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Trojanowski grew up in Chicago Heights IL and studied architecture at the University of Illinois Champaign. He interned with Bittner Detella doing municipal projects and in New York with the Space Design Group. He went to work in 1992 at Wilson Silver in Chicago doing residential work. In 1995 he worked for LR Development in Chicago, doing the Mayfair Regent hotel renovation. He worked in 2000 for Marvin Herman Associates, a high-end residential firm in Chicago working for CEO-type clients. In 2006, he started his own firm. He moved to Raleigh NC in 2020.





2022 - The David J. Smith House, 7145 North Ridge Road, Raleigh NC. 6500sf.

2023 - The Michael and Kendra Dannar House, 2116 Ridge Road, Raleigh NC. 7300sf. Developed and built by Exeter Building Company.

2024 - The Brad and Ekaterina Holton House, 1756 Holton Forest Trail, Raleigh NC. 17000 sf. Designed with Ekaterina Holton. Built by St. Clair Construction.

2025 - 170 Mountaintop Circle, Pittsboro NC. 11,400 sf plus 2,600 sf of outdoor living space. Built by Sage Built.

2025 - The Vimal Kolappa House, 7612 Kennebec Drive, Chapel Hill NC. 13000sf. Built St Clair Construction.

2025 - The Thakkar House, 8241 Hillside Drive, Raleigh NC. 8700sf. Built by Shail Construction.

Sources include: Joe Trojanowski.