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Harrell served in WWII as part of the Army Air Corps, then graduated from Georgia Tech.   Harrell practiced architecture in Hickory NC for over 55 years.  For some of that time, he was partners with an architect named Clark.  He was founder of the Hickory Downtown Development Association and he created the Oktoberfest Committee annual festival.  Ailing, he died at the 2007 festival.  He was author of two books, Tomato Stake Dome Trip and A Wonderful Walk in the Woods.

Harrell reading "How Come Christmas"

1950 - The Elizabeth M. and James L. Houston House, 24 9th Avenue NW, Hickory NC. Built by Moser & Shook Lumber Company. Featured in a 1958 House and Home magazine. Transferred 1995 to the Houston's Trust.  Sold in 2013 to Leslie Jo Stogner.

1952 - The Ruth Roberts Harrell Schroder House, 508 Watford Avenue, Greenwood SC.  Commissioned 1950 for his mother, who left it to him and his siblings upon her death.  Sold to a family named Bishop.  Fell into disrepair. Sold in 2012, remodeled in 2013. Sold in 2014 to Roxanna Albury.   

1954 - 103 Virginia Road, Montreat NC.  Sold in 2018 Wayne Hatcher.

1956 - The Mack R. and Miriam B. Means House, 214 9th Avenue NW, Hickory NC.  Built by MG Crouch Lumber Company.  Sold multiple times. Sold in 1995 to Susan D. and Brian P. Nestor. Sold in 2001 to Deborah and Charles Finger.

1956 - The Beemer Harrell House I, Hickory NC.  Need address!


1956 - The Brian Lewis House, 1852 2nd Street NW, Hickory NC.  Built by MG Crouch Lumber Company.  Many of the materials were imported.  Sold in 2004 to Judith M. Bost.

1958 - The Robert Phifer House, Terrace Place, Morganton NC.  Built by MG Crouch Lumber Company.

1959 - The Robert L. and Daisy S. Johnson House, 960 North Center Street, Hickory NC.  Sold to Kimberly C. and Michael A. Speagle. Sold in 2006 to Diane G. and John M. Vezmar. Sold to Kay Johnson and David N. Webber. Sold in 2009 to Diane G. and John M. Vezmar. Sold in 2013 to Melanie C. and Derek R. Willis. Sold in 2018 to Eileen P. and Jonathan L. Wilson.

1959 - The A. M. and Clara West House, 351 2nd Street NE, Hickory NC.  Built by MG Crouch Lumber Company.  Traditional design.  Sold multiple times. Sold in 1994 to Judy L. Davis.


1961 - The Clarence Beach House, 301 Hibriten Avenue SW, Lenoir NC. 
Built by MG Crouch Lumber Company. 

1979 - The Beemer and Julia Rush Harrell House II, 5785 Walnut Grove Drive, Hickory NC.  Sold in 2007 to David Crichton and Sandy Trevathan.

Year Unknown - The Henry Grill House, Valdese NC.  Address unknown.  Built by MG Crouch Lumber Company. 
Source include:  Harrell family.