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Piesse was born in Melbourne, Australia. She got an undergraduate degree at Deakin University/Geelong,  in 1991. Then she came to study at the NC State College of Design 1992-1993 on an exchange program.  She returned to Deakin in Australia in 1994 to finish her final year of Bachelor in Architecture plus a Masters degree in 1995.  She moved back to the States at end of 1995 and worked with Giles Blunden Architect in 1996. The company changed to Blunden Piesse Architects in 2001 when she became a partner. She founded Sophie Piesse Architect in 2006 and lives in Carrboro NC.

2014 - The Perry and Carter Kersh Renovation, 612 Arlington, Chapel Hill. Additional renovation in 2016.

2015 - The Tapper Studio, Chapel Hill NC.

2016 - The William Evangelista and Elizabeth Bobst House, 100 Pine Street, Carrboro. Commissioned in 2014. Built by BuildEx.

Sources include: Sophie Piesse.