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Boone was born in Winton NC. He attended Mars Hill College, graduating in 1942. He graduated with a BA in architectural engineering from NCSU in 1949. He worked for J. A. Malcolm; McMinn Norfleet; Jack Rowland; and Leslie Boney. In 1959, he went on his own. During his career, he did much of the Chowan College campus in Murfreesboro NC. If you have any additional information, please contact us.

Year Unknown - The Andrews Residence. Designed while at Boney Architects.

Year Unknown - The Badham Residence. Designed while at Rowland Architects.

Year Unknown - The Risher Residence.

1954 - The Charles (Charlie) and Nancy Cochrane Residence, Huntersville NC.

1955 - The E. A. Perry Residence, Clover SC.

1955 - The Barringer Residence Addition.

1955 - The Graves Cottage.

1955 - The Hill Residence.

1955 - The Jetton Residence.

1956 -The Jack Bryant Residence.

1957 - The Charles A. Cullen Residence.

 1957 - The Joe Blythe Addition, 1401 Matheson Avenue, Charlotte NC. Sold in 1996 to Gary Peacock. Sold in 2007 to Christopher Holloman. Demolished, new house built in 2008, above. Sold in 2009 to Brian S. Underdahl. Sold in 2012 to Robin Harman.

1957 - The Ross and Virginia Puette Addition, 424 Hempstead Place, Charlotte NC. Original house built in 1940. Sold in 1979 to Thomas P. and Grace T. Grasty, who still owned it as of 2013.

1957 - The J. C. Thompson House. Possibly 5300 Sardis Road, Charlotte. Needs verification.

1957 - The R. P. Jenkins Residence.

1958 - The James W. and Sonora Locke, Jr. Renovation, 1510 Woodland Drive, Charlotte. Original house built 1948. Sold to Marion A. Carter. Sold in 2013 to Paul D. and Laura G. Pearl.

1959 - The Leon S. and Ethel Firestone Residence, 2600 Cloister Drive, Charlotte. Designed while working for J. A. Malcolm.  Sold in 1996 to Alfred P. Dulong.  Sold in 1998 to Sharon and Yvonne Overcast-Hawks.  Sold in 2001 to Elizabeth (Libby) Jernigan and Marilyn (Pete) Mangum.

1959 - The W. Lecil and Ruth Henderson Renovation, 1410 Cardinal Drive, Charlotte. House built in 1953. Sold to SFHR Rental Homes.

1959 - The Barnette Residence.

1959 - The Louise Boone Residence, Cabin, Living Room.

1960 - The Zeppa Residence.

1960 - The Dickie Residence.

1960 - The Hilton Residence.

1960 - The Gaskin Residence.

1961 - The John Revelle Residence. Addition in 1975.

1961 - The Charles Revelle Addition.

1961 - The Bynum Brown Residence.

1961 - The R. W. Barker Residence.

1961 - The Manuel E. Kane Renovation, 2639 Chilton Place, Charlotte, NC. House originally built in 1955. Sold to William L. and Gaylord Pender in 2000. Sold in 2014 to Donald R. Pesta Jr.

1961 - The William D. Boone, Jr. House, 1233 Greylyn Drive, Charlotte. Sold in 2006 to Avram and Eleanora Andra. Sold in 2008 to Amy Barber. Sold in 2012 to Kam and Rachel Tai. 

1962 - The Mrs. Forrest Orion Mixon Residence, Murfreesboro NC. Terrace added in 1967.

1962 - The Fred L. Connell Residence, 2627 Inverness Road, Charlotte, NC. Sold to Richard and Elizabeth Pratt in 1997. Still owned by the Pratts as of 2015.

1962 - The Lawrence I. Miller Residence.

1962 - The Mrs. W. T. Robertson Addition.

 1962 - The Agnes Evilsiser Engel House, 104 Hillsdale Road, Monroe NC. Nearly six acres. Sold in 2011 by Engel's heirs to Scott Whitaker and Darra Privette. Photos by Gail Jodon, Modern Charlotte. Sold in 2014 to Nancy K. and Robert W. Engel.  Sold in 2018 to Nicole G. Hall.

1962 - The Forrest O. and Sandra S. Mixon Jr. House, 704 Shady Lawn, Chapel Hill NC. Sold in 1968 to Eve Carol and Carl M. Shy. Sold in 1984 to Janice P. and Robert K. Landen. Sold in 1999 to Amy L. and Damon R. Korb. Sold in 2000 to Kelly L. Smith and Michael Moretto. Sold in 2002 to Ruth and Jeffrey Browning. Sold in 2007 to Jennifer and Richard Woods. Sold in 2013 to Megan R. and Evan B. Whelchel.  Sold in 2016 to Meghan A. Gurlitz and Jameson K. Holden.

1962 - J. A. Rodes Addition.

1965 - W. A. Engel Addition. Commissioned 1962.

1962 - The President's Residence Addition, Chowan College, Murfreesboro NC.

1962 - The Mrs. Thomas Chitty Addition.

1963 - The R. W. Engel entry renovation. Commissioned 1962.

1963 - The Bruce W. Green Residence.

1964 - The E. E. Jones, Jr. Residence.

1964 - The George Newbern Additions.

1964 - The Dr. E. T. Viser Residence.

1964 - The Guy Revelle Addition. Patio added in 1968.

1964 - The Robert and Nancy K. Engel House, 103 Hillsdale Road, Monroe NC. Boone designed this house for the son of the Engels above. There was a later addition, not designed by Boone. As of 2013, still owned by the Engels.

1965 - T. E. Ward Residence Addition.

1965 - The P. G. Sewell Addition.

1965 - The Guy Revelle Residence.

1965 - The Alton Parker Addition.

1965 - The E. E. Jones Addition.

1965 - The Alvin Levine Residence.

1965 - The C. B. Graves Cabin Addition.

1966 - The Ben Sutton Residence.

1966 - The Skyland Avenue Apartments.

1966 - The George Gibbs Residence.

1967 - The Charles L. Revelle Addition.

1968 - The J. P. Majette Residence.

1971 - The Burt Vickery Residence.

1971 - The Percy Bunch Residence, 210 Holly Hill Road, Murfreesboro NC. Still owned by Bunch as of 2010.

1975 - The W. A. Engel Lake House.

1976 - The Garth D. and Erin C. Faile Residence Addition, 225 Woodridge Drive, Murfreesboro NC. Still owned by the Failes as of 2015. 

1977 - The Andrew V. Brown Apartments.

1979 - The R. E. Lee Residence, Murfreesboro NC.

1983 - The Sutton Residence #2, Murfreesboro NC.

1984 - The Bruce E. Whitaker Residence, Murfreesboro NC.

1984 - The Raymond Benthall Residence, 710 Edgewood Drive,Murfreesboro NC. Still owned by the Benthalls as of 2015.

1984 - The Locke Mill Condos.

1984 - The Betty Burris Addition, Cornelius NC.

1984 - The Paula B. Taylor Residence, Cornelius NC.

1986 - The James A. and Anna Boylin Malcolm Addition, Ocean Isle NC. Traditional beach cottage. Added on a few rooms.

1988 - The President's Home Renovation, Chowan College, Murfreesboro NC.

Sources include: Nancy Engel, Boone's daughter Barbara Boone Buescher.