Starting in 2012, Chapel Hill architect Steven Clipp hosted an internet radio show, Winning the Dream Home Race. The first radio series in North Carolina to focus on architecture, these are the original 44 episodes. The web series ended February 2013. As of July 2013, Clipp's show moved to WPTF Talk Radio 850 in Raleigh and changed the name to Making Your Home Great, with a focus on home improvement, not so much architecture. Clipp left in 2015 and a variety of other hosts took over.  As of July 2017, it was still on the air.

Shows featuring NCMH

December 7, 2012: Modern Homes For A Modern World with George Smart
October 31, 2013: George Smart and NCMH
April 24, 2014: George Smart discusses the Cherry/Gordon House
January 26, 2015: George Smart and Tara Barthelmess discuss Project Bauhow

Winning the Dream Home Race

Romancing the Home. How to design a home that brings a couple closer together
Dollars and Sense
The Psychology of Home How do you identify the elements that are unique to you?
10 Questions You Must Answer Before Renovating
Greatest Spaces: What constitutes a great space?
Why Involve an Architect?
Understanding Contractors
Rooms I Have Loved
Living Romantically In Paris and Venice?
Front Porches, Screen Porches, Porches to Your Soul.
Sensible, Green, Luxury Living
How Much Will It Cost?
Should I Do It Myself?
Preparing For The Teen Years: a home can facilitate mayhem or encourage a future presidential scholar
Money, Money, Money, Money. How to spend wisely and how to keep from overspending
The Wonders of Blowing Rock NC
Planning the Perfect Getaway House, Brown Bear Lodge, my second home
How to Blow $2.5 Million. A big part of winning is learning from the errors of others.
The Perfect Cottage Home
Winning With Stock Home Plans, Part 1
Winning With Stock Home Plans, Part 2
Getting Started on the Truly Custom Home
The Ultimate Custom Home Masterpiece
Can an Architect Design a Small Inexpensive Home?
I Love French Country, Why Do Architects Distain It?
Romancing The Home; Scoring The AIA Triangle Home Tour
The Bottom Line On Energy. 
Renovation / Addition Questions You Must Ask
It’s Now Or Never: How To Get Started
What’s In A Name? Georgian, Modern or French Country
You, Flippers And The DC Rowhouse
The Old House: Restoration, Renovation, and Reality
To Buy Or To Build; stick-built or insulated concrete forms?
How To Hire An Architect
Oh The Optimism And Energy Of Youth, a Conversation With My Daughter on Her New House
Are There Any Deals Still To Be Had? Can I still find a deal or is the opportunity gone?
Optimizing Construction Cost Through Competitive Pricing
My Dream Home – The Architect’s Wish List
Fireplaces; Rock Stars and Massively Stoned
Siteplanning For Success, A To-Do and Not To-Do List
A Joyful Home
Romancing the Home For Valentines Day (file missing)
Making Your Dream Home a Great Investment