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JOSE (JOE) LOPEZ (1983-)

Lopez was born and raised in Merida, Mexico. He earned a bachelor's degree in architecture from the State University of Yucatan (UADY) in 2008. He also studied abroad in the University of Knowledge in Panama City, Panama in 2004 and in the Ecole D'Architecture de la Bretagne in France in 2005. Prior to starting Habanero Architecture in 2020, he ran J22, a professional design-build practice in Mexico. When he moved to North Carolina, Lopez worked in 2012 for Finley Design Architecture+Interiors. In 2014, he worked with Szostak Design and in 2017 Cube Design+Research (later Thoughtcraft Architects) and in 2018 with Smith Sinnett Architecture. Projects designed and built by Lopez unless otherwise indicated. Article at The Value of Architecture.

2005 - The Julian Zacarias Addition and Renovation, Progreso, MX.

2007 - The Antonio Tellez Residence, aka TEPY Residence, Telchac, MX.

2008 - The Javier Perez House, aka the BJN Residence, aka the Benito Juarez Norte House, 305, Merida, MX.

2009 - The Maria Buenfil House, aka Americas Residence, Merida, MX.

2012 - The Maria Lopez Residences, aka the Villa Me Residences, Merida, MX.

2015 - The Tim and Dani Devinney Renovation, 903 Greenwood Circle, Cary NC. Built by Wake Remodeling. Original house built in 1966. Sold in 2023.

2016 - The Joe and Lauren Lopez House, aka Basiq Blaq Residence, 2512 Gresham Lake Road, Raleigh NC.

2017 - The Stephanie Miller Screen Porch Addition, Solterra, Durham NC. Unbuilt.

2019 - The Tim and Dani Devinney House, aka Lightbox. Unbuilt.



2020 - The Tepakan Addition, Tepakan, MX. Addition to a colonial house.


2020 - The Barkley Addition, Jacksonville NC. Carport, workshop, and terrace integrated into a traditional house.

2020 - The Dandelion Hair Salon and Residence, Wake Forest NC. Unbuilt.

2022 - The Pyati House, aka Karen Woods, 1005 Karen Woods Road, Chapel Hill NC.

2022 - aka Carousel Addition, Cary NC. Unbuilt.

2022 - aka Malta Residence, Raleigh NC. Unbuilt.

2022 - aka Riverview Renovation, Raleigh NC. Unbuilt.

2023 - The Charles and Leslie Watts Renovation, 1421 Ashburton, Raleigh NC.

2023 - The Tim and Dani Devinney House II, aka Z-House, 400 Webster Street, Cary NC.



2023 - 819 Person Street, Raleigh NC.  Developed by Grayson Homes.  For sale in 2024.

2023 - The Nathan and Taylor Vanden Hoek House, 815 Person Street, Raleigh NC.  Developed by Grayson Homes.

2023 - aka Three Courtyard House, Chapel Hill NC. 


2024 - The Pleasant Union Residence, aka PLUC, Raleigh NC.

2024 - aka Studio Dandelion, Wake Forest NC.  A house and hair salon.

2024 - The Watkins Duplex, Watkins Street, Raleigh NC.


2024 - The Meacham Home and Studio, aka Sumner Spring, Raleigh NC.

2024 - The Carroll Addition, Durham NC.

2024 - The Morrison Home, Raleigh NC.

2024 - The Swartz Residence, 707 ??, Southern Pines NC. 3038 sf.

2025 - aka River Outlook House, Saxapahaw NC.

2025 - aka City Homes, Raleigh NC.

Sources include: Joe Lopez.