NC Modernist Houses and USModernist are two historic preservation sites run by Modernist Archive, Inc., a 501C3 nonprofit educational archive founded in 2009. Our ongoing mission is to document, preserve, and promote Modernist residential design.  NC Modernist Houses focuses on architects and houses in North Carolina.  USModernist focuses on the most prominent architects and houses across America.

While we have many tours and events each year, sponsors make the difference in supporting providing outstanding service to the public.  We have been recognized with 12 local, state, and national awards for leadership in historic preservation.

NC Modernist Houses and USModernist are the definitive online resources for Modernist residential architecture. We are America's largest open digital archives for mid-century Modernist houses with over 800 gigabytes of content, including 26,000 photos, profiles of 7,000 amazing Modernist houses, and biographies of 380 talented architects. The detailed content is unrivaled -- causing visitors to return again & again.

Our sponsors reach an enthusiasic, design-oriented audience who seek out new products, exciting experiences, and creative services. We are a sponsor's best connection to people who love Modernist design and tend to be influential, artistic, intelligent, highly educated, affluent and well-travelled. Many are in the market to buy, rent, build or renovate using Modernist-knowledgeable sources and professionals.

Details of available underwriting opportunities are below.  Contact Rebekah Laney, rebekah@ncmodernist.org, for assistance, or instructions for proceeding are at the bottom of the page.

NCModernist.org and USModernist.org
Website Sponsorships

Let the design-loving public know about your products and services.  Your logo & link will appear on the Home, Masters, or For Sale page, as you prefer. The format is 200hX300v pixels (or smaller).  $1700 per year.

NCMH Monday Newsletter Sponsorships

Our weekly Monday newsletter reaches 16,000+ people directly and 6,500+ more via Facebook and Twitter. Your logo & link will appear in the prime side bar position. The format is 200hx300v pixels (or smaller). The newsletter automatically feeds to Twitter and Facebook, giving multiple exposures. $1700 per year.

USModernist Architecture Magazine Library

All across America, architecture magazines from the 20th century are rotting in basements, if they haven't already been trashed. These visually brilliant publications chronicled the best of Modernist architecture along with the talented, progressive architects of that era. Access to historical information has never been more critical for preservation. The US Modernist Library contains nearly every copy of major 20th century architecture publication - over 6,000 issues, or 2.5 million pages.  All free, searchable, printable, and downloadable!  To underwrite the extensive research, acquisition, and support this massive project requires, research sponsorships are available for $5,000 per year. Your name and link will be on the Library site.


NC Modernist and USModernist House Tours

NCMH runs wildly popular house tours locally, statewide, nationally, and internationally.  Sponsorship ranges from $2,000 (local) to $15,000, and includes one seat on the tour (including airfare, hotel, travel, and most meals!).  This exclusive access gets connections with 25-52 potential clients and partners over an extended period of time.  Includes a 200hx300v pixel logo & link on the Tour website, inclusion of your materials in the participant package, and more.

USModernist Radio is one of the top ten recommended architecture podcasts!  Listen as the USModernist Radio crew talks and laughs with fascinating people who own, sell, create, love, and hate Modernist architecture, the most controversial houses and buildings in the world with guests including Paul Goldberger, Kate Wagner, Larry Scarpa, Eames Demetrios, Raymond Neutra, Susan Saarinen, Brad Dunning, Alexandra Lange, Allison Arieff, Alison Brooks, Eric Lloyd Wright, Kelly Lynch, Nathanial Kahn, Jim Cutler, Crosby Doe, Carl Abbott, and Sarah Susanka, among many others. Hosted by George Smart, called the "Lorax" of Modernism by DWELL.

Listen on iTunes * Windows and Android *  Show Information Page

Sponsor the USModernist Radio podcast for $15,000 per year; includes a 30-second underwriting announcement on up to 40 shows and inclusion on all show publicity.  

 NCMH Architecture Movie Series Sponsorships

To educate the public about Modernist architects and the architecture industry in general, NCMH hosts an annual movie series featuring visually brilliant, new, and hard-to-find modern architecture documentaries.

Series Sponsorship (12 movies): $1200, includes 2 free tickets per movie, six rotating powerpoint slides before each movie, plus mention and your 200hx300v pixel link & logo in promotional emails and on the movie webpage.  The exclusive series naming opportunity is $6,000 per year with even more benefits.

 NCMH Thirst for Architecture (T4A)
Design Networking Events

NCMH has hosted a monthly series of wildly popular design networking events since 2009. Your firm provides the location and refreshments for 60-150+ people, getting you direct interaction with a wide variety of potential clients and partners. Includes a 200hx300v pixel logo & link on the T4A webpage. $399 per event. The exclusive series naming opportunity is $3,200 per year (taken through December 2019 by realtor Angela Roehl).

The Matsumoto Prize is North Carolina's highest design honor exclusively for Modernist houses.  Architects and designers from across North Carolina compete for recent excellence in Modernist residential design.  The Prize is promoted throughout the state, nation, and world. Your company name will be included in all materials, advertising, and promotion about the Prize. You will be on stage as part of the awards ceremony, including assisting in hosting, having a banner posted, and other opportunities.  $4,000 per year for exclusive sponsorship.

Want to inspire students in the field of architecture?  NCMH’s outreach to further rural high school architecture education is unprecedented in North Carolina. We've given over 300 full CAD systems to students in underserved areas, plus provided scholarships, architect visits, and college visits to nearly 1,000 kids. Sponsor Project BauHow for $7,500 a year.

Payment and Terms

Payment is due at time of sponsorship. Go to the NCMH Donate page and pay the amount due as shown above.  Then e-mail a 200hx300v graphic and a linkDonations and sponsorships are typically tax-deductible.