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Skinner was born in Rock Hill SC and grew up in Charlotte NC.  After serving in WWII, he graduated from NC State University in architecture and was editor of the NCSU yearbook.  He worked for Walter Hook in Charlotte, and as many of Hook's projects were in eastern North Carolina, he chose to live in Wilson. 

Skinner went on his own in 1957 and is most remembered for the BB&T headquarters building in Wilson, below, which is slated for destruction in 2019.

He was Tar Heel of the Week in the Raleigh News and Observer June 28, 1964. The firm had various names over time with partners Barry Lamm and Bill Highsmith. The firm became Skinner Farlow Kirwan in 2018.


1955 - 2152 Cloister Drive, Charlotte. Sold in 1988 to architect Neil F. Brown.  Sold in 2015 to Gary Wolfe.


1961 - The S. N. Patelos House, 1700 Wilshire Boulevard North, Wilson NC.  Sold in 1971 to Tom Rand.


1962 - The Gustav E. Gauss Jr. House, 2003 Wentworth Avenue NE, Wilson. Sold in 1983 to Claudia Talton and Kelly Hardison. Sold in 2006 to Easter Mitchell. Owned as of 2012 by his heirs. Photo by Dana Knight. Sold in 2013 to Sherrie D. and Klaus W. Kunz.  For sale in 2017.

1962 - The J. C. Eagles House, 1110 Salem Street NW, Wilson. Sold to Michael Kushner who added a wing on the left side of the street elevation sometime in the 1990s.  Photos by Barry Lamm.

1968 - The Allen Conner House, 1212 Waverly Road NW, Wilson.  Sold in 1971 to George A. and Marilyn Weaver. Photo by Dana Knight.

Around 1966 - The B. Atwood Skinner House, address unknown, Wilson. 2600 sf. Flooded in 1999 during Hurricane Floyd. Purchased by FEMA and destroyed around 2001. Photos by Bob Allen.

Year unknown - The David Connor House, Wilson. Destroyed. Do you have a photo or address?

Year unknown - The R. P. Hadley/David Woodard House, Forest Hills Road near Canal Drive, Wilson. Do you have a photo or address?

Sources include: Barry Lamm, Brad Farlow, John Hackney.