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1949 - The J. A. Hart House, 906 West Ray Avenue, High Point. Architect unknown. Sold to Norman H. Silver. The house featured a full bomb shelter, push button blackout curtains in the bedroom, exhaust fans that could evacuate all of the air out of the house very quickly, and an enormous garage built behind the house to hold Silver's collection of Ferraris. Deeded in 1962 to Norman H. and Bernice W. Silver. Deeded in 1983 to Norman H. Silver. Sold in 1986 to Dantree, Inc. Sold again in 1986 to Carl R. and Caryn H. Wright. 

1949 - The Frank and Margaret Dalton Renovation, 406 Hillcrest Drive, High Point NC. Designed by Charles A. Kendall.  Frank Dalton Jr. said in 2015 the design was inspired by the work of architect Harwell Hamilton Harris, from whom he rented an apartment while at the NCSU School of Design in Raleigh. Featured in the High Point Enterprise, 2/1/51.  Renovated by Clayton Mays in 1959, including  a sunken living room with bar and fireplace. A greenhouse was added to the roof of the structure in the rear above the bedroom in 1978, and the original carport was enclosed as a garage bedroom for the maid who lived there for many years. Sold in 1996 to Steven and Ellen Irving.  Sold in 2015 to Stephanie and Michael D. Goldman. Renovation by Peter Freeman.  Color photos by Joseph Hayworth.

1951 - The William K. and Willa C. Whitesell House, 1101 Council Street, High Point. Architect unknown, but likely it was William Whitesell who was an industrial arts teacher at High Point Central High School. Built by Whitesell and his family. According to historian Benjamin Briggs, there are similar houses in Durham and Weldon.  Sold in 1964 to Betty Jo Clary and and Mary Janet Harris. Sold in 1976 to Cicero Stutts and wife Jimmie Stutts. Sold in 1980 to William and Donna Turner. Sold in 1986 to Felix and Joan Marsen. Sold in 2008 to Robert and Toni Woodgeard. Top photo by Joseph Hayworth, bottom by Scott Bryson.

1952 - The Howard E. and Beatrice L. Lowe House, 1003 Panther Drive (formerly West College Drive), High Point NC. Designed and built by Everette Hill, who used the same floor plan as the Stronach house next door at 1001 Panther Drive with a different exterior configuration. Sold in 2013 to High Point University for student housing. Photo by Sally Shader Warther.


1952 - The W. B. Stronach House, 1001 Panther Drive (formerly 1001 West College Drive), High Point NC. Designed and built by Everette Hill. Sold in 1959 to Franklin H. Wood, Jr.. Sold in 1967 to Marian G. and W. Clayton Mays, Jr., still owners as of 2015. Photo by Sally Shader Warther.

1954 - The Everette B. and Juanita Hill House, 1007 Panther Drive (formerly West College Drive), High Point, NC. Designed and built by Everette Hill. Sold in 2009 to High Point University for student housing. Photo by Sally Shader Warther.

1957 - The Delbert S. Risdon House, 526 Dogwood Circle, High Point. Designed by Delbert Risdon. Sold in 1967 to Robert F. Metz. Sold in 1974 to Amelia J. and Charlese E. Blair. Sold in 1981 to Martha P. and George S. Kapp. Sold in 1987 to Felicia P. and Ricky M. Hill. Sold in 2014 to Jessica L. Hill. Sold in 2018 to Jay Andrew Jenkins.Top photo by Myra Caffarey.

1957 - The James Raymond Robbins House, 2416 Woodruff Avenue, High Point. Architect unknown. Sold in 1958 to James W. Bean, Jr. Willed in 1965 to Jennie Peebles. Sold in 1980 to A. E. Hunley, Betsy Cameron, and Rebecca Staples. Sold in 1983 to Clinton P. and Jackie H. Bean. Sold in 1991 to Ervan L. and Delores D. Burcham. Deeded in 1997 to Delores D. Burcham. Sold in 2013 to Quran T. Clarke. Deeded in 2014 to Kimberly S. Edwards. Deeded back to Quran T. Clarke in 2014. Deeded in 2015 to Herman Clarke.

1959 - The Maurice and Thelma Smith House, 1505 Crestlin Drive, High Point NC. It was a gift to the couple from Thelma's father. Located in the Davidson County section of town. Sold to the Burris family. Sold around 1978 to Gary Lee and Joann Robinson. Sold in 2006 to Angela M. and William P. Anderson. Interior photos by Angela Anderson.

1960 - The Charles and Barbara Horton House, 5125 West Wendover Avenue, Jamestown NC. Architect unknown. It was likely Charles Horton, who was influenced by architecture while stationed in Japan during the Korean War. Horton, who built the house, lived there until 2004. The property was originally about 8 acres and overlooked a small pond, but when the state widened Wendover Avenue in the early 1990's the pond and about three acres were taken. Sold in 2005 to Barry and Cecile Stringfield. Sold in 2014 to Sandra Sue Freeman.

1961 - The David B. Oden, Jr. House, 1015 Panther Drive (formerly West College Drive), High Point, NC. Designed by architect David B. Oden, Jr. Sold in 2013 to High Point University for student housing. Photo by Sally Shader Warther.

1961 - The Ruth L. and Clarance Anthony Velat House, 131 Penny Road, High Point. Architect unknown. Sold in 1976 to Pearline and George Monk. Sold in 2003 to Willie H. and Robert E. Mills. Sold in 2007 to Johnny Lee Gripper. The bank took ownership in early 2014. The house was destroyed and lot sold in 2014.

1961 - The James T. Robinson House, 1008 Willoubar Terrace, High Point. Designed by James T. Robinson, who was a doctor. Purchased around 2011 and destroyed as part of expansion by High Point University.

1961 - The Edward Silver House, 1073 Sweetbriar Road, High Point. About 7100 total sf. Architect unknown. Built by Edward Silver. Sold to his son, Edward Silver, Jr. Photo by Scott Bryson.

1962 - The O. Wayne and Betty Lackey House, 510 Emerywood, High Point NC. Designed by William (Bill) A. Sloan of Oden and Sloan (photo above). Sold in 1977 to George and Regina Franck. Sold in 1982 to O. William and Lucille Fenn. Sold in 2009 to Giacinto LLC (Gabriele Natale).

1962 - The Frank and Lucille Mickey Jr. House, 1509 Cherokee Drive, High Point NC.   Designed by William (Bill) A. Sloan and David B. Oden of Oden and Sloan.   Sold in 2014 to Stephen Wood.  Sold in 2015 to Wayne Robertson and Margaret Gillis. Sold in 2017 to Miriam E. Blake and Susan A. Hine.

1963 - The Grace Anne G. and William F. Seckler House, 2731 West Lexington Avenue, High Point. Architect unknown. A swimming pool was added to the property in 1978. Sold in 1990 to Linda M. and David A. Daniel, Jr. Sold in 2013 to Linda M. and Edward M. Klaisle. 
Sold in 2014 to Amanda K. and David B. Brookbank Jr.

1965 - The Arthur and Mitzi Gross House, 1901 Wakefield Place, High Point. Architect unknown. Built by Stanford Marley, Inc. Sold in 1975 to D. R. and Dorothy Meadows. Sold in 1978 to Nidal and Marina Qubein. Sold in 1992 to Donald and Peggy Hite. Sold in 1997 to Melvin T. Lohr.  Sold in December 2015 to Julie L. Suggs.

1967 - The Harvey G. and Joan Tilles House, 1412 Wales, High Point NC. Built by CA Brown. Architect unknown. There is one similar on the north shore of Long Island. The Tilles admired that house and got a copy of the plans, which Harvey Tilles modified. He recalls the originals were by an architect who was a national President of the AIA during the 1950's, although he does not recall the name. Deeded in 2003 to Joan Tilles. Sold in 2005 to William Thornton, Jr. and Linda K. Chenault. Sold in 2009 to Mark and Frances Salter.

1970 - The Richard and Emilie Riemer House, 908 North Hamilton, High Point NC. Designed and built by Richard Riemer.  Sold in 2001 to Jason Glenn Goins.  Sold in 2018 to Amanda Schuler.

1972 - The J. Thayer and Doris Coggin House, 1032 Rockford Road, High Point NC. Designed by Salt Lake City architect Fred Babcock. Interior by Milo Baughman. Featured in the Greensboro Daily News April 8, 1973.  Still owned by the Coggins as of 2014. 

1984 - The Kevin Risdon House, 106 Lost Tree Lane, High Point NC. Designed by Tom Keller. Photos by Kevin Risdon, who did the floor plans.

1986 - The Gray Bowman and Anita Vaye Hill Bowman House, 1011 Panther Drive (formerly West College Drive), High Point NC. Designed and built by Anita's father Everette Hill. Sold in 2009 to High Point University for student housing. Photo by Sally Shader Warther.

Sources include: Clayton Mays.