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Rob Carlton was born in Jackson TN, graduating from the University of Tennessee Knoxville with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1996. After working 1996-2001 with LRK in Tennessee and Samsel Architects in Asheville, Rob founded Carlton Architecture in 2005. In 2008, the firm became design/build as what is now Carlton Edwards Construction.  In 2016, the firm became Carlton-Edwards with Jeff Edwards as a partner in Memphis TN. Houses in the Asheville area are designed and built by Carlton Edwards unless otherwise indicated. The firm has a third location in Nashville TN.

2008 - The Urquit and Carolyn Morris House, aka the Nethermead Residence, 21 Nethermead Drive, Asheville NC. Traditional exterior, modern interior. Sold in 2012 to Glenn and Linda Bryant. Won an 2013 AIANC Design Award. Built by Jack Schneider, Cardinal Building.  Website.

2010 - The Barry and Sandra Bearden House, aka Slick Rock, Burnsville NC. Located in the Mountain Air airport community. Commissioned 2009. Built by Russell S. Robison. Featured in Carolina Home and Garden, Summer 2009; WNC Magazine Fall 2018. Bottom photo by Anthony Abraira.  Website.


2011 - aka the Highland View House, aka the Piedmont, Mill Spring NC. 3600 sf. 13 acres. Won a 2013 AIANC Design Award. Featured in the 2015 Austrian magazine, More Than Design; Carolina Home and Garden, Summer 2015.  Website.





2011 - The Lawrence (Larry) and Kim Juran Remodel, aka the Mayflower House Remodel, 20 Mayflower Drive, Asheville NC. Original house was 1977, bottom photo. Featured in Carolina Home and Garden. Website.

2013 - The Robert and Karen E. Moore House, aka the Windsor House, 626 Windsor Road, Asheville NC. Featured in Carolina Home and Garden Magazine. Top two photos by Carol Miller. Website.

2015 - aka The Greenbrier Residence. Commissioned 2013.

2015 - aka the Pickwick Lake House, aka Tiptop II, Pickwick Lake TN.  Bottom photo by David Dietrich.  Website.

2015 - aka the Balsam Mountain Preserve, location unknown. 

2015 - aka the Lake Keowee House, location unknown. 

Year unknown - aka the Lake Pickwick Boathouse, location unknown. 

2014 - aka the Lick Branch Renovation, location unknown. 

2014 - aka the Timber Trails House, around Memphis TN. Photo by Dietrich David.

2014 - aka Preservation Trail Residence, location unknown. Commissioned 2013.

Year unknown - aka Sunny Ridge, location unknown. 

2015 - aka the Evan Court Residence, location unknown. 

2016 - aka Summit Tower, location unknown. 

2016 - aka Lombardy, in TN. 

2016 - aka Grandin Terrace, Ohio. Website.

2016 - aka The Beaucatcher House, unbuilt.

2016 - aka the Sunset Summit Renovation, Asheville NC.

Year Unknown - The Sunset House, Asheville NC. Website.

Around 2016 - The May House, Lot 6 Preserve Road, Sylva NC.  Built by Bronco.

Sources include: Carlton Architecture, Troy Winterrowd.