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USModernist is the world's largest open digital archive for residential Modernist architecture and magazines with 5,000 houses and 4,000 issues. It's seriously addictive. There are over 26,000 photos, documents, videos, and audio files. USModernist features three main areas:

US Modernist Radio, the "Car Talk" of design podcasts!

US Modernist Masters Gallery: details on the entire residential output of Wright (Sr. and Jr.), Lautner, Neutra, Rudolph, Ain, Schindler, Ellwood, Soriano, Kundig, Arahuete, Gehry, Gropius, Breuer, Gwathmey, Meier, Jones (E. Fay and A. Quincy), Williams (Paul and E. Stewart) and many more. 

US Modernist Library: when complete, 1.4 million pages of every major US architecture magazine since 1930. Full editions, downloadable, and searchable. Yep, all of them.