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1983 - The Howard Reed Garris House, 602 Bradley Creek Point Road, Wilmington NC.  Designed by architect Howard Reed Garris.

1991 - The Charles C. McKinney Residence, 277 Beach Road North, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington NC. Designed by Hugh Newell Jacobson. The house is a combination of pavilions. Sold in 2010 to John Gussenhoven.

1997 - The Frank D. Thompson Renovation, 110 Cypress Avenue, Wrightsville Beach NC.  Architect unknown.

1998 - The Richard Byrne House, 818 Schloss Street, Wrightsville Beach NC.  Architect unknown.  Photo by Angela Roehl.

2003 - The Mario Revocable Trust Poolhouse, 23 Backfin Point, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington NC. Designed by Tony Lineberry.

2005 - The Don Whitten Residence, aka Swamp Shack, 4122 Appleton Way, Wilmington. Designed by architect Don Whitten. 2300sf. Sold in 2008 to Sara and Eric Copeland.

 2015 - The James Ratcliff III House, 20 Pelican Drive, Wrightsville Beach NC.  Designed by David Lisle.  An imitiation of Michael Ross Kersting's style and the details of his 34 Pelican just a few doors down.

2015 - The John Brunelle House, 405 North 16th Street, Wilmington NC.  Designed by Mark W. Williard.  Built by Darren Ivey.

Sources include: Jenna Ault-Holcombe, Scott Ogden, Don Whitten, Brian Keever.