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Edwards was born in Evansville IN and grew up in Wilmington NC.  He graduated from UNC-Charlotte, interning with Allison Ramsey, Hood/Herring, and JDavis.  He opened Ecologic-Studio as a design/build firm in 2009 and Zipper Architecture in 2015.  He has an office in Cupertino CA.

2013 - aka the Markham Road House, Markham Road, Chapel Hill.  Unbuilt.

2013 - Woodhaven Road, Ross CA. Unbuilt.

2014 - The Marcus Residence, Chapel Hill NC. Unbuilt.

Modern House Durham

2015 - Lot 8 Botanical Way, Chapel Hill. Unbuilt. For sale in 2016.

2015 - aka Westwind Residences, marketing concept for vacation rentals, Canton NC.  Unbuilt.

2016 - 107 Cannamann Road, Chapel Hill.  Located in Chatham County.  For sale in 2016-2017. 

2017 - 74 White Pine Way, Chapel Hill.  Commissioned 2015. For sale in 2017.