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After earning a BA in both Environmental Design and Architecture from NC State University, Bill worked with Jim Smith at Hager Smith Huffman in Raleigh and Arthur Cogswell in Chapel Hill. Waddell formed Sun Forest Architecture with Keith Brown. That firm lasted ten years then he launched his own firm, Distinctive Architecture.

2014 Interview with Waddell and Keith Brown

Brown and Waddell published two issues of AB Builder, a glossy magazine of their design/build work. Issue: One / Two

1986 - The Max and Katie Wallace House, 3628 Carlisle Drive, Durham. Built by Sun Forest Construction. Sold in 1989 to Rex and Marjorie Dunn. Sold in 1996 to Providian Corporation. Sold in 1997 to Lawrence Katz and Doris M. Iarovici.

1988 - The Rick and Dinah Vice Residence, 293 Highview Drive, Chapel Hill. Sold in 2001 to Jeffrey and Susan Kimmel. Built by Sun Forest Construction.

1992 - The Dwight Perry and Veronica Ray House, 2207 Vintage Hill Drive, Durham NC.

1994 - The Don and Shirley Burkall Residence, 55219 Broughton, Governor's Club, Chapel Hill. Sold in 2005 to Walter Bollenbacher.  Sold in 2017 to Michelle K. and Samuel I. Wahl.

1995 - The Bill Waddell/Roberts Residence, 3517 Westglen, Durham.

1996 - The Bill and Vonna Graves Residence, 325 Sun Forest Way, Chapel Hill, located in Chatham County. Built by Sun Forest Construction. Featured in Professional Builder, Feb 1996. Interior design, Rebecca Brown. Land planner, Dan Jewell. Cabinets by Aventine.  Sold in 2017 to Janine L. and Robert S. West.

1997 - The Brian D. and Linda Johnson House, 165 Forest Glen Drive, Pittsboro NC. Built by Sun Forest Construction.  Sold in 2015 to Naomi Breslau and Glenn C. Davis.

2003 - The Pascal and Emily Goldschmidt House, 819 Oxbow Crossing Road, Chapel Hill. Technical support on the design from J. G. Craig. Built by Leon Meyers. Sold in 2006 to Heather and David Yeowell.

2004 - The Jim and Ruth Petrea House, aka Family Lake House, Hyco Lake, Crystal Bay Lane, Semora NC. Built by Charles Davis Construction. Has been sold.

2005 - The Barry Nakell House, aka Enhance and Expand, 149 Dixie Drive, Chapel Hill. Built by Krichco Construction.

2006 - The Cindy and Alfred Covington Residence, aka Modern Family Home, 113 Eastwood Lake Road, Chapel Hill.  Photos by Bill Waddell. Sold in 2013 to Kendra Lerner and Ira Blumberg.  Sold in 2018 to A Pui Cao and Kuok Ieng Koi.

2008 - The Monica Hunter Residence, 3312 Rugby Road, Durham. Photos by Bill Waddell. Featured on the May 2008 and May 2012 TMH Tour.

2008 - The Henry Greene and Marilyn Telen Addition, aka Lakeside Transformation, aka Gambrell on the Lake, 41 Pintail Road, Semora NC.  Built by Legacy Building Company.

2005 - The Andy Krichman Remodel, aka the Hyco Lake Remodel, aka Enjoying the Lake, 64 Robin Road, Semora NC. Built by Krichco Construction.

2012 - The Carol and Craig Barstow Residence, 1005 Fieldstone Drive, Sanford NC. Traditional house.



2014 - The Jason Extein and Elizabeth (Liz) Greig House, 5 Tin Barn Place, Durham NC. Waddell originally designed this in 2012 as a spec house for 1709 Tisdale, Durham. Built by Chase Building Company. Plumbing by Tom Bacon. Electrical by Locklears Electrical. Sold in 2018 to Reginald R. Pareja.

2015 - aka Dramatic Passive Energy House. Spec house plans available for purchase.

2015 - aka Mid Century Update Renovation, bottom photos.  Unbuilt.



2016 - The Carolyn Louis House, aka Modern Neighbor, 7003 Calais Drive, Durham. Built by Krichco Construction.

Sources include: Monica Hunter, Bill Waddell, Carol Barstow.