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1983 - The Howard Reed Garris House, 602 Bradley Creek Point Road, Wilmington NC.  Designed by architect Howard Reed Garris.


NCModernist NCModernist

1991 - The Charles C. McKinney Residence, 277 Beach Road North, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington NC. Designed by Hugh Newell Jacobson. The house is a combination of pavilions. Sold in 2010 to John Gussenhoven.

1997 - The Frank D. Thompson Renovation, 110 Cypress Avenue, Wrightsville Beach NC.  Architect unknown.

1998 - The Richard Byrne House, 818 Schloss Street, Wrightsville Beach NC.  Architect unknown.  Photo by Angela Roehl.



2003 - The Mario Revocable Trust Poolhouse, 23 Backfin Point, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington NC. Designed by Tony Lineberry.

NCModernist NCModernist


2005 - The Don Whitten Residence, aka Swamp Shack, 4122 Appleton Way, Wilmington. Designed by architect Don Whitten. 2300sf. Sold in 2008 to Sara and Eric Copeland.  Sold in 2016 to Stella and Burton Lancaster.

 2015 - The James Ratcliff III House, aka Pelican's Perch, 20 Pelican Drive, Wrightsville Beach NC.  Designed by David Lisle.  Very similar to Michael Ross Kersting's 34 Pelican just a few doors down which was built earlier.

2015 - The John Brunelle House, 405 North 16th Street, Wilmington NC.  Designed by Mark W. Williard. Built by Darren Ivey.

2016 - aka Modern Marvel, Figure Eight Island, Wilmington NC.  Designed by David Lisle.

2016 - aka Figure 8 Residence, 116 Beach Road South, Figure Eight Island, Wilmingon NC.  Designed by Point Office Architecture of Atlanta GA.  Built by Parker Construction.  Won a 2019 AIANC Design Award.

2018 - The Brannon K. and Renee Smith House, 216 Victory Gardens Drive, Wilmington NC.  Designed by David Lisle.

2018 - The McKenzie House, 242 Lasalle Street, Wilmington NC. Designed by Sekou Cooke of Syracuse NY.

2019 - The Martha Miller House, 225 Florida Avenue, Carolina Beach NC.  Built by Mark Batson of Tongue & Groove. Designed by Scott Sullivan and Mark Batson; interior design by Bridgett Mazar of Tongue & Groove. Featured on HGTV.

Around 2019 - The William (Bill) and Dorenna (Dorrie) McGonigal House, aka The House That Glass Built, Kure Beach NC. Built by Doster Building Company.  Engineer, WD Jones.  Architect unknown. Need address.  Do you know where it is?

Sources include: Jenna Ault-Holcombe, Scott Ogden, Don Whitten, Brian Keever.