2020-2022 Event

6/23/22 George Smart, speaker AIA Convention Chicago
6/12/22 Brunch - New Canaan CT Bridge House
6/11/22 Trickle Tour- Durham Scholz House
6/4/22 Winston Salem Tour
6/2/22 George guest speaker- Philadelphia DOCOMOMO
5/19/22 T4A- Vault, Raleigh
5/19/22 George Smart, speaker, Greensboro
5/8/22 Fallingwater
4/28/22 T4A- redesign, Raleigh
4/28/22 George Smart speaker, Columbia Design League
4/9/22 George Smart speaker @ COR Musuem, Raleigh
4/2/22 Duda Paine Book Signing- Dillon, Raleigh
2/18/22 Modernism Week Festivities
2/9/22 Movie Zoom w/ ?
1/5/22 Movie Zoom w/ Max Strang
11/3/21 Movie Zoom w/ Don Ruggles
10/30/21 Trickle Tour- Chapel Hill
10/23/21 Rebekah guest speaker/ sponsor at Oct4Mod, New Canaan
10/21/21 Wine Tasting- 1 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh
10/2/21 George Smart, guest speaker, Atlanta
9/30/21 Wine Tasting- Australia / Winefeed Durham
9/19/21 LL Modernist Auction
9/18/21 T4A- Consentino, Raleigh
9/13/21 Trickle Tour
9/6/21 Auldbrass Trip
9/6/21 George Smart, speaker, New Bern
9/2/21 Sake Tasting- 1 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh
8/19/21 LL Modernist Auction
8/3/21 Wilmington Historic Preservation Award
7/31/21 Trickle Tour- Chapel Hill
7/29/21 Matsumoto Awards Ceremony @ Boxyard
6/19/21 Trickle Tour- 2409 Rockbridge Court, Raleigh
6/6/21 Magazines & Margaritas @ Pelham Road
5/15/21 Trickle Tour- Dix Park Church, Raleigh
5/5/21 Virtual T4A- NCState Room
4/10/21 Trickle Tour- 123 Hillcrest, Raleigh
3/27/21 Trickle Tour- Durham
3/6/21 Trickle Tour- Wilmington
3/4/21 Movie Zoom w/ Jake Gorst, Leisurama
2/23/21 Trickle Tour- Goldsboro
2/13/21 Trickle Tour- Fairweather, Raleigh
2/6/21 Movie
1/23/21 Trickle Tour- Greensboro
1/16/21 Trickle Tour- Duke Street, Durham
1/14/21 Movie Bruce Goff
1/9/21 Trickle Tour- 909 Iredell, Durham
12/26/20 Trickle Tour- 2204 Chase, Durham
12/10/20 Movie Zoom w/ Visual Acoustics
12/2/20 George Smart on CBS 17 Raleigh
11/21/20 Trickle Tour- Englewood, Durham
11/14/20 Trickle Tour- 106 Carolina, Chapel Hill
11/5/20 Movie Zoom Frey II w/ Jake Gorst
10/9/20 Movie Zoom w/ Alysa Nahmias
9/26/20 Virtual Charlotte Tour/ George Smart, speaker
9/12/20 Trickle Tour
8/22/20 Trickle Tour-Hungry Neck, Raleigh
8/8/20 Trickle Tour- Barbara Court, Chapel Hill
4/3/20 Zoom Martini Party

August 2021
Visual Art Exchange, Raleigh NC

July 2021
The New Boxyard, Research Triangle Park NC.
Hosted by the Research Triangle Foundation.
Included the 2021 George Matsumoto Prize Awards. 

Poetry Fox

December 2020
Trickle Tour, Durham

2204 Chase, Durham
.  It's our Santa-edition day-after-Christmas tour of a classic 1970's house in Durham with a cool conversation pit!   This unusual house was taken from a plan book and modified by architect H. Wayne Smith.  It was built by the original owner. 


Author Victoria Bell was there to autograph her new book, Triangle Modern Architecture.

October 2020
The New Bauhaus


As the Nazis took over Germany, many of the displaced Bauhaus masters found refuge in the United States. In 1937, László Moholy-Nagy came to Chicago to start the New Bauhaus. The school was far from successful initially, but through its various incarnations, Moholy-Nagy and his New Bauhaus forever transformed design, photography and arts education in America and beyond. In Chicago, The New Bauhaus evolved from its origins at the German Bauhaus into an extraordinary flowering of interdisciplinary design pedagogy premised on the notion that “the whole field of contemporary architecture and design must be based upon an indivisible unification of formerly separated and independent fields.”  Viewers were invited to a private Zoom call with producer Alysa Nahmias.

mber 2020
STOP Water Trickle
Trickle Tour 5, Raleigh NC

The Auerbach House

Designed by Lucy Carol Davis


45 people attended.

September 2020
STOP Water Trickle
Trickle Tour 4, Siler City NC
The Blair House
Designed by Arthur Cogswell

55 people attended.

Get Your Tickets to the Mad About Modern Home Tour Now! |  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission

August 2020
STOP Water Trickle
Trickle Tour 3, Raleigh NC
The Joe Kwon House
Designed by Raleigh Architecture



70 people attended.
August 2020
STOP Water Trickle
Trickle Tour 2, Durham NC

What's a trickle tour?  It's where Modernist fans visit an unoccupied Modernist house at a trickle of the normal rate, dramatically reducing the number of people in the house. This house was designed by Jon Condoret. 72 people attended.
July 2020
STOP Water Trickle
Trickle Tour 1, Durham NC

What's a trickle tour?  It's where Modernist fans visit an unoccupied Modernist house at a trickle of the normal rate, dramatically reducing the number of people in the house. This house was designed by Katie Dyer. 75 people attended.
June 2020
Matsumoto Prize
Go here.
February 2020
Modernism Week Palm Springs
33 people attended.

February 2020

Image result for nest raleigh
The Nest, Fayetteville Street, Raleigh. Co-hosted with Martin Evans PhotoImaging. 50 people attended.

ModHomes Movie Series, February 2020

Eileen Gray: Gray Matters

Eileen Gray was an artist and architect whose vision and creative imagination changed the way we live with furniture and with houses. Featuring interviews with the foremost Gray scholars, auction experts, museum curators and collectors, the film explores one of the most influential but least known modernist icons with focus on the continuing relevance of Eileen Gray’s architectural and newly restored masterpiece, the Villa E1027. After the film, a panel discussion on the impact of Eileen Gray moderated byarchitect Ellen Cassilly. 70 people attended.

January 2020
Lucy Daniels Foundation, Raleigh

The Lucy Daniels Building, designed by Frank Harmon, Raleigh. Architect Frank Harmon signed copies of his new book. 75 people attended.

January 2020
Architecture Movie Series
Chelsea Theatre, Chapel HIll

NC State's Entry into the AIA Film Challenge (2019, 5 min)
with Professors Tom Barrie and David Hill

During a design studio, eleven NC State College of Design graduate students researched veteran homelessness and support services, compiled and analyzed best practices of micro housing, and made a video about building micro house villages for veterans statewide.

Renzo Piano: The Architect of Light (2018, 80 min)

A very special building, the Botín Center in Santander, Spain. The architect, a contemporary genius, Renzo Piano.The director, another contemporary genius, Carlos Saura. Carlos Saura and Renzo Piano will unfold their view on the relationship between architecture and cinema and show us the magic surrounding this gigantic building as imagined by Renzo Piano. The Botín Center, through time, will modify the soul of the city forever.

70 people attended.