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Samsel was born in Washington DC.  He received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Arizona in 1972 and a Master’s Degree from MIT in 1989He interned 1972-1975 with Design Co-op of Arkansas; 1978-1979 with Wiegman Associates of Asheville; 1980-1982 with William Langdon Associates of Asheville; followed with work 1982-1984 with R. S. Griffin Architect of Asheville.  Samsel founded Samsel Architects in 1985.  After a long and successful career, with many projects across the Southeast, the firm was sold to Nathan Bryant and Duncan McPherson.

2005 - 170 Merrills Ridge Road, Asheville NC. Sold in 2018 to RVW Trust.

2006 - The Ron and Nancy Edgerton House, aka North Mountain House, 695 Altamont View, Asheville NC.

2010 - The John Cram Renovation, aka Kenilworth Renovation, 175 Lakewood Drive, Asheville.

Sources include: Troy Winterrowd, Samsel Architects