Charles Kahn, an MIT graduate and Professor of Architecture at NCSU, became the first Dean of the new School of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Kansas in 1968. During Kahn’s tenure, the program's Bauhaus-based orientation expanded with additional emphasis on social concerns and international relations. Kahn brought to KU the rationalism and scientific attitudes of MIT coupled with the strong Bauhaus orientation of NCSU. During the 1970's, Dean Kahn personally recorded audio interviews with and presentations from noted architects from around the world. Listed by date recorded.

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Henry Kamphoefner 1955 Letter to Douglass Haskell

Richard Bender 2/17/71, Part 1
Richard Bender, Part 2
Richard Bender, Part 3

Konrad Wachsmann 10/1/73, NCSU Lecture, Raleigh
Konrad Wachsmann 10/1/73, NCSU Lecture, Part 2

Henry Kamphoefner 9/11/76, Raleigh
Henry Kamphoefner 9/11/76, Part 2

George Qualls 9/21/76, Philadelphia

Stanislawa (Siasia) Nowicki 9/21/76, Philadelphia
Stanislawa (Siasia) Nowicki 9/21/76, Part 2 (6 min blank)

Ralph Knowles 10/4/76, Omaha
Ralph Knowles 10/4/76, Part 2

Konrad Wachsmann 11/12/76, Los Angeles, 1A
Konrad Wachsmann 11/12/76, Part 1B
Konrad Wachsmann 11/12/76, Part 2
Konrad Wachsmann 11/12/76, Part 3
Konrad Wachsmann 11/12/76, Part 4

James Fitzgibbon 12/22/76, St. Louis
James Fitzgibbon 12/22/76, Part 2
James Fitzgibbon 12/22/76, Part 3

(In Italian) Riccardo Morandi 1/11/77, Rome

Gabriele Schmemi 1/12/77, Rome
Gabriele Schmemi 1/12/77, Part 2

(In Italian) Antonio Nervi 1/14/77, Rome
(In Italian) Antonio Nervi 1/14/77, Part 2 (6 min blank)

Sergio Musmeci 1/14/77, Rome
Sergio Musmeci 1/14/77, Part 2

Buckminster Fuller 1/24/77, St. Louis
Buckminster Fuller 1/24/77, Part 2

Duncan Stuart 4/12/77, Raleigh
Duncan Stuart 4/12/77, Part 2

Eduardo Catalano 1977, Boston
T. C. Howard 1977, recorded at the Catalano House, Raleigh
Chris Alexander 1977 interviewed by Steven Grabow
George Matsumoto 2/14/78 San Francisco
Richard Bender 2/15/78, Berkeley
Myron Goldsmith 3/16/78, Chicago
Lev Zetlin 4/19/78, New York

Dates Unknown

Anthony Vidler, Univ of Kansas, Part 1
Anthony Vidler, Part 2
Anthony Vidler, Part 3

James Fitzgibbon, Works in Progress, Part 1, other parts missing

Buckminster Fuller, Univ of Kansas, Part 1
Buckminster Fuller, Part 2
Buckminster Fuller, Part 3

Kahn Interview, Person Unknown. Can you identify the voice?