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Smith was born in Lima, Peru. She graduated in Architecture and Engineering Science from UNIFE in 1986. She moved to the US is 1991 and lived in LA where her father-in-law was an architect with UCLA.  She was inspired to work on low-income housing, volunteering then working for Stalk+Stalk. She worked for MCA Development, the firm designing for Universal Studios Park.  She moved to Raleigh in 2005, working for JDavis architects on mixed-use projects.  She went on her own as Habitat Improvement LLC in 2010 designing and developing single-family homes.

CAMDEN - Habitat Improvement

2013 - The Tyler Helikson House, 121 Camden, Raleigh.  Built by Five Horizons Construction.


2017 - 1124 France, Raleigh.  Lot and design are for sale in 2016. Will be built on the site of an old ranch, bottom photo.

Sources include: Yolanda Smith.