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1942 - The Marc and Clara May Friedlaender House, 108 Kemp Road West, Greensboro NC. Designed by architect Jack Pickens Coble. Published in 1947 in Pencil Points Magazine. Sold in 1960 to John T. and Mary Higgins. Deeded in 1980 to John T. Higgins. Sold in 1983 to Stephen and Leslie Mackler. B/W photos by F. S. Lincoln. Color photos by Paul Macy.

2202 Pisgah Church GSO b.JPG

1948 - The Charles H. and Sadie Walker House, 2202 Pisgah Church Road, Greensboro NC. Despite considerable research, the architect remains unknown. Sold in 1967 to James C. and Vivian L. Glass. Deeded to Vivian L. Glass. Sold in 2001 to the Koury Corporation. Photos by Paul Macy.

1948 - The W. Dick Hinton House, 1350 West Lake Drive, Greensboro. Architect unknown. Sold in 1950 to Raymond Farber. Sold in 1961 to A. M. and Ruth W. Scarborough. Deeded in 1970 to Ruth W. Scarborough. Deeded in 1995 to Ruth Scarborough Richardson.

 1210-A Westridge B.JPG

1951 - The Marguerite and William Bradford Owen House, 1210-A Westridge Road, Greensboro NC. Designed and built by William Owen, who was a builder in Greensboro.  One of the first split level houses in town.  Remodeled 1972. Sold in 2005 to Willie (Bill) and Cecilia Tyndall. Photo by Paul Macy.

1952 - The Wesley Doggett House, 1217 Lakewood, Greensboro NC. Designed by architect Wesley Doggett, an early graduate of the NCSU School of Design. Sold in 1982. The new owners remodeled and changed most of the Modernist interior. Sold in 2006 to Michael E. and Carla Wood. Sold in 2012 to Vas and Ola Taras.

1952 - 4205 Henderson Road, Greensboro.  Architect unknown.


1953 - The M. B. and Lucie McMillan House, 605 Kemp Road West, Greensboro. Architect unknown. Remodeled in 1995. Sold in 2012 to Donald and Elizabeth (Liz) Stovall who did a restoration.  Sold in 2016 to Sarah E. and Claudio Edelman. Sold in 2018 to Dave and Christie Soper.

1953 - The Hannibal N. Simpson Jr. House, 703 Cannon Road, Greensboro NC. Architect unknown. Simpson built it but did not live there. The design likely came from a plan book with assistance from several local designers, according to daughter Roxanna Simpson Wennberg. Sold in 1954 to the National Shirt and Hat Shop. Sold in 1956 to David P. and Martha Watlington Jr. Sold in 1958 to Walter W. Franklin. Sold in 1980 to Carney and Helen W. Allgood.  Deeded in 1992 to Carney W. Alllgood.

1955 - The W. W. and Mary N. Stone House, 113 West Keeling, Greensboro NC. Architect unknown. Built by the Starmount Company. Sold in 1957 to Abraham (Abe) and Shirley Blumenthal. Sold in 1987 to Avery and Martha Faw. Sold in 2011 to Heather McClain Howell and Wade Howell. Renovations by Rusty Long, bottom photo. Sold to the Eastons in 2012. Bottom photo by Paul Macy.

1955 - 3802 I-85 Frontage Road, Mebane NC.  Architect unknown. Top photo by Paul Macy. Owned as of 2016 by Coble P. Calvin Jr. and others.

1956 - The Edward S. and Corinna B. Johnson House, 5011 Lancaster Road, Greensboro NC. Likely designed by Edward Johnson who was an executive at McLeod Leather and Belting. Sold in 1994 to Mary Beth Jensen and Mark Ebert.

1956 - 2900 Holmes Road, Greensboro. Architect unknown.  Sold in 2019.

1956 - 1611 Longfellow Street, Greensboro. Architect unknown. Sold in 2018.

1957 - The Bettie R. and Lorin W. Grubbs House, 1203 Forest Hill Drive, Greensboro NC. Designed by Lorin Grubbs who was an engineer, with assistance from local architects. Deeded to Bettie Grubbs in 1992. Sold in 2015 to Amy L. and David A. Jones.

1957- 1709 East Cone Boulevard, Greensboro. Architect unknown. Sold in 2018.

1957 - 4309 Halifax Road, Greensboro. Architect unknown. Sold in 2019.

1958 - 105 Falkener Drive, Greensboro NC.  Architect unknown. Sold to Irwin and Sterra Stovroff.  Sold in 1986 to Thomas and Joanne Creighton. Sold in 1998 to Ronald Wayne Swann. Sold to 2017 Alan Remfry Rights.  Sold in 2018 to Sheryl Oring.

1958 - The Edward J. and Lorraine Mack House, 2323 Princess Ann Street, Greensboro NC. According to daughter Robin Mack Davis, it was designed by Adrian Phillip Stout (photo, right) of Greensboro. Sold in 2000 to Seymour and Carol Levin. Has been expanded and modified. Top photo by Myra Caffarey.

1958 - The Thomas Edgar Sikes, Jr. House, 117 West Keeling, Greensboro NC. Designed by Jaroslav Jan (JJ) Kabatnik, 1907-1995. He likely designed it on the side while working for Ed Loewenstein in 1957. He also worked for Thomas P. Heritage from 1965-66. Built by Eugene Gulledge of Superior Construction with stucco and "Holiday Hill stone" which was a popular type of manufactured concrete product. Transferred around 1996 to Betty G. Sikes. Transferred in 2010 to Sikes Family Trust. Photo by Paul Macy.

1959 - The Alfred H. and Elizabeth T. Harley House, 3216 James Place, Greensboro. Located in the O. Henry Oaks neighborhood, the largest planned midcentury era community in Greensboro, developed by Kavanagh-Smith & Company. Sold in 2013 to Eric M. Woodard. Featured in the February 2016 issue of O. Henry magazine; photographs by Amy Freeman.

1961 - The Paul E. and Mary E. McDowell House, 2607 Woodview Drive, Greensboro NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 1964 to Thomas J. and Carol O. Zimmerman, Jr. Sold in 1974 to Joel L. and Angela B. Deaton. Sold in 1979 to Mitzi S. and Steven L. Ellis. Sold in 1988 to Karen J. and Michael A. Freeman. Sold in 1993 to Mary N. and John Marshall Brannon. Sold in 2004 to Joseph W. Gilbert. Sold in 2013 to Veronica Zeilfelder.

1961 - The James J. and Agnes C. Kerr House, 1905 West Cone Boulevard, Greensboro NC. Built by John R. Taylor Company, which built most of the block. Likely designed by John R. Taylor as he designed most of the firm's houses. Sold back in 1964 to the Taylor Company. Sold in 1971 to Jobet Investments, Inc. Sold in 1974 again to the Taylor Company. Sold in 1978 to Larry Allen and Deborah W. Morton. Sold in 1979 to Dorothy A. and Edward S. Conway. Sold in 1985 to Lissa I. and Richards C. Saunders, Jr. Foreclosed in 2010. Sold in 2011 to Michael Sandy. Sold in 2014 to Colin T. Lemon.  Sold in 2017 to Anne L. Beckwith.

1962 - The John T. and Mabel S. Hiatt House, 4003 West Friendly Avenue, Greensboro NC. Designed and built by John Hiatt, who built over 500 houses in the Greensboro area. John Hiatt's home studio/office was located on the second floor. Mabel Hiatt's dance studio was in the basement. Remodeled 1985 by Hiatt. Sold in 2003 to Peter Walker. Sold later in 2003 to T. Lee and Loring Mortenson. Part of the 2013 NCMH Modstar Tour.

1963 - 303 Nutwood Circle, Jamestown, Guilford County. Architect unknown. Sold in 2019.

1964 - The Norman A. and Margaret Fox House, 5925 Western Trail (originally Renard Road), Greensboro. Plans came from the 1961 House Beautiful Design of the Year. Fox also built a small house next door at 5933 Western Trail for his mother-in-law. According to Fred Bean, He connected these two homes with a cable suspension footbridge (destroyed). Photo by Myra Caffarey.

1965 - The Hugh and Sammie Ann Creed House, 1214 Jefferson, Greensboro. According to his daughter, Paige Creed Wilkerson, it was designed by her dad who was an engineer and surveyor. When he died, it was transferred to Sammie Ann Creed. Sold in 2013 to Chong and Jerry W. Matherly. They added a pitched roof. Bottom photo by Myra Caffarey.

1965 - The Dale H. and Irene N. Butcher House, 5935 Western Trail, Greensboro. Designed and built by Butcher, who was a dentist. 3500 sf. Sold in 1985 to Guy H. Watson, Jr. Sold in 1987 to Eugene H. and Helga E. Tennies. Sold in 1995 to Michael J. Golden. Sold later in 1995 to Fred D. and Teresa Lee Bean. According to Fred Bean, the house has undergone few renovations over the years. A large opening between the great room and living room has been constructed, and one bedroom doorway moved. The original forced hot water heating system was replaced with an electric heat pump. The patio at the back of the house was converted to a screen porch. The original tar and gravel roof was replaced with a rubber membrane, then later replaced with a flame-applied bituminous roofing system. Some lighting and plumbing fixtures have been replaced over the years.

1965 - The Olin and Hilda Meeks House, 5401 Old Lake Jeanette Road, Greensboro. Designed by Olin Meeks, an engineering graduate of NCSU, from a magazine plan. Built by Luke Jobe. Sold in 1978 to Lillie Pauze. Deeded in 1979 to Pauze heirs. Sold in 1980 to Andre and Elaine Dumont. Sold in 1988 to Peter Allen. Sold in 2001 to Melvin W. (Wesley) Adkins.

1965 - The Tommy L. and Edith Conrad Teague House, 1609 Hobbs Road, Greensboro.  Architect unknown.  Deeded in 1975 to Edith Conrad.  Sold in 1983.  Sold in 1985 to Lewis J. and Kay Wagstaff. Sold in 2000 to Anne M. and Frederick  A. Herschler. Widow sold it in 2018 to Pamela and Stephen D'Amico. For sale in 2019.

1966 - The Alexander and Lodean Imhoff Spears III House, 216 Kemp Road East, Greensboro NC. Designed by Alexander's brother in law, architect Sylvester Damianos. Sold in 1978 to Lodean Imhoff Spears. Sold in 1999 to Charles (Tim) and Miriam Barkley. Sold in 2011.

1967 - The Darrell Sechrest House, 5311 Wayne Road, Sedgefield NC. Designed by John Taylor who worked for Loewenstein-Atkinson but did this project independently. Sechrest was Taylor's brother-in-law's boss at the time, according to Loewenstein scholar Patrick Lucas. Sechrest bought the land in 1965 from Ogburn Stafford Jr. Sold in 2011 to Melinda and Robert (Mike) Cornelison, who were renters there previously. Sold in 2013 to Kimberly T. and George W. Boss Jr.

1969 - The William E. and Ruth E. Hitt House, 4800 Oakcliffe, Greensboro NC. Designed and built by William Hitt, who was an engineer for Fluor/Daniels, engineers for the Burlington Industries headquarters building on Friendly Avenue, now destroyed. According to his daughter Linda, "he built it like a bunker, using all his knowledge from designing nuclear plants." Sold in 1971 to Jack and Maxine Bayer. Sold in 1980 to William D. and Lena Carroll. Sold in 1990 to Kenneth S. and Ann B. Rabe. Sold in 2004 to David E. and Janet Greene. Sold in 2005 to Isaiah W. (Win) and Linda Johnson who did a complete renovation. According to past owner Win Johnson, the structure is of commercial grade quality with structural steel and a unique concrete ductwork system. Sold in 2012 to Joe Daye Banner. Sold in 2014 to Jaime F. and James H.A. Mitchell.  Sold in 2017 to Alexia C. and Christian T. Nichols. Sold in 2018 to Lise H. and Donald E. McBrayer.

1969 - The Norman E. and Mary Elizabeth (Pat) Jarrard House, 616 East Lake Drive, Greensboro NC. Designed by Norman Jarrard with plans drafted by B. A. Hendrix and built by Don Setliff. Sold in 2006 to Allison S. and Roger B. Hunt. Remodeled in 2006. Sold in 2013 to Chandra W. and Edwin H. (Ed) Young Jr. Top photo by Myra Caffarey.

1969 - The Harold M. and Miriam Gutterman House, 203 Kemp Road East, Greensboro NC. Built by Bea Melton. Interior design by Harland Pell. Architect unknown. Sold in 1999 to David L. and Susan Gutterman. Sold in 2003.

1972 - The Joanne M. and Edgar Max Woodbury House, 4608 Bentford Road, Greensboro. The architect was Irving E. Palmquist; the designer was Richard B Pollman. Sold in 2005 to Arthur J. Beaudet Jr. Sold in 2015 to Casey G. Rosett and Matthew W. Potter.

1975 - The John S. and Eugenia MacRae III House, 2107 Medford Lane, Greensboro NC. Designed by John MacRae. Sold in 2015 to Patricia L. and Robert R. Allen. Sold in 2017 to Kristen Raizada and Khoi Vo. Sold in 2019.

1975 - The Joel and Patricia Funderburk House, 802 West Cornwallis Road, Greensboro NC. Designed by architect Joel Funderburk.  Sold in 2016 to Ian Bracy, who did a restoration. Photos by Amy Freeman.

1976 - The David and Joann Grimes House, 26 Kemp Road East, Greensboro NC. Designed by architect Joel Funderburk. Photos by Paul Macy. Sold in 2000 to John R. Sears.

1976 - The Evelyn and Ryan Crutchfield House, 4 Margaret Court, Greensboro NC. Designed by John MaCrae of MaCrae and Bell Associates. An article appeared in the Greensboro News and Record which featured the house shortly after its completion. Information is also on file in the State Archives recognizing it as noteworthy architecture. Sold to Bonnie Fischer Wilcox and David Wilcox in 1987.  In 1997 they had John MaCrae create a footprint for an expansive addition unbuilt.

1306 Westridge A.JPG

1978 - The Willam B. Rhodes, Jr. House, 1306 Westridge Road, Greensboro NC. Architect unknown. Sold in 1984 to Allen and Ellen Ross. Photo by Paul Macy. As of 2011, still owned by the Ross family.

1983 - The Stanford and Judy Neerman House, 1 Henderson Court, Greensboro. Designed by Glen Lehmann and Lee Mehler of Durham. Remodeled 1990. Bottom photo by Carl Myatt.

1984 - The C. R. and Patricia Bruning III House, 4901 Laurinda Drive, Greensboro. Architect unknown. Sold in 1995 to John C. and Mary Tesh, Jr. Sold in 2006 to Maryann Kingsmill. Sold in 2013 to Kristi and Tyler Hill.

1984 - 11 Wedgewood Court, Greensboro. Made of brick. Architect unknown. Sold to Ricky Holmberg. Sold to Suntrust Bank. Sold in 2007 to Christian Skene.

1990 - 2920 Crossfield Drive, Greensboro NC.  Architect unknown.

 1991 - The Hugo T. and Marilyn Ruberg Residence, 8000 Willow Glen Trail, Greensboro. 3400 sf. Designed by Mario Grigni. Sold in 2003 to Ruberg Family Trust. Sold in 2015 to Alan P. and Julia R. Myrick.

1994 - The Catherine C. Edwards and Gary R. Robbins House, 110 Cottonwood Drive, Jamestown NC. Designed by architect Gary Robbins. Sold in 2014 to Kathy A. and Jack E. Pierson Jr.

1997 - 7393 Brooks Bridge Road, Gibsonville. Architect unknown. Sold in 2018.

2014 - The Linda Haber and Jason Mostofsky House
, 3311 Kettering Place, Greensboro NC.  Designed by Steve Price of Blowing Rock.  Built by Wolfe Builders.

2016 - The Dana Dunn House, 4209-A Henderson Road, Greensboro.  Designed by Bruce Conaway. Built by Southern Evergreen LLC.  Photos by Paul Macy.