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1930 - The Stewart House, 1515 Jackson Road, Gastonia NC. Architect unknown. Stewart invented an important part for the 50 caliber machine gun. He was a pilot and flew his plane into a mountain nearby around 1941. Sold to Ralph R. Griffin. Sold to Keith Wildvank. Sold to Dean Kale. Sold in 1994 to Joseph and Sara Moore. Sold in 2015 to Peter and Carolina Hildenbrand.



1940 - 310 East Indiana Avenue, Southern Pines NC. Architect unknown. Renovations in the 2000's. Sold in 2009 to Jason and Shannon Balanzategui.

1942 - The Edd and Susan Welsh House, 205 East Elizabethtown Road, Lumberton NC. Commissioned 1941. Susan Welsh worked out a design with the Frank Lloyd Wright studio in Oak Park IL. However, Wright designed only the medallion above the balcony. Exterior walls are 18" thick. Deeded in 2013 to son Mark Andersen. Renovated in 2015. Sold in 2015.

1942 - aka Dunne's Dune, 62 Ocean Boulevard, Southern Shores NC. Designed by Harry Lawrence. Sold to a Mrs. Ahlberg from Richmond VA. Sold in 1967 to Finley Peter Dunne. Sold in 2006 to Peter B. Dunne and Patricia Rosenblad. Sold in 2015 to Steven D. Love and Kathleen Gorman. Destroyed.

1942 - 176 Ocean Boulevard, Southern Shores NC. Architect unknown. Sold in the 1990's to Coran Capshaw. Sold to Andrew Dondero and Joseph Michael Hall. Sold in 2018 Deborah A. and John T. Price.

Year unknown - 43 Ocean Boulevard, Southern Shores NC. Architect unknown. Sold to Joan Powell. Photo by Alva Horton.

Year Unknown - Mullet Circle, Southern Shores NC. Architect unknown. Photo by Alva Horton.

1942 - The Hale Yokley House, 224 Howard Street, Mount Airy NC. Designed by Hall Crews of Winston-Salem NC. The house was featured in 1965 in House and Garden/Living Guides, written by Dorothy Swanson of Winston-Salem. Much of the original woodwork was painted white over the years. Has been remodeled. Renovated around 1965 by architect Wiliiam Pahlmann and Associates of New York City. Sold to Susan W. and Robert W. Brinkley Jr. Sold in 2002 to Shawn N. and Dawn M. Beechner. Sold in 2004 to Barbara G. and John S. Kidwell. Sold in 2014 to Winston Folger Kobe. Bottom photo by Paul Macy.

1946 - The Renzo H. Sutter House, 339 Country Club, Mount Airy NC. Architect unknown. Built by Nat Ferguson, a local barber. Sold several times. Sold in 1979 to Ana M. and John Harris Bradley. Sold in 2015.

1947 - 421 Woodland Drive, Jacksonville NC. 1751 sf. Originally, the exterior was cinder block. Belonged to the Bakers at one time who may have been the original owners. Sold in 1969 to Mary D. Roller who bricked over the cinder block and put in a driveway. Architect unknown, but according to Mrs. Roller's daughter, the original owner did both design and construction, although she is not certain of this. Sold in 2012 to William E. Hickey III.

1947 - The Guy Bondurant House, 203 West Lebanon Street, Mount Airy NC. Architect unknown. Expanded in the 1950's. Photo by Paul Macy. Sold to William and April Atkins. Sold around 2006 to Frank and Tammy Kinder.

1948 - The Graves Cottage, 64 Ocean Boulevard, Southern Shores NC. Designed by Harry Lawrence. Flat room was modified. As of 2011 co-owned by Mary Fauber, the estate of Edward Graves, Steve Justis, Thomas Conley, and Paul and William Sackett. Sold in 2014 to 64 Ocean Boulevard LLC. Destroyed in 2014.

1948 - The Charles C. and Roberta Fleming House, 6942 Vicksboro Road, Henderson NC. Started in 1944. On 6 acres. Fleming was an aeronautical engineer who was employed with Lockheed-Vega out in Southern California during WWII. He worked on the Navy's PV-2 Harpoon (a Navy patrol aircraft which was delivered too late to see service during the war) program. During their wartime trips to the beach, Mrs. Fleming admired a home much like this that sat far up in the Malibu hills. Her husband decided to design this house for her. The house is built primarily of cinder block and stucco and required 2 years to design and 2.5 years to build. It features a bomb shelter and a hidden room, with a motorized trap door to the basement and a 67 by 32 foot oval in ground swimming pool that holds 78,000 gals of water; the pool system is also tied into a large irrigation system. The windows feature integrated screens that are raised as the window is raised. The interior and exterior lighting was ahead of its time -- simple recessed fixtures custom built by Fleming. The kitchen layout resulted from Mr. Fleming's observation and documentation of his wife's workflow during meal preparation, cleanup etc. 

Once the house was finished, it became a centerpiece for the Henderson and Vance/Warren County social scene with many parties, bridge clubs and other gatherings hosted around the sprawling pool. Fleming constantly added improvements such as a heat-removal system in the kitchen to dump hot air into the basement for heating re-use and the central vacuum system. 

Sold in 1997 to Curtis Hayes then went into foreclosure in 2006. Bought in 2008 by John Gaffe, the house was almost a teardown. According to Gaffe, the house had been "allowed to deteriorate, with no maintenance, and the garage roof had almost collapsed. The second story roof was leaking badly and there had been vandalism. But we reroofed and have gotten the structural issues resolved."

Deeded in 2016 to Renee and John Gaffe and Laura and Joseph Duffek III.

1949 - The Charles Y. Dusenbury House, aka Fort Apache, Howard Gap Road, now Page Farm Road, Tryon NC. Designed by Henry Hebbeln. Hebbeln was a modern architect with offices in New York City. He studied with Eero Saarinen at Cranbrook Academy in Michigan and designed many residences. Featured in Quality Budget Houses by Katherine Morrow Ford and Thomas H. Creighton in 1954. Burned down in the late 1950's.

1949 - The Albert and Sophia Rabil House, 1520 West Haven Boulevard, Rocky Mount NC. Designed by architect Thomas B. Herman of Wilson.

1950 - aka Atlantic Breezes, 133 Ocean Boulevard, Southern Shores NC. Architect unknown. Photo by Alva Horton. Sold to Nelson T. Snyder III.

Around 1950 - The Thomas Edison (Ed) Westall House, Highway 221, Marion NC. Designed and built by Westall. Featured in a 1951 Popular Science magazine. Made of aluminum. Two bedrooms, one at either end of the house. Ed built onto the structure later, converting part of it into a popular local restaurant called the Pilot House. Sometime after the restaurant was sold, it was damaged by fire and was eventually was torn down.

1950 - The Nixon Cottage, 214 Ocean Boulevard, Southern Shores NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 2016. Destroyed in 2016.

1951 - 126 Ocean Boulevard, Southern Shores NC. Architect unknown. Sold to Alvin and Margaret McPherson, Jr. Destroyed in 2013.

1951 - The A. P. and Minerva Hansen House, 14 Old Laurel Drive, Laurel Park NC. Designed by their son Robert E. Hansen and built by Albert Drake. In 1971, A. P. Hansen added a guest quarters (living room, kitchen, bedroom, library, and laundry) downstairs in order for his wife to have a live-in helper. Still owned by the Hansen family as of 2010.

1951 - The Margaret S. and John M. Sherrod Salisbury House, 115 Powe Street, Morganton.  Sold in 2017 by Rosages (heirs) to Helen George.

1952 - The Blair House, 8 Yellowfin Lane, Southern Shores NC. Architect unknown. Originally was a flat top. 2nd story addition in 1976. Living room addition in 1988. A 546 sf garage was added. For sale 2014-2018.

1952 - The Franklin Boyd House, 209 West Oakdale Street, Mount Airy NC. Architect unknown.

1952 - 209 Robin Road, Mount Airy NC. Architect unknown. Photo by Paul Macy. Sold in 2015.

1952 - The Frank and Lib Harrison House, 5 Acorn Lane, Salisbury NC. 1.75 acres. Conventional design built by Hugh Pinkston. Sold to Jake Alexander. Sold to Charles Steinman. Sold in 2000 to Gray and Heather Stout who did Modernist renovations. Has been sold.

1953 - The Ben K. and Barbara Wrenn Graves House, 309 Fairview Avenue, Mount Airy NC. Designed by Cecil D. Elliott (photo above) and Marvin R. A. Johnson. Mechanical Engineer T. C. Brown. Built by Nichols and Snyder of Mount Airy NC. An Architectural Record House of 1956. Sold in 1999 to John and Rebecca Holder. Sold in 2017 to Sheila and Mark Spencer.

1953 - The James M. and Etta Mae Norman House, 215 South Hillcrest Drive, Goldsboro NC. Designed by architect James Norman. He added a second story later. Sold by the Norman estate in 2013 to Martha Lee Ray who did renovations.

1953 - The Robert (Bobby) Stephens House, 4702 Trent River Drive, New Bern NC. Designed and built by Bobby Stephens. Addition around 1966.

1953 - The Wesley and Josie Evans House, 355 Foxfire Road, Asheboro NC.  Designed based on a plan book, 1960 Better Homes and Gardens Five Star Homes, bottom two photos. Renovation around 1963. Deeded in 2010 to daughter Cheryl Evans Perkins.  

1953 - The Amatucci House, 196 Ocean Boulevard, Southern Shores NC. Architect unknown. Sold to Alvareta W. and David C. Mizelle. Sold in 1990 to Katherine F. and Chalres E. Coudriet. Sold in 1997 to Annetta S. and Archur L. Bailey. Deeded in 2008 to Annetta S Bailey Trust, Archur L. Bailey Trust. Sold in 2014 to Kathryn S. and Brian M. Bailey. Photo by Alva Horton. Destroyed.

 1954 - The Thelma Fritts Black and Harvey McKinley Black, Jr. House, 117 Maplewood Avenue, Thomasville NC. Architect unknown. Deeded to daughters Kathy Cole and Barbara Waters. Sold in 2013 to Emily McCurry and Joseph F. Goeke. Designed by Richard B. Pollman of Palmquist and Wright of Detroit MI. Built by Palmquist & Wright Builders. Sold in 2014 to Lori and Eric Locklear.

 1954 - 628 East Main Street, Seagrove NC. Stock house design by Jack Peterson. It was a huge deal in town when it was built. Sold to multiple owners, including Teresa J. Symonds. Sold in 1997 to Linda S. and Jefferson Davis Potts. Sold in 2003 to Jessica N. and Thomas S. Foti Jr. Sold in 2015 to Paula J. and Ronald L. Griffin.

1954 - The Elizabeth B. and John L. Ervin House, 636 Golf Course Road, Morganton NC. Architect unknown. Transferred in 2004 to John L. Ervin Trust. Sold in 2017 to Rhonda L. and Clifford C. Dautrich.

 1955 - 119 Ocean Boulevard, Southern Shores NC. Architect unknown. Sold to Jim and Debbie Millis. Photo by Alva Horton.

1955 - The James T. Wilkinson, Jr. Cottage, 39 Ocean Boulevard, Southern Shores NC. Architect unknown. Built by Moonlight Construction in Murfreesboro NC.  Photo by Alva Horton.  Deeded to his daughter, Perrin Wilkinson Gardner.   


1955 - The Allen and Gloria Mask House, 722 Washington Avenue, Hamlet NC. Architect unknown. The design came from a plan book featuring houses in New Orleans.

1955 - 113 Ocean Boulevard, Southern Shores NC. Architect unknown. Sold to Bill and Ellen Keeley. Donated to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Sold to Patricia Knight. Photo by Alva Horton.

1955 - 228 Ocean Boulevard, Southern Shores NC. Architect unknown. Two houses on one lot. Sold to Gerard B. Odell. Sold in 2009 to George Hranowsky. Went info foreclosure. Sold to Walter Lishick. Destroyed 2013.

1955 - The Gordon Wilkie House, 612 North Vance Street, Sanford, NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 1958/59 to John McCormack. Sold to Donny and Lynn Angell. Sold in 1984 to C. Roy and Cletus Dixon. Sold in 1988 to Barbara Brubaker. Sold in 1991 to Samuel and Martha Bass. Sold in 2005 to Karen Benelli and George Wenberg. Sold in 2007 to Alfonza Mills, Jr. and Rachel Badgett-Mills. For sale in 2015.

1956 - The Charles Heath House, 1205 Wesson Road, Shelby NC. Commissioned 1955. Designed by an architect with the initials JRM. Deeded in 2012 to Brian Neal and Eric Scott Heath. Sold in 2014 to Betty and Thamon Borders.

1956 - The Jolee Morris Fuller House, 615 Coble Avenue, Albemarle NC. Architect unknown. Deeded to sister Rita Morris Morgan. Sold in 2016 to Mark W. Easler.

1956 - The Irwen W. and Carolynn Burns House, 630 Torrence Drive, Gastonia NC. Architect unknown.

1956 - The John Beard House, 543 Hickory Drive, Salisbury NC. Built by the owner from1954 Better Homes & Gardens Five Star Home Plans, written by architects Arthur Cyrus Swab and John Normile. A 1965 renovation/addition designed by John Hartledge added the butterfly roof, second photo. Sold in 2007 to Marc and Anne Hoffman. 

2650 sf on the main level, with a 900 sf boiler room/garage/shop - and a bomb shelter. The original owner loved fine wood and other unique finishings. As a result, the house includes cypress, mahogany, and walnut paneling, plus cork and cherry flooring. The blueprints show it was one-level by original design with the garage being the space on the upper floor, above the existing basement. 

1957 - The George H. and Hazel Johnston House,827 Westmont Drive, Asheboro NC. Architect unknown, but probably it was the builder, Henry D. Klepacki. Still owned by the Johnstons as of 2011. Needs verification.

1958 - The Lucille A. Brown House, 320 Park Avenue, Mocksville NC. Designed by Rudolph Matern.  Featured in the Winston-Salem Journal Home of the Week 1958 (bottom photo). Sold for the first time in 2014 to Melissa Dawn Marion.

1958 - 41 Overlook Drive, Maggie Valley NC. Designed by Gerald Schoonover of Lake Junaluska NC. Sold to Scott Stevens. Originally the house of his great-aunt and great-uncle. 

1958 - 610 Palmer Drive, Sanford NC. Sold to Eunice Lett Rives and John E. Dotterer. Sold in 2008 to Carla G. and Michael R. Thomann. Sold in 2015 to Jamie Lee and Lance D. Hairston. Sold in 2018 to Evelyn Savage.

1958 - The Grover C. and Mae Bolin, Jr. House, 709 South Crescent Drive, Smithfield NC. Designed by architect A. Thomas Bradbury of Atlanta and Grover Bolin, Jr. Built by J. P. Rogers of Smithfield. Sold in 2001 to Sue H. and Dolph D. Overton III. Sold in 2013 to Elizabeth P. and David H. Stevens.

1958 - The Jim and Nancy Jenkins House, 340 Forest Hill Drive, Wilkesboro NC. Designed by James Elbert (Jim) Biggs. Sold in 1991 to Dariel Rathmell and Lawrence Bennett. Sold in 1997 to Karl and Rita Rodabaugh. Sold in 1999 to Todd and Cheryl Norris. Sold in 2007 to Jerry Rodriguez. Sold in 2015 to Lelia Bentley.

1959 - 227 Grace Street, Mount Airy NC. Architect unknown. Photos by Paul Macy.

Year unknown - Corner of Marion and Grace Streets, Mount Airy NC. Photo by Paul Macy.

1959 - 1911 East 9th Street, Greenville NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 2014 to M. R. Lee and C. M. Floyd.

About 1959 - The John Mason Brewer House, 1129 Crestview Avenue, Salisbury NC. Architect unknown. Part of a development for the then-segregated Sedgefield Acres area of Salisbury (bottom photo). Brewer was a black folklorist who taught at Livingston College 1959-1969. Sold in 1969 to Shirley McCoy of Charlotte, still owner as of 2015.

1959 - 69 Ocean Boulevard, Southern Shores NC. Architect unknown. Photo by Alva Horton. Sold to Patricia Farinholt.

1959 - The Betty McCandless House, 2007 New Bern Street, Kill Devil Hills NC. Built by Robert Young, who copied it from Frank Stick's designs. Sold to B. J. McCandless. Received Historical Landmark designation from Kill Devil Hills.

1959 - 13100 Blues Farm Road, Laurinburg NC. Architect unknown. The plywood paneling was supplied by Scarborough Building supply in Lumberton NC. Sliding doors were by Arcadia. Sold to Nathaniel Dixon McCormick. Sold in 1997 to Robert C. and Jeri Sue A. Doster. Sold in 1999 to Joseph Hoelzer. Sold in 2000 to E. Thomas and Sharon B. Hudson. Roof changed in 2013. Sold in 2014 to Curtis Leonard who did a complete renovation.

1959 - 435 South May Street, Southern Pines NC. Architect unknown.

1959 - The Mary J. and John T. Adair House, 2184 Settlemyre Bridge Road, Newton NC. Architect unknown. Deeded in 1980 to John T. Adair. Deeded in 2014 to John T. Adair Jr., William M. Adair, and three other heirs.


1960 - 1604 Wellons Avenue, Dunn NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 2013 to Jason W. Saylor.

1960 - 509 Alexander Avenue, Morganton NC. Sold in 2015 to Deborah Annis. Sold in 2017 to Abby Gentry and Clay S. Nelson. Sold in 2015 to Deborah Annis. Sold in 2017 to Abby Gentry and Clay S. Nelson.

1961 - 29 Fairway Seven, Hendersonville NC. Architect unknown. Has steel beam roof support. On the golf course. Sold in 2008 to Elizabeth B. and Marion F. Toms Jr. Heirs sold in 2016 to Beach Girls Properties LLC.

1961 - 5 Crooked Tree Lane, Black Mountain NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 2015 to Nouveau Hillbilly Holdings LLC.

1961 - The John F. (Jack) and Thorburn W. Minges House, 2000 Pinecrest Drive, Greenville NC. Architect unknown. Sold by their trust in 2018 to Emmanuel E. Zervos.

1962 - 206 E. Maine Avenue, Southern Pines NC. Architect unknown.

1962 - 490 North May Street, Southern Pines, NC. Architect unknown. Multiple owners. Sold in 2005 to Natasha McKinney. Sold in 2013 to Brynna and Robert Matzelle, who did a renovation. Sold in 2014 to Derek Elder.

1962 - The Matthew and Edna Yenney Residence, 3621 Winstead Road, Rocky Mount NC. Designed by architect John L. Thompson. Sold in 2007 to John and Megan Hammer, who gutted it and did an extensive renovation. They added a 1500 sf guest house in 2009 designed/built by M-squared Building Solutions. 

1962 - 247 Valleyview Drive, Mount Airy NC.  Architect unknown. Built by James Nichols. 6 acres. A new wing was added in the 70’s with vaulted ceilings and beams. Sold to 4th owners Martha and Charles Vaughn who restored the house to the original design. 

1962 - The Barbara L. and Richard S. Ogletree House, 137 Pearson Drive, Morganton NC. Designed by Stuart R. Penn. Sold to Barbara O. and Chester B. Brailey. Sold in 1993 to Helen W. and Brent W. Sheppard. Sold in 1998 to Pamela M. and David M. Daniel. Sold in 2018 to Julie and Bradford Perkins.

1962 - 403 Coharie Drive, Clinton NC. Architect unknown. For sale in 2018.


1963 - The James F. Kluttz House, 1233 Maxwell Street, Salisbury NC. Designed and built by architect James F. Kluttz. Sold in 2015.

Around 1963 - The Harry M. and Jane Barbour Drexel Vale, Jr. House, possibly Crosscut Lane, Southern Pines NC. Designed by Austin and Faulk of Southern Pines. Landscape design by Harry Vale. Built by Van Thomas of Siler City. Photo by Gordon Schenck.

1964 - The Donna C. and Jeffrey C. Cisco house, 1142 Westover Terrace, Asheboro NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 2014 to William T. Browne.

1964 - The Calvin Howell House, 725 Barber Road, Southern Pines NC. Designed by architect Calvin Howell of the firm Hayes Howell. Sold in 2012 to Ashley D. and Alison M. Plaisted-St. Pierre.

Around 1965 - 808/812 River Road, Washington NC. Architect unknown. Sold to Otis and Helen Godfrey.

1965 - 341 Pine Lake Drive, Siler City.  Sold in 2017 to Christina S. Winter and Christopher R.Allen.

1965 - Charles & Ann Pickelsimer, 110 Forest Ridge Avenue, #6, Brevard NC. Designed by Robert Daniels. Sold in 2018.


1966 - The Richard Hunt House, 4009 Hawthorne, Rocky Mount NC. 4000 sf. Designed by Charles Robert (Bob) Shields (1928-2010) and William Robert Wyatt (1918-1989?). Sold in 2018 to Lisa Ann Speight and George Robinson.

Shields was born in Hobgood NC. He moved to Scotland Neck in 5th grade and graduated from high school there. He got a BS in Architectural Engineering at NCSU in 1949. He was with the Army Corps of Engineers in Norfolk, working on the Kerr Dam 1949-1951 then served in the Air Force from 1951-1953. He worked with Thomas, Harles & Edwards in Rocky Mount from 1953-1957, then back to Norfolk with Lublin McGaughy & Associates from until 1959 then started Shields & Wyatt Architects in Rocky Mount. Their practice lasted almost 30 years. When Wyatt passed away in the late 1980's, the firm downsized. 

Shields, pictured above, retired in 1993 then moved to Boone NC and worked part-time for various firms. Wyatt was born in Wilson NC. He graduated from VPI in 1941 then was in the Army until 1945. He worked as a draftsman for Charles C. Benton & Sons and Thomas, Harles & Edwards before starting Shields & Wyatt in 1959. The house was the Sunset Magazine Home of the Year in either 1963 or 1966. Wyatt's initials are on the plans. Sold to John Gessaman.

1966 - The Peel House, aka the Norman Jaffe House, 24299 Seabreeze R03, Rodanthe NC. Commissioned 1965. Designed by architect Norman Jaffe, photo above. The lot went from the ocean to the sound and was probably 75 feet wide. Sold in 1999 to Mike Evans who moved it back off the ocean and a little higher off the ground and put in steps and railings. Sold in 2011 to Michael and Jan Rabe who did a restoration, bottom three photos.

1966 - The Elliot Dixon House, 4260 Juanita Avenue, Ayden NC. Dixon's father owned the house next door and named the street for his daughter, Juanita. Designed by Rudolph Matern. Sold to 2nd owner George King.

1966 - 529 Brookwood Drive, Elkin NC. Architect unknown. Sold to George B. and Eva Walters. George lived there until 2014. Deeded to his daughter, Mahala Jean Huffman and her husband Arthur. Sold in 2016 to Thomas R. and Irina Barry.

1967 - The Jolee Morris Fuller Lake House, 50032 Haven Cove Road, Albemarle NC. Architect unknown. Deeded to sister Rita Morris Morgan. Rita and Rodney Morgan, as heirs, sold in 2017 to Susan and Michael Egan.

1967 -85 Lake Dornach, Pinehurst NC. Architect unknown. 

Around 1967 - Aulander NC. Do you know the address? Photos by William Brenner, who owned the awesome Mustang at the time.

About 1967 - The Harry McMullan House, approximately 141 Tucker, Washington NC. Designed by Fredrick Guy Wilson. The pool and pool house, bottom photo, are approximately at 412 Brick Kiln Road, State Road 1303, Washington NC. As of 2012 owned by McMullan's daughter Mary Tucker McMullan Talley. 

1968 - The Ralph T. Fox House, 29 Oak Circle, Newton NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 1991 to Mary W. and Mark L. Killian. Sold in 2006 to Charles H. Holt. Sold in 2013 to Erin H. and Erich T. Nickens.

1968 - 630 Lochaven Road, Waxhaw NC. Sold in 1968 to Betty C. and William M. Reynolds. Sold in 2013 to Susan E.B. and Gustaaf C. Van Soestbergen.

1968 - 610 Golf Course Road, Morganton NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 2014 to Lynn S. and Michael Brown.

1968 - The Benjamin F. White Senior House, 110 Maluli Drive, Oxford. Architect unknown. Deeded to heirs. Sold in 2009 to Kitty M. and Ronald R. Roberts Sr. Deeded in 2013 to heir Carol Strother. For sale in 2016.

1968 -
The George P. and Mary Mintich House, 515 Dogwood Lane, Belmont. Sold in Sold in 2016 to Sarah and Dan Reymann. Sold in 2018 to Alison D. Carpenter and Corey D. Post.


1969 - The W. R. Isom House, 30 Windsong Place, Whispering Pines NC. Designed by architect Stephen R. Isom for his parents. Commissioned 1968. Sold around 1980 to Robert T. and Anne B. Allen. Sold in 2008 to Steven Kartholl. Sold in 2013 to Davis Stone. Sold in 2015 to Samuel L. and Lucy Grist III. For sale in 2018.

1969 - The Mrs. Julian F. Barnes House, 30 Barrett Road West, Pinehurst NC. Designed by Austin and Faulk of Southern Pines for the widow of a US military General. Built by Roy Newton. Mechanical engineer, James Hollis of Laurinburg. Landscaping, Clarendon Gardens of Pinehurst. Structural: Gardner Elsevier and Kline of Durham. Photo by Gordon Schenck. Featured in the June 1965 NC Architect. Sold in 1997 to Marion H. and James A. McNair.

Futuro House

 Around 1970 - The Lee and Mary Jane Russo House, aka the Futuro House, 52232 N Carolina 12, Frisco, NC. One of about 40 built by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen. Extensively damaged in a storm. The Russo's saw The Futuro House in the The Last Whole Earth Catalog and ordered it. Their Futuro was transported from New Jersey in two halves on a flatbed truck in 1972. A local builder helped assemble the Futuro along with friends and family. The Russo's used the Futuro as a holiday homeuntil 1983. Donated to the local fire department. They were going to burn the Futuro and use it as part of a training exercise but instead it was raffled off and moved to Frisco NC. Sold to John O'Brien in the late 1980's. Sold to James Bagwell. Video.

1972 - The Mary R. and M. Lindsay House, 1291 NC Hwy 87, Pittsboro NC. Built by Raymond K. Bouldin. His son, Ray Jr., who worked on the house, does not recall if an architect was involved. Has a bomb shelter. Sold in 2013 to Debra and Kitrick Sheets.

1973 - The Joseph (Jay) L. and Janice L. James House, 6128 Riverside Drive, Wake Forest NC. Designed and built by "Renaissance man" and builder Jay James. Steel framework. Original pool was converted to a sunroom. It was the first passive solar house in Raleigh. According to Janice James, Dean Henry Kamphoefner took NCSU students at the School of Design there for years to see the unique architecture. Written up in NC Architect for its hexagonal construction and energy efficiency. NCMH toured it in 2011.

Around 1974 - The Ernest A. and Suzanne L. (Sue) Anderson House, near Grandfather Mountain NC. Designed by Mike Tribble of Charlotte. Sold to Lawrence C. Hendricks in 2006. No address. Do you know where it is?

1974 - The Charles Mechling Downey House, 422 Chester Branch Road, Linville NC. Designed by Dinsmore (Denny) White, who worked for Frank Depasquale at the time. Landscape design by Dick Bell. Interiors by Dan Addison. Deeded to Mrs. Downey, now Joklik. For sale in 2016.

1974 - 412 Country Club Drive, Jacksonville NC. 7400 sf. Designed and built by Pete McQuire.The original house was grey stained vertical siding was changed to a combination of stone and brown cedar shakes.

1975 - The Padden House, New Bern NC. Designed by Norman Jaffe. Unbuilt.

Click to view larger image

1975 - The Robbie and W. Kent Cooper House,106 Cypress, Pine Knoll Shores NC. Designed by Robbie Cooper. Includes a guest house. Sold in 2005 to niece Frances W. Marshall and husband Francis S. Carson. Sold in 2012 to David Lee Tucker.

1976 - 1112 Riverwood Drive, Lexington NC. Architect unknown. Lakefront house. Sold in 2016 to Marcel O. Bonn-Miller.

 1976 - 331 Silkhope Road, Siler City NC. Sold to Carol E. Bush. Sold in 2016 to Beverlee T. Penn.

1976 - The Gordon E. Burns, Jr. House, 2225 Airport Road, Whispering Pines NC. Designed by Gordon E. Burns, Jr, who co-designed the Southern Pines Airport across the street. There were multiple sales/owner combinations by the Burns family. Sold in 1993 to Larry and Peggy Dunham. Sold in 1996 to Peggy Dunham, as of 1997 Peggy B. Schaffer. There is an architectural model of the house which has no information on the architect. Went into foreclosure in 2011. Sold in 2012 to TCC Vanderbuilt LLC. Sold in 2013.

1976 - 515 Rondo Ridge Road, Tryon. Sold in 2012 to Kathleen A. and Joseph A. Erwin. Sold in 2018 to Lynda A. and Daniel L. Ovaert.

1977 - The I. S. Keith Reeves House, aka Blue Dog Holler, West Jefferson NC. Designed by I. S. Keith Reeves. Initially 800 sf. Expanded in 1999, 2004, and 2014 to 2300 sf.

1977 - The Anthony and Barbara D'Anna House, 1262 Quandary Lake Lane, Graham NC. Designed by Anthony D'Anna and John Stec. Sold in 2018 to Elaine L. Malone.

1977 - The Hunter Spruill House, 1001 Powell Street, Windsor NC.

1977 - 1102 Stokes Avenue, Winsdor NC.  Owned by the Jacocks family.  Sold in 2010 to Matthew and Kelly Roebuck.

1978 - The Robert L. and Rochelle Grubb House, 818 Country Club Drive, Lexington NC. Designed by Guy Bertoli. 5 acres. Landscape design by Lewis Clarke. Sold to Sheldon Beck, who did a renovation.



1978 - 490 Black Mountain Lane, Franklin NC. Architect unknown. Sold to Emelyn P. Brown. Sold in 1993 to Jacqueline Romanski. Sold in 2013 to Edward Kirsh.

 Around 1978 - The Yerko House, 58 Webb Court, Morehead City NC. Designed by architect Charles W. Moore of Sea Ranch fame. Sold around 1984 to David Johnson. Renovated by architect Bill Hopkins around 1990. Condemned by Morehead City.

 1978 - The Alex Kotarides Vacation House, aka the Mary Jane House, 27568 NC Hwy 12, Salvo NC. Designed by Lewis Rightmier of Norfolk VA. Three first floor king bedrooms along with a funky fourth bedroom in the loft with two twins, low ceilings, a skylight and a half bath, perfect for kids. The huge loft includes a 9 foot pool table, vintage Rene Pierre foosball table, 1980’s video game machine and home theater. Sold in 2010 to Deborah K. Ross and Stephen Wrenn.

1978 - 908 Huntsford Terrace, Thomasville NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 2014. Top photo by Duffy Healey.

1979 - The John and Donna B. Steely House, 326 North College Street, Wake Forest NC. Architect unknown. Photo by Ericka Giroux. Sold 2013 to Elizabeth Stratton Parr.

1979 - 4036 Timberwolf, Sanford NC. Designed by Jerry Quick. Sold in 2012.

1979 - The Mervin and Lesley Oakes House, 200 Thoroughbred Lane, Tryon NC.  Mervin Oakes designed and served as the general contractor. Featured a music room patterned upon one they had in their house in New Jersey which was, in turn, modeled after that of H. Gatos at MIT.Their son James Oakes notes that the house is a post-and-beam construction using 4 X 4 redwood and triple layer tongue-and-groove western cedar for the floors and ceilings. He recalls many nights spent listening - sometimes involuntarily - to musicians practice and notes that his parents frequently hosted performances with 40 - 50 people in attendance. Sold in 2014 to Nathan Troy Smith.

1979 - The HB and Nancy Spruill House, 904 Charles Steet, Windsor NC. Architect unknown.  Currently owned by Spruill Farms Inc.

1981 - The Hubert and Brenda Coker Lail, Jr. House, 1848 Buffalo Shoals Road, Catawba NC. Designed by Jack B. Kincaid. Transferred to Brenda Coker. Transferred to Lail heirs. Sold in 2013 to Locke and Christine Davis.

1981 - The Ronald and Jan Midura House, 8570 Brook Meadow Court, Lewisville NC. Designed by Joe Harris of Clark Harris Tribble and Li. Sold to Mary Volker in 1993. Sold to Angelo Karagiorgis in 1998. Sold in 2009 to Beverly S. Johnston. Sold in 2015. Non-aerial photos by Scott Bryson.

1983 - The Mel M. and Ilona Emde House, 225 Linden, Pinehurst NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 1986 to William and Jeannette Gael Sheehan. Sold in 1994 to Jeannette Gael Trust. Sold in 2008 to Tommy B. and Bruce G. McDonnell. Sold in 2010 to Tommy B. McDonnell.

1984 - The Samuel Wornom Residence, 1520 Tomberlin, Sanford NC. Designed by Derrell Mullins of Mullins-Sherman in Sanford. Built by John William Brown with carpenters Lawton Maddox and Gene McNeil. A new roof was added in 2011. As of 2011, still owned by the Wornoms. 

 1986 - 19 Ridge Road, Jackson Springs NC. Designed by Elenore Pettersen, a protege of Frank Lloyd Wright. Deeded in 2009 to Glenn J. Lapkin. Sold in 2016 to William W. Wolters III.

1986 - The Alice E. and James E. Neader Sr. House, 830 St. Cloud Drive, Statesville NC. Sold in 2005 to Gladys F. and Fredrick L. Harris. Sold in 2012 to Jennifer M. and Timothy A. Johnson II.
4000 Martins Point Rd, Kitty Hawk, NC

 1987 - 4000 Martins Point Road, Kitty Hawk NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 2014 to Tracy A. and Duncan Byrd.

42 Ballybunion Ln, Pinehurst, NC 28374
42 Ballybunion Ln, Pinehurst, NC 28374

 1989 - The Marybeth and Bernard M. Stanfield Jr. House, 42 Ballybunion Lane, Pinehurst NC. Designed by Arthur Manns Harden. Deeded in 1997 to Bernard M. Stanfield, then to Chantal and Bernard M. Stanfield II. Sold in 2001 to Janet Brockett and St. Claire Bienvenu, Jr. Sold in 2017 to Frances W. and Curtis P. Sankey.

1990 - The John and Judy Fitzgerald House, 165 National Drive, Pinehurst NC. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright's grandson, Eric Lloyd Wright. Sold in 2003 to Matthew and Lisa Oldroyd. Sold in 2010 to Matthew and Lisa Charlebois. 

1990 - The Hans Jurgen Klaussner House, 2600 Sandtrap Lane, Asheboro. Designed by Tony Lineberry. Sold in 2014.

Around 1991 - The Jerry and Marilyn Rodgers Residence, Charlotte NC. Designed by Overcash-Dimmitt. Status unknown.

 Around 1991 - The Bill and Anne Young Residence, Durham NC. Address unknown. Designed by CPAA, possibly by Don Stewart (needs verification). 

Around 1991 - The Mike and Libby Trull House, address unknown. Sylva NC. Designed by R. S. Griffin of Asheville NC.

1994 - 19445 Peninsula Shores Drive, Cornelius NC. Designed by Sam Greeson of Charlotte. Sold in 2009 to Ronald and Jan Midura.

1994 - The Howard Warren House,
60 Walnut Creek Road, Pinehurst NC.  Designed by Howard Warren.

1994 - The Thomas Ray Long House, 2060 Azalea Ridge Road, Laurel Park NC. Designed by R. Camille Jr. Sold in 2004 to Christina M. Camille-Long.

2001 -  6902 Highway 19 West, Bryson City, NC.  Architect unknown. For sale in 2019.

2004 - The Mark and Wanda Moriarty House, 700 Windless Trail, Clayton NC. Designed by artist Robert Irwin, his only house design. Built by Steel Dynamics. Sold to Gordon and Janice McGilton. Photos by James West.

2005 - The Jack Twersky and Renee Beauclair House, 1206 Lake Orange Road, Hillsborough NC. Designed by Steve Clipp.
Photo of 183 bearing tree way

2005 - The Allin House, 183 Bearing Tree Way, Sylva NC. Designed by Thomas and Denzinger. Built by Bronco. Won a 2009 AIA SC Honor Award. For sale 2017-2018.


2006 - The George Mendelson House, 98 Sunrise Lane, Kill Devil Hills NC. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Willetts House in Highland Park IL where the owner grew up. "I had decided that, if I ever built a house, I would incorporate a number of the things that he did," Mendelson said in a 2007 Virginian Pilot article. Designed by the owner with architect Ben Cahoon of Cahoon Kasten. Built by the owner. The guest house (bottom photo) was built first in 2001 while the owner built the main house. Includes geothermal HVAC and many storm resistant features endorsed by the Blue Sky Foundation of North Carolina. Sold in 2010 to Dianne Eisenach who added a 600-bottle wine cellar and other interior improvements as well as substantially upgraded landscaping. Sold in 2013 to John P. Ursini.

2006 - 877 Mystic Forest Way, Topton, NC. Architect unknown. For sale in 2019.

2007 - The Elizabeth P. and Henry Clay Turner III House, 1082 Sweet Hollow Road, Burnsville NC. Designed by Hap Turner.

2008 - The Kim Wagner Residence, 92 Elam Court, New Hill NC. Includes a horse barn. Designed by Kim Wagner of Wagner Architecture. Built by Tonic Construction. Photos by Ericka Giroux.

 2008 - The Jim Schaeffer Residence, South Landing Lot #6, on Hyco Lake NC. Schaeffer went through several architects, including Tonic Design of Raleigh and Felipe Assadi of Chile. Assadi created the above renderings. Unfortunately, other owners at Hyco Lake didn't like Modernist design and denied approval. As of 2013, Schaeffer was seeking another location. As of 2018, he was indeed building.



2009 - The Todd Mason Residence, 521 Faith, Mooresville NC. Designed by Tonino Vicari. 2 acres. 2500 sf. Engineering by Robert Darvas Associates. Built by Todd Mason. Photos by Jordan Rickard. Sold in 2013 to Tonya and Richard Parks.

project image

2009 - The David (Dave) M. and Lauren Mirra House, 1100 Midlake Court, Grimesland NC.  Designed by Bennett Strahan.  Sold around 2017 to Jon Scott.

2010 - The Patrick L. and Paula Boyd House, 1128 West Front Street, Burlington NC.  Designed by Pat Boyd.  Built by Tom Southern. Featured in the Burlington Times News in March 2010. 

2010 - The Degroot/Johnson House, aka Winehouse, aka the Jojo and Neil House, Robbinsville NC. Designed by MESH Architecture of Tampa FL. Landscape design by Gregg Blean.

2010 - The Emidee and Michael Albright House, aka Lake House, Malone Way, North Wilkesboro NC. Located on the Kerr Scott Reservoir. Designed by Andrew Ruffin. Built by Roger Stanley. Won the AIA Brooklyn 2018 Merit Award; AIA Richmond 2017 Merit Award; AIA Virginia 2017 Architecture Honor Award.

2012 - The Tongass Ridge LLC House, 298 Tongass Ridge Drive, Union Mills NC. Designed and built by Mike Hunter working with a local engineer. Sold in 2015 to Marie S. and Michael C. Lusk.

2012 - The Cuong Thai House, 203 Hillcrest Drive, Belmont NC. Built by Zack Horne of Trident Building. Architect was Dan Tyree of Oklahoma, designed modified from a plan book. Railings by his son, engineer Richard Thai of Atlanta.

 2013 - The Yury Goncharov and Valentina Goncharova Lake House, Mill Spring NC on Lake Adger. Commissioned 2008. Designed by MESH Architecture of Tampa FL.


 2013 - The Ben Knight and Vivian Howard House, Deep Run NC. Designed by Ann Clark of Chicago IL. Project architect Jacob Wahler. Engineering by Eco-Engineering. Commissioned 2010. Won 3rd place in the People's Choice category in the 2015 Matsumoto Prize. Featured on the PBS cooking show A Chef’s Life.







 2013 - aka the 2012 Waterfall Trust House, aka Blue Ridge House, 573 Blackberry Road, Boone NC. 15000 sf. Designed by Peter Gluck of Gluck+.

2014 - The Pignetti House, Holden Beach NC. Designed by Perry Poole. Unbuilt.

Year unknown - The Sexton Residence, address unknown, somewhere in NC. Designed by McClure Nicholson Montgomery of Monroe.

Year unknown - The Vivian Howard and Ben Knight House, Deep Run NC. Designed by Ann Clark of Chicago IL. Won a George Matsumoto Prize.

Year unknown - The Moore Lake House, Tuckasegee NC (Jackson County). Designed by McClure Nicholson Montgomery of Monroe NC.

The Kathryn Hicks House, 215 Oak Street, Rocky Mount NC. Designed by Oakley Collier. Space planning by Al Hicks, her dad.


2018 - Emerald Isle NC. Designed by Oakley Collier.
rt jhflattop 10.jpg

Year unknown - 13 Skyline Road, Southern Shores NC.  Architect unknown.  Became the office of the Outer Banks Community Foundation.  

Sources include: Marimar Naughton, Richard Thai.