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Kennedy grew up in Mint Hill NC. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts of Arts and Architecture in 1996 and Bachelor of Architecture in 1997 from UNC-Charlotte. He worked from 1988-1994 for Harris Teeter Supermarkets then became lead designer and project architect for Shook Kelley. In 2004, he founded Cluck Design Collaborative with Chris Scorsone. He has been a guest Professor at UNC-Charlotte since 1998. He also owns the Spoke Easy, a bicycle shop located next door to Cluck. Color photo of Kennedy by Logan Cyrus.

 2006 - The Pine Residence, Watercolor FL. Unbuilt. Designed with Chris Scorsone. 


 Around 2007 - aka the 1-2-3 House Addition, Jonas Ridge NC. Third section of a Modernist mountain house. The original house was an A-frame, the section section was added 15 years later in the 1980's. Designed with Chris Scorsone. 

2008 - The Roger Moore, William Nunemaker, and Daniel Brewton Project, 412 McDonald Avenue, Charlotte NC. Sold in 2013 to Kathryn J. and Brian T. Jennaro. Designed with Chris Scorsone. 


2008 - The Pearce House, Charlotte NC. Unbuilt. Designed with Chris Scorsone. 

2011 - The Harry Mark House, aka the Red Barn Renovation, San Clemente CA. Designed with architect Harry Mark and Chris Scorsone. Won an 2014 AIA North Carolina Design Award.

2013 - The 9th Street Townhomes, Charlotte NC. Unbuilt. Designed with Chris Scorsone. 

2015 - The Wayne House, Concord NC. Commissioned 2012. Designed with Chris Scorsone. 

Sources include: Cluck Design Collaborative.