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Mehlman received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Tufts University. In 1999, he earned a Master of Architecture Degree from the NCSU College of Design, after which he worked for Maurer Architecture and Cline Design in Raleigh.  He also studied at the Universidad Del Pais Vasco in San Sebastian, Spain and at the Boston Architectural Center. He is a partner with Randy Lanou of BuildSense, a construction firm, and Studio B Architecture. Studio B changed its name to BuildSense Architecture in 2013.


2006 - The Davis Residence, 1809 Coltrane Court, Raleigh. Funded through Habitat for Humanity. Mehlman and wife Anna Marich Mehlman donated hundreds of hours to construction along with many other volunteers. 1070 sf. Although Habitat for Humanity got material donations and volunteer labor, Mehlman estimated construction costs were about $120,000. Sold in 2010 to Letia Fields and Brandon L. Battle.

2009 - The Donald and Sheila Goldstein Residence, 930 West Markham Street, Durham. Built on the site of an older house, bottom photo. The owner's son Ari Goldstein was the project designer. 

2011 - The Adnan Nasir and Angela Hodge Residence, aka the Spring House, aka the Hodge-Nasir House, 12831 Lindley Drive, Raleigh NC. 6500 sf. Commissioned 2010. Co-designer, KC Kurtz. Built on the site of a conventional house, bottom photo, purchased in 1999. Featured on the 2010 Green Homebuilders Tour. Featured on the 2012 Modapalooza Tour. Featured on the 2013 AIA Triangle Tour. Won a 2014 AIA NC Merit Award. Top two photos by Mark Herboth.

2013 - The David Plotner and Julia Gessula House, aka the Plotner/Gessula House, 1201 Watauga Street, Raleigh. Co-designer, Nick Owings. Built on the site of an older house, bottom photo. 2nd photo by Cat Wilborne.

2013 - The Alex and Alys Protzman Renovation, Pittsboro NC. Co-designer, Nick Owings. Original house was built in 1874; renovation was primarily in the rear, bottom photo.


2014 - The Judith Clarkson Residence, 158 Solterra Way, Durham. Co-designer, Megan Patnaik. Part of the 2015 Green Home Tour.

2015 - aka the Chapel Hill Music Studio. Co-designer, Evan Lane.

2017 - The Kathy Thomas Residence, 103 West Carr Street, Carrboro. On the 2017 Green Home Tour.  Co-designer, Megan Patnaik.

Sources include: Erik Van Mehlman, Randy Lanou, Megan Patnaik.