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1958 - The Harold and Gertrude D. Smyre House, 467 16th Avenue NW, Hickory NC. Designed by Harold Smyre while working for Jim Sherrill at the time. Sold in 1999 to Floyd W. Starnes. Photos by Virginia Faust and Fran Sherrill Bolick.

1958 - 121 36th Avenue NW, Hickory. Architect unknown.  Sold in 2016 to Jaclyn and Michael A. Lopez. Sold in 2018 to Tara C. and Asher N. Bradshaw.

1959 - The William P. and France Reinhardt House, 757 South Cline Avenue, Newton NC. For rent in 2017.

1959 - The Martha Deas Hamlin House, 1328 10th Street Drive NW, Hickory NC. Architect unknown. Addition in 1983. Heirs sold it in 2013 to Pauline Fox and Alfred R. Cooke.  Has been remodeled.

1960 - The Bertha M. and Robert Earl McRee House, 2035 11th Street Court NW, Hickory NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 1964 to Kay C. and J. M. Archer III. Sold in 1966 to Nancy W. and David P. Zagaroli. Sold in 1990 to Sheila M. and John Whitfield Sparger Jr. Deeded to bank in 2005. Sold in 2006 to Ann and Everette Hill. Sold in 2008 to Julie M. Howson. Sold in 2016 to Nevin Stackhouse.

1960 - The Mary and Gleen L. Pressler House, 135 33rd Avenue NW, Hickory. Architect Unknown. Transferred in 1961 to heirs Rachel B. and William B. Bailey. Sold in 2014 to Therese and Thomas DelGreco.  Sold.

1962 - The Page B. and Larry L. Reitzel House, 2056 13th St NE, Hickory NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 1966 to Mickie Bedington. Transferred to heirs of Mildred E. Bedington. Sold in 2013 to Donald Wesley Keller.


1962 - The Hugh Conrad and Judy Flowers House, 360 1st Street NE, Hickory NC. Designed by George Auld. Twin City Builders was the contractor. According to real estate broker Lori Phelps, the architect was from Newton and was either directly or indirectly affiliated with Twin City Builders. Sold in 2014 to Daniel R. Green, Jr.

1966 - The William J. Riley House, 28658 Rome Jones Road, Newton NC. Designed by
William P. Reinhardt Architect and Jack B. Kincaid Associate.  Sold in 2013 to Ewa and James Powell.

1968 - The Jean F. and William H. Gwynn House, 1961 10th Street Boulevard NW, Hickory NC. Architect unknown. Sold 1975 to Gail B. and Hal Thomas Baxter. Sold 1985 to Elizabeth S. and Mark A. Woodward. Transferred in 2001 to Mark Albert Woodward Revocable Trust. Sold in 2015 to Fernando Chavez and Maria Chavez Guadarrama.


1968 - 229 Oak Circle, Newton NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 2015 to Catharine H. (Katie) and Mark D. Selph.

1975 - 1034 25th Avenue Drive NW, Hickory NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 1976 to Glenn E. and Judith T. Lawrence. Deeded in 2005 to Judith T. Lawrence. Sold in 2008 to Marguinia Lynn and Mark Coleman Hull. Deeded in 2012 to Judith Torgersen Lawrence. Sold in 2014 to Anna K. and Kelvin E. Crisp.

1976 - The Haddie N. and Clifford W. Hamilton House, 2029 2nd Street Drive NW, Hickory NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 1980 to James W. Wotring, Jr. and Vivian S. Wotring. Transferred in 1999 to Vivian S. Wotring. As of 2014 owned by Vivian S. Wotring's heirs. Sold in 2014 to Brenda P. and William C. Tate.
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1976 - The Albert C. and Ann Gaither House, 821 Woodson Drive, Newton NC. Designed by William P. Reinhardt.  Still owned by the Gaithers as of 2016.

1977 - 3520 4th Street Boulevard NW, Hickory. Architect unknown. Transferred by numerous heirs to Trustees in 1973. Sold in 1976 to Jane P. and Phillip S. Mosteller. Sold in 1988 to Mary Jane and Alexander Mack Wilson III. Sold in 1990 to Kim Cody and William R. Hysell. Sold in 1999 to Susanne D. and Kenneth McNeil Taylor, Jr. Sold in 2001 to Richard D. Little, Jr. Sold in 2002 to Dale and Gary Uptegraft. Sold in 2014 to Marilyn D. and Keigh R. Orsini.

1979 - The Ann White House,
2806 Walnut Street, Newton NC. Designed by Robert Smith who worked for CBSA Architecture in Hickory.  Still owned by White in 2013.

Sources include: Virginia Faust, Fran Sherrill Bolick, Chad Baker, Rebekah Laney.