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1947 - 951 Rockhold Drive, Asheville. Architect unknown. Sold to Carl J. and Cheryl Wedel. Sold to Rockhold LLC (Charles and Katherine Frazier) Sold in 2014 to the James Fendelman Trust.

1948 - The Annie J. Reed House, 68 Kenilworth Road, Asheville. Designed by architect Ronald Greene of Greene and Rogers. Sold in 1991 to Fred Wade Herman. Transferred to Herman Family Estate. Deeded in 2008 to Laura Herman Ashworth.

1951 - The Allen T. and Mattie Fishel House, 5 Red Oak Road, Asheville NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 1960 to Joseph Patla. Deeded to widow Rose Patla. Sold in 1981 to James and Diana Bailey Jr. Deeded in 2004 to James Bailey and K. Atkinson. Sold in 2005 to William and Sarah Evert. Renovated in 2008. Photo by Carol Miller.


Late 1940's/early 1950's - The George Nagel House, Asheville NC. Designed by Six Associates. Clayton Mays was the project architect. Probably not built.

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1947 - House in Biltmore Forest NC. Designed by Henry I. Gaines of Six Associates. Unsure if built. Status unknown.

1947 - The T. M. Thorpe Jr. House, Morganton NC. Designed by Henry I. Gaines of Six Associates. Unsure if built. Status unknown.

1952/2011 - The Margaret Manning House, 10 Pine Tree Road, Asheville. Sold in 1962 to Wava Doty Julien. Sold in 1966 to Peggy W. and Clyde D. Alley. Sold in 1973 to Maria L. and Robert B. Gelder. Sold in 1984 to Josephine C. and Henry K. Ruschmeyer. Sold in 1988 to Camille A. and J. Daniel Robinson. Sold in 1991 to Audrie F. and Harry R. Latowsky. Sold in 2005 to Julie C. and Michael A. Totora. Sold in 2007 to Kyoko I. and John C. Muecke. Sold in 2012 to Martha F. and Lenard (sic) D. Brinson,

1954 - 103 Virginia Road, Montreat NC. Architect unknown. Sold to Per O. Reich. 
Sold in 2013 to Marsha and William A. Rafter.

1956 - The Morris Lipinsky, Jr. House, 344 Midland Road, Asheville NC. According to his son, Richard Lane, it was designed by Lipinsky, a third-generation merchant in downtown Asheville naturally gifted at design and engineering. The house was ahead of its time with features such as low-voltage lighting. Sold around 1971 to Richard P. and Helen S. Hendon. Sold in 1974 to Marvin A. and Eunice R. Koch. Sold in 2005 to Charlton and Nora Bradsher who did a renovation. Sold in 2012 to Eveline and Patrick J. Damiano.

1960 - The William M. Rocamora House, 14 Saint Charles Place, Asheville NC. Architect unknown.  Deeded to Joan Rocamora. 

1961 - The Ben and Leci Croker House, 496 Sunset Drive, Asheville NC. 63 acres. According to Leci Croker, the architect was Al Miller of Asheville; a company controlled by Miller did the construction; Miller later moved to Arizona. 

When the house was complete, they lived there a day - then Ben Croker was transferred by his employer, Burlington Industries. It was rented for a few years then sold in 1965 to Imogene G. Radeker. Sold in 1968 to Noah and Beverly Stewart. Sold in 1970 to Jack M. and Gail A. Hicks. Sold in 1975 to Richard J. and Barbara Kavalek. Sold in 1979 to Diamond Shamrock Corporation. Sold in 1979 to John K. and Janice D. Wolff. Sold in 1981 to Alan E. and Nancy Whiting Comer. Sold to 1988 to Michael S. Havelin. The house was in pretty bad shape at this point with many water issues. Sold in 1994 to Melissa M. Lindholm and James R. Atkinson. Sold in 2003 to Thomas (Tom) and Yumiko Virant, a builder and an architect, who did an extensive renovation. Sold in 2010 to Robert and Tina Buchan. Photos by Tom Virant.

1962 - 12 Beaver Point Park, Asheville NC. Architect unknown.  Has a bomb shelter. Sold in 1960 to Betty Lynch and Robert R. Williams Jr. Sold in 1971 by widow to Kischel M.and Kathleen Barnes. Sold in 1976 by widow to Ingrid and W.B. Larkin. Sold in 1981 to Candace A. and John Woodward Blocher. Sold in 1985 to Sandra R. and James C. Mcdonald. Sold in 1987 to Patricia L. and Fred A. Hardee.Sold in 2008 to Terri C. and John C. Frue. For sale in 2016.



1964 - 31 Griffing Circle, Asheville NC. Designed by Anthony Lord.  Sold to Thomas Moor, Jr., Honor Elizabeth Moor, and John Menkes. Sold in 2013 to Alan D. Williams, Jr. and Mark G. Smith. For sale in 2016.

1965 - 271 Brooklyn Road, Asheville. Architect unknown. Sold to various owners. Sold 2004 to Irene P. and Wendel M. Niles. Sold in 2008 to Robert G. Kurfees, Jr. Sold in 2010 to Anna S. and James A. Digges. Sold in 2013 to Jason Spence.

1965 - The Eugenia and Frank W. Hunnicutt House, 13 Honey Drive, Asheville. Architect unknown. Deeded to heirs in 2010. Sold in 2014 to Carl H. Morrison.

1967 - The John and Pearl Davis House, 33 Sunset Summit Road, Asheville NC. Designed and built by the owners. Sold to Jean and John Davis. Sold in 2009 to Annemarie and Eric Hawes. Photos by Mark Allison. As of 2013, the house has not been lived in for several years.

1969 - The Jerry M. and Keitha Parsons House, 4 Glen Falls, Asheville NC. Originally it had a Weaverville address. Designed by Kyle C. Boone and Roger M. Lyda Associates. The builder was Houston Munday & Carrol Bryson. B/W photos by Putnam Photography. Still occupied as of 2016 by the original owners.

1972 - 3 Dry Ridge Road, Asheville NC. Possibly a Deck house, needs verification. Sold in 1989 to Anthony and Maria Weisenberger.

1972 - The Burpeau House, 104 White Oak Circle, Black Mountain NC. Architect unknown. Sold to the Martins. Sold in 2016 to Barbara Walker.

1973 - The Clara B. and Charles G. Hinkle House, 22 Fairway Drive, Asheville NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 1981 to Gladys G. And Albert Fendig Sr. Sold in 1985 to Jean M. and William R. Ennis. Sold in 2002 to Jerry A. and William C. Allred Jr. Sold in 2014 to the Kenneth W. Burrill Trust.

1976 - The Sandra R. and Ricky G. Cagle House, 211 Forsythia Lane, Clyde. Architect unknown. Sold in 1999 to Wanda S. and Robert A. Caldwell. Transferred to Wanda S. Caldwell, widow, and daughter Tamera Caldwell Edwards. Sold in 2014 to the Karen J. Luderman Family Trust.

1977 - 508 Avery Creek Road, Arden NC. Designed by Padgett and Freeman. For sale for the first time in 2016.

1990 - The June Moore House, 700 Little Terrapin Road, Cashiers NC. Designed by Marlon Blackwell for his ex-girlfriend's mother. Won the Southern Living Home of the Year and was an 1990 Architectural Record House. Sold in 2007 to the Moore Terrapin Family Partnership.  Deeded in 2016 to Renee and John Gaffe and Laura and Joseph Duffek III.

1998 - The June Moore HoneyHouse Addition, 700 Little Terrapin Road, Cashiers NC. Designed by Marlon Blackwell. 

Built for the production and storage of honey, this working cabin was inspired by a honeycomb. The structure consists of a prefabricated steel frame with tongued-and-grooved wood cladding. Top photo by Tim Hursley. Sold in 2007 to the Moore Terrapin Family Partnership.

2005 - The Robert M. Glenn House, 80 Horizon Hill Road, Asheville. Designed by PBC+L Architecture (later Clark Nexsen). Maria Rusafova was the project architect. Built by Rare Earth Builders. Sold in 2011 to Terri Anne Mallory and Deborah F. Dennison. Sold in 2014 to Phoebe K. and Brent R. Starck.

2007 - The Kathryn M. and Bradley P. Rice House, 45 Rosewood, Asheville. Designed and built by the owners, who run Bellwether Design Build. Sold in 2013 to Kristina De Los Santos and Daniel H. Fertel.

2008 - The Tate Mountain House, Bat Cave NC. 2000 sf. Designed by Watson Tate Savory. Built by Sun Construction.  Won 2008 AIA Columbia, 2013 AIA SC, and 2015 AIA Charlotte design awards.

2009 - The Brownlee-Trout House, 95 Burgin Ridge Road, Black Mountain NC. Designed by Myles Alexander of Form+Function Architecture.

2009 - The William E. Byrum House, 5 Hoyle, Asheville NC. Designed by BOB Architecture of Richmond VA.

2009 - The Tracy Lynn Neff-Cox House, 411 West Haywood Street, Ashevile NC. Designed by Daryl S. Rantis. Built by Sun Construction and Realty in 2009 as a spec house, first sold in 2011 to Tracy Lynn Neff-Cox. Sold in 2013 to Jocelyn H. Olcott.

2010 - The Stephen Herbits House, aka the Leicester House, 267 Sluder Branch Road, Leicester NC. Designed by Eric Gartner, SPG Architects of New York NY. Commissioned 2009. Built by S. B. Coleman. Cabinetry by Creative Woodcrafters. Landscape Design by Twin Oaks. Photos by Dan Levin. Won 2nd Place in the juried 2014 Matsumoto Prize. Addition, bottom photo, also designed by Gartner, will be complete in 2016.

2010 - The Russell M. Martin and Karon L. Korp House, aka the Hemp House, 25 Cary, Asheville. Designed by Anthony Brenner. 3200 sf. Built by Donahue and Joseph. Cabinetry by Andrew Schultz. It is the first home in North America to use industrial hemp (Hempcrete) in the walls. Also the first home in North America to use Purepanel, a core panel material made of recycled paper. Skinned with Magnum board (a mineral-based, nontoxic substitute for drywall), the interior walls are breathable, fireproof, waterproof and mold-, mildew- and termite-resistant. Sold in 2016 to Kristy L. and David T. Brough. Photos by David Dietrich from Carolina Home and Garden Magazine.

2012 - The John McDermott House, 42 Merrills Cove Road, Asheville NC.  Designed by Stephen Cluggish. For sale in 2016.

2013 - 2072 Bowery Road, Highlands NC. Designed by Darren Whatley. For sale in 2016.

2014 - The Sunny Mountain Enterprise LLC House, 35 Lake Avenue, Black Mountain NC. Commissioned 2013. Designed and built by Michael John Sonnenberg. Platinum LEED certified. Concrete floors and countertops and a 1480-gallon underground cistern that flushes the toilets and provides irrigation.

2014 - The Nicholas (Nick) Mimken House, 253 Edgewood Drive, Asheville NC. 1427 sf. Modular design by Unity Homes by Bensonwood of New Hampshire. JAG was the finishing carpenter.

2014 - The Mignon Durham House, 33 Robinson Creek Road, Asheville NC. Designed and built by Blue Ridge Energy Systems.

Posten Residence by McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture (6)

2014 - The Niki T. and John P. Posten House, 48 Spy Pointe Lane, Fletcher NC (near Fairview).  Designed by McMillan Pazdan Smith.  Photos by Kevin Meacham.

DeSat 02

2015 - The Elaine Kroner House, 108 Hudson Street, Asheville NC. Designed and built by Greg McGuffie, Earthtone Builders. 

2015 - The Jim and Linda Moore House, aka Butterfly Hollow, Winding Ridge area, Asheville NC. Architect unknown.

2015 - The Casey and Sarah Watkins House, aka Wilson Cove, aka Buckeye, 140 Wilson Cove Road, Swannanoa NC.  Designed by Myles Alexander of Vin Yet Architecture, formerly Form+Function.  Built by Living Stone.

2015 - The John A. and Carla Barnard House, aka Parker Road, 3 Turtledove Trail, Asheville NC.  Designed by Myles Alexander.

Year unknown - Rich Street, Asheville NC.  Designed and built by JAG Construction.

Year unknown - The Jennifer Pickering and Leigh Maher House, Black Mountain NC.  Designed by Randy Shull.  Built by JAG Construction.  Windows by SEMCO, solar hot water and heat system by Sundance Power Systems.

2015 - The Clay and Lynn Harmon House, 180 Skycliff Drive, Asheville NC.  Dsigned by John Legerton. 6500 sf.  Built by Morgan-Keefe. Kloesel Engineering, the structural engineers, worked in tandem with Kessel Engineering Group for geo-technical support on the steep slope.  Featured in Carolina Home and Garden in 2015.

2016 - The Thad and Lindsey Rhoden House, aka 515 House, 515 Windswept Drive, Asheville NC.  Designed by SPARC Design (Lindsey Rhoden, Thad Rhoden & Peyton Shumate).  Built by Rob Motley.

 2015 - The Russell Nicholson and Mary Fee House, 8 Samuel Ashe, Asheville NC.  Designed by Russell Nicholson.  

2016 - Merrimon Avenue, Asheville.  Designed by Robert Griffin.

2016 - The Sean D. Sullivan Renovation, 604 Rhododendron Avenue, Asheville.  Original house was 1962. Designed and built by Sean Sullivan of Living Stone.

2016 - The Wiebke Strehl House, 92 Fenner Avenue, Asheville.  Designed and built by Greg McGuffie, Earthtone Builders. 

2016 - The James and Sunny B. Carr House, 68 Davenport, Asheville.  Built by Mountain Town Carpentry.

2016 - aka Asheville Modular Homes, 269 and 271 Studer Branch Road, Asheville NC. Designed by Eric Gartner, SPG Architects of NYC. Unbuilt.

2016 - The James C. and Linda Moore House, 36 Cedar Knob, Fairview NC.  Architect unknown. 

Sources include: Modern Asheville, Troy Winterrowd, Richard Fort, Tom Virant, Jack Thomson, Mark Allison, Leci Croker, Michael Havelin.