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Munson grew up in Walls Lake MI, near Ann Arbor. He had one year of engineering at Michigan Tech, two years of architecture at Montana State, then two years of construction management in Michigan State. After college, he did remodeling work for his roommate's parents then worked for Kellett and Baranska in Bloomfield MI doing custom homes. 

His parents moved to North Carolina around 1973, and he followed around 1980. He worked as a framing subcontractor for a while and started his own design/build firm in Durham in 1985 which continues today.

However, Munson rarely has "clients"; he designs and builds what he likes then finds a buyer later. A brave strategy, but one that's worked quite well over time.

1985 - The Tom and Margaret Scott House, 800 East Rosemary Street, Chapel Hill. Sold in 2015 to Bari J. and Scott D. Miller.

 1985 - The Perry Colwell and Betty Neese House, 109 Carolina, Chapel Hill. Sold in 2016 to Nancy K. and Allan S. Myerson.

1993 - The Helen E. Courvousie House, 117 Meadowbrook Drive, Chapel Hill. Sold in 2000 to Alan Young who still owned it as of 2013.

1994 - The David and Virginia (Jody) Christmas House, 115A Meadowbrook Drive, Chapel Hill.   Deeded in 2009 to Virginia S. Christmas, later Virginia J. Severinghaus. Sold in 2013 to Rami Abdo.

1995 - The Christopher P. Horn House, 105 Songbird Lane, Chapel Hill. Sold in 2011 to Samir and Susan Abed.

1995 - The David Witsell and Kyle Worsham House, 104 Songbird Lane, Chapel Hill. Sold in 2012 to Michael and Susan King.

1996 - The Frank T. F. and Anne Tsui House, 100 Bolinwood Drive, Chapel Hill. As of 2013 still owned by the Tsui's.

1999 - The Kirsten and Brent Lambert House, 118 Glendale, Chapel Hill. 3351 sf. As of 2012 still owned by the Lamberts.

2001 - The Ken Lerner and Sharon Campbell House, 310 Azalea Drive, Chapel Hill.

2005 - The David Poulos and Peggy Tate House, 528 Dogwood Drive, Chapel Hill.  Commissioned 2002.

2007 - The Nancy Andrews and Bernard Mathey-Prevot House, 113 San Juan Drive, Chapel Hill. Traditional design.

Year unknown - The Munson House, Waves NC. Designed for his brother.

Sources include: Lee Munson, David Poulos.