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Randy Lanou grew up in Santa Cruz CA. He earned a BFA in Industrial Arts from the University of lllinois Chicago then moved to Raleigh to earn a MA in Architecture from the NCSU College of Design.  Lanou is an owner of BuildSense, a construction firm, and Studio B Architecture, which changed its name to BuildSense Architecture in 2013. Lanou teaches at the NCSU College of Design. He led student teams to first place finishes in the 2006 and 2007 NC Sustainable Building Design Competition.

2002 - The Barbara Lee Smith Guest House/Studio, 197 Raft Island Drive, Gig Harbor WA. See Smith House, below. 

2005 - The David Shamlin House, 1804 Sunset Avenue, Durham. This was the first Green Building Initiative certified house in NC. Filmed for HGTV’s “Beyond the Box." 2021 square feet. Won a 2009 AIA Triangle Merit Award. Was a News and Observer Home of the Month May 2010 Sold in 2015 to Allison and Robert Koncelik.

2007 - The Scott and Vikki Metheny Residence, aka The Wedge, 100 Flamingo Road, Durham. Co-designer, Nick Owings. 1894 square feet. Contains three factory-built modules. The shed roof, the large living space between the modules, and the big porches were constructed onsite.

2008 - The Tucker and Katie Bartlett Addition, 705 Cobb Street, Durham. Co-designer, Frank Jackson.

2009 - The Arthur Zuco Residence, 130 Cole Drive, Chapel Hill. Co-designer, Nick Owings. 2.6 acres. Featured on the August 2009 TMH Tour. Sold in 2013 to Gina and Frank Spadavecchio. 

2009 - aka The Goodnight Mary-Ellen House, in Schuyler VA, a town famous as the homeplace of The Waltons, a 1970's family TV show about life during the Depression. The nickname of the house is one of the well-known lines at each episode's conclusion. Unbuilt.

2009 - The Mel and Barbara Smith House, aka Northwestern Retreat, 197 Raft Island Drive, Gig Harbor WA. The existing 1968 house was demolished down to the foundation. A studio was added in 2002. Sold in 2016 to Don Rees.

2010 - House, 1646 square feet. Unbuilt. Location unknown.

2013 - The Jeff and Charity Strang House, 1709 Tisdale, Durham. Co-designer, Jennifer Fante. Built by Chase Building Company.

2013 - The Eric and Sharon Harris Residence, Cary. Co-designer, Megan Patnaik.

2014 - The James and Ruthe Markworth House, 9917 Adlie Drive, Wake Forest NC. Co-designer, Nick Owings.

2014 - The Scott and Cynthia Mollenkopf House, Chatham County. Unbuilt.

2014 - The Terry Blanken and Dennis Swartzlander Condo Renovations, 140 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill. Co-designer, Megan Patnaik.

2014 - The Danielle Seaman and Randy Bolick House, Wade Road, Durham. Unbuilt.

2014 - The Randy Lanou and Lori Scappino House, aka Scappino House, aka Horseshoe House, 2673 Horseshoe Road, Creedmoor NC. Commissioned 2010.  Photos by Leilani Carter.  Won a 2017 AIANC Award.

2016 - The Keith and Suerissa Blecher House, aka The Wedge II, 3240 Pickett Road, Durham. Bottom photo by Daniel Perrin.

2016 - The Altridge Group LLC House, 203 Laurel Avenue, Carrboro. Megan Patnaik was project manager.

2018 - The Kendall Glaze House, aka the Blaze Residence, aka Duke Homestead, 2740 Woodmont Drive, Durham. Part of the 2018 Green Home Tour.

Sources include: Randy Lanou, Arthur Zuco, Erik Mehlman, Megan Patnaik.