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ARTHUR C. JENKINS, JR. (1918-1963)

Jenkins was born in Plainsville PA and served in the Army 1940-1946. He graduated in 1947 from Penn State University with a degree in architecture. He worked for Basil Laslett 1947-1951 and went on his own in 1951. He designed Anne Chesnutt HS and Alger Wilkins Elementary School in Fayetteville NC. He was President of the NC AIA in 1960 and died young at 45. He was married to Vera Rackley and they had one son, Arthur Jenkins III (Joe).  Vera was the first registered dietician at Fort Bragg (now Fort Liberty) in Fayetteville NC. 

There are about 50 more houses in Fayetteville NC.  If you know more about him or his houses, please contact carie@usmodernist.org.

1958 - The John and Elizabeth Dotterer House, 610 Palmer Drive, Sanford NC. Sold to Eunice Lett Rives and John E. Dotterer. Sold in 2008 to Carla G. and Michael R. Thomann. Sold in 2015 to Jamie Lee and Lance D. Hairston. Sold in 2018 to Evelyn Savage. Sold in 2023 to Jill Koerner.

1959 - The Arthur C. Jenkins House Jr., 4950 Yadkin Road, Fayetteville NC.  Status unknown.

Around 1960 - The George Wilson House, Fayetteville NC.  Status unknown.

Sources include: Wes McClure; Bill Hopkins, Arthur C. (Joe) Jenkins III.