC. 3647 sf plus 1061 sf in guesthouse. Built by Randy Causey. Structural Engineer, Charlie Mitchell. Cabinetry by B & E Custom Cabinets. Countertops by InStyle Charlotte, Inc. Glass shower enclosure and mirrors by H & S Glass & Mirror. Japanese shoji screens designed by Stan Russell; built by Reaching Quiet. Flooring and shower tile by World Stone Fabricators. Sold in 2010 to Tanja Bechtler and Robert Teixeira.

About 2007 - The Martin House, aka Mountain Lodge, Tryon NC. Structural Engineer, Charlie Mitchel. Build by Danny Owens Construction.

2008 - The Dennis Knasel Residence, aka Concrete Home, aka Midwood Concrete, 1921 Tippah Avenue, Charlotte NC. Built by Jim Warren of Gastonia.

Around 2008 - The Moore House, aka Country Home on 5 Acres, Mint Hill NC. Unbuilt.

2009 - The Peter and Cynthia Levinson Residence, aka Foxcroft Prairie House, 2827 Rothwood Drive, Charlotte NC. Built by Peter Hitchens. The house was built on the site of a mid-century modern (bottom photo) owned by architect Walter Williams Hook FAIA, uncle of Charles Gwathmey. The original house was designed by Bev Freeman who worked at Hook and Associates (later Freeman-White Architects). The Levinsons bought it from Hook's wife Ellen in 1991 and moved in. After several schemes to remodel which didn't work for various reasons, they decided to destroy the house in 2008 and rebuild in a similar style. Sold in 2021 to Susan A. and William T. Keevan.



2009 - The David C. and Lilly Dupuy Residence, aka Concrete Villa, 439 Shasta Lane, Charlotte NC. Concrete panels and a steel structure with living space at mid-level and carport at ground level. Structural engineer, Charlie Mitchell. The contractor was Jim R. Warren of Gastonia. Built on the site of a 1951 ranch. Photos by Modern Charlotte, Gail Jodon.

2014 - The William Smith and Viviane Bechtler-Smith House, 1952 Ferncliff Road, Charlotte NC.

Sources include: Stan Russell; Gail Jodon.