Preservation Durham + North Carolina Modernist Houses
Adaptive Re-Use of the Durham Police Department (DPD), formerly the Home Security Life (HSL) Building, 505 West Chapel Hill Street, Durham NC

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This Modernist office building was designed by architect G. Milton Small Jr., a student of the internationally known architect Mies Van der Rohe of Chicago, for the Home Security Life Insurance Company.

According to Durham architect Edgar Carr, the Inland Steel Building in Chicago by SOM (above) was the basis for the HSL building. Later code issues made both buildings problematic due to the exits being located in the attached Service Core causing unsafe exit in case of fire.  The Inland has been thoroughly renovated and is spectacular.

Building History from Open Durham * Architect G. Milton Small, Jr. *
3515 Glenwood, another iconic building by Small recently destroyed

Since the mid-1990's, the City of Durham bought the building to use as their Police Headquarters.  Starting in 2015, the City decided to build a new, larger Police Department in East Durham. 

Preservation Durham and North Carolina Modernist Houses advocate re-use of the HSL building, which is in good condition, as the centerpiece of the block's redevelopment. 

Renovating the building is considerably less expensive than demolition and new contruction.  However, two of the four City options involve destroying the building, as below.  More details.

Architect Phil Freelon of Perkins+Will hosted a national design competition for ideas to redevelop the site and building.  The plan that won was created by Jessica Braverman, Sarah Dickerson, and Jayne Kim.  Coverage in the News and Observer/HeraldSun and Architects+Artisans Coverage in the Chapel Hill News.

The Durham City-County Appearance Commission recommended preservation of the building in their 9/20/17 letter to the City and County. As of October 2018, the City is soliciting bids to redevelop the property.


Key Contacts:

Site and disposition/re-use process, Stacey Poston, Special Projects Manager with the City of Durham General Services Department, by email or call 919-560-4197, ext. 21254

Outreach events, Matthew Filter, Senior Planner with the Durham City-County Planning Department, by email or call 919-560-4137, ext. 28271

April Johnson, Executive Director, Preservation Durham, 919-682-3036

George Smart, Executive Director, North Carolina Modernist Houses, 919-740-8407

What you can do:

Visit Durham's website for details of the plans above.

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Here are beautiful photos of the building from the 1960's.  Note the high ceilings, the terazzo floors, and the rich wood walls.  The vast majority of these features are still intact and in good condition.