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Fala was born in Laramie WY graduated in 2002 in Interior Design from University of Charleston WV. He graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver in architecture with a MA in 2005 where he met future partner Ben Schwab. He interned at Greenfield Architects in Denver. He moved to NC in 2005 and worked for CJMW Architects in Winston-Salem until 2013. In 2013 he created the Winston-Salem firm of STITCH with Ben Schwab. Adam Sebastian came on in 2014.

NCModernist 2017 Interview

2016 - The Wes and Kathryn Salisbury House, aka Salzhaus, 815 Holland Street SW, Winston-Salem NC.

2016 - The Frank Campion Art Studio, Clemmons NC. Designed with Adam Sebastian. Won a 2019 AIANC Design Award.

2016 - The Pete and Traci and Ollie Fala House, aka the Pistol House, 807 Holland Street SW, Winston-Salem NC.

2018 - The Caffey Helo Hanger and Hangout, Summerfield NC.


2019 - The Pete and Traci Fala Renovation, 720 North Pine Valley Road, Winston-Salem NC. Designed and built in 1959 by architect/owner J. Kenneth Burge and his wife Emily. When first built, it was on stilts, and later they enclosed the bottom floor for their kids.  Won a 2021 AIANC design award.

Sources include: Adam Sebastian; Pete Fala; STITCH.