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Jones was born in Kansas City MO and was raised in Gardena CA, finishing high school in Seattle WA. Afterwards he enrolled in the University of Washington program in architecture, where he was particularly influenced by Lionel Pries. He graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1936.

After marrying a fellow architecture student. Ruth Schneider,, Jones returned to Los Angeles, working first in the offices of the modernist architects Douglas Honnold and George Vernon Russell from 1936 to 1937, and Burton A. Schutt from 1937 to 1939.

From 1939 to 1940, he worked for Paul Revere Williams. Next he worked for Allied Engineers, Inc. of San Pedro from 1940 to 1942, where he met architect and future partner Frederick Emmons.

In 1942, Jones received his California architect certification, got divorced, and became a lieutenant commander in the Navy assigned to the aircraft carrier USS Lexington. Discharged in 1945, Jones returned to Los Angeles and opened an architectural office in a house in Laurel Canyon he had built with his former wife. On his first day in business Jones secured his first client.

Jones partnered with Paul Revere Williams on several projects in the Palm Springs area. These include the Palm Springs Tennis Club (1947), the Town & Country Restaurant (1948), and the restaurant Romanoff's On the Rocks (1950). Jones also participated in John Entenza's Case Study House program.

The December 1950 issue of Architectural Forum featured a "Builder's House of the Year" designed by Jones. The same issue also awarded the innovative Palo Alto building magnate Joseph Eichler "Subdivision of the Year." Eichler then invited Jones to tour the Palo Alto development he had just completed where he suggested they join forces. This relationship continued until Eichler's death in 1974. Through Eichler, Jones was provided both the venue and the freedom to implement park-like common areas, or greenbelts, in tract housing developments. In 1960, Jones was hired by William Pereira as a planning partner in the development of the city of Irvine CA which has since become a model for the integration of greenbelts into urban planning.

The Eichler work commission prompted Jones to reconnect with Frederick Emmons. The Jones-Emmons partnership lasted from 1951 until Emmons' retirement in 1969. Their designs are reflected in some 5,000 of Eichler's homes. Jones and Emmons were awarded national AIA Firm of the Year in 1969.

Jones was also a professor and later Dean of architecture at the University of Southern California's School of Architecture 1951-1967. By the 1960's Jones was designing a large umber of university campus buildings and larger office buildings, including the 1963 IBM Aerospace Headquarters in Westchester, California. Several University of California campuses feature significant examples of Jones' work.

Bio adapted from Wikipedia. Thanks to Catherine Westergaard Cramer for her extensive research.

1938 - The Nina Anderton House, 778 Sarbonne Road, Los Angeles CA. Construction drawings dated April 4, 1938, identify Jones as the draftsperson for Burton Schutt. In 1945 Jones and architect Jean Ruth Driskel added a poolside playhouse. Renovations/additions also in 1948, 1950 (garden and terraces), and 2005. Sold to the Robert Blumenfield Trust. 

1939 - The A. Quincy and Ruth Jones House and Office/Studio, 8661/8663 Nash Drive, Los Angeles CA. Quincy Jones bought the property deemed unbuildable from a Mr. Anderton (who later became a client), and built two adjacent houses. One was to be used as a rental. After he returned from the Navy in 1945, he occupied one and used the other for his office. In 1950 the two houses were joined, and a stairway was built to connect the garage to the office and the living room was enlarged by including the existing balcony and porch. Ruth was Jones' first wife. Featured in Arts and Architecture, March 1947. Featured in the LA Times Magazine, 9/29/74. Sold to the Coffey Trust. Sold in 2008 to Jeffrey Myers. B/W photos by Julius Shulman.  Sold in 2015 to Dream Collections LLC.

1945 - The F. B. Gardner House, aka Rossmayne Tract, Glendale CA. Unbuilt.

1945 - The Lawrence and Betty Golbin House, Laurel Canyon area, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt. Designed by Jean Ruth Driskel. This was not a joint venture; the work did not proceed and neither did their architectural association.

1945 - The J. K. Hull House, 3503 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Studio City CA. Unbuilt. Neither of two plans were built but were sold to new owner E. A. Raulston in 1948. See below.

1945 - The F. C. Skillman House, 2364 Stanley Hills Drive, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt. Address not found on maps; land was probably merged into another lot.

1946 - The Doria Balli House, Grand View Drive, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1946 - The Roy Davis House, Culver City CA. Unbuilt.

1946 - The William and Thelma Douglas House, Tujunga CA. Unbuilt.

1946 - The Orrin K. Earl, Jr., House #1, Bridgen Road, Altadena CA. Unbuilt.

1946 - The Orrin K. Earl, Jr., House #2, Woodlyn Road, Altadena CA. Unbuilt.

1946 - The Charles Forsch House, 2020 Hillcrest Road, Los Angeles CA. Address not found on maps; land was probably merged into another lot. Unbuilt.


1946 - The James Manoil House, Malibu CA. Two residences designed for different locations, one at the beach, one on the hillside. The client chose the beach house design but died suddenly before construction started. Unbuilt. Jones designed medical offices for Manoil but these too were unbuilt.

1947 - The William Anderson House, Pacific View Drive, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1947 - The James Breen House, Northridge CA. Unbuilt.

1947 - The Harry Bresnick House, Pacific View Drive, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1947 - The Kenneth Colborn Alternations, Pasadena CA. Unbuilt.

1947 - The A. Cole House, Lowry Road, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1947 - The F. V. Domke Apartments, Palm Springs, CA. Unbuilt.

1947 - The Gilpin House, Toluca Lake CA. Unbuilt.


1947 - The Winfield Hancock House, 2214 Stanley Hills Drive, Los Angeles CA. This house is listed as either 2100 or 2214 in the Jones archives. There is no 2100. 2214 was built in 1947, and there is no conclusive evidence that Jones actually designed the home. Last altered in 1978. Sold to Jane Baer. Sold in 1995 to Andrew Oliphant. Sold in 2000 to Theodore Vandernoot. Sold March 2014. Needs verification as a Jones design.

1947 - The Bert Malouf House, Baroda Drive, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1947 - The Ernest Malouf House, Westminster Park Duplex and Residential Development, Salt Lake City UT. Unbuilt.

1947 - The Peter Paul Ott Apartment Building, Beverly Hills CA. Unbuilt.A year later Rudolf Schindler designed an apartment house for Ott, also unbuilt.

1947 - The Rob and Florence Wagner House, Carbon Beach, Malibu, CA. But unbuilt. Florence Wagner was deeded the land and later married James Breese. They lived in Santa Fe NM and did not proceed with the project.

1948 - The Anderton Apartments, aka the Bel Air Garden Apartments, aka Winanas Apartments, 850 Moraga Drive, Los Angeles CA. All nine apartments, converted to townhomes, have private gardens. After Anderton's death, Nina Anderton married Richard T. Winanas, Jr.

Around 1948 - The A. Quincy Jones House, a 4-unit bachelor house, unbuilt. This was a design concept study for small bachelor apartments, 400 sf each with parking at lower level.

1948 - The E. A. Raulston House, 3503 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Studio City CA. The design was based on two schemes Jones drew for the site's original owner J. K. Hull. Hull transferred the plans for the two houses to Raulston when the lot was sold. Sold in 1995 to Sylvia Voegele Trust. Sold in 1999 to Alexandre Cazazian Trust.

1948 - The Ollie Morris Alterations, location unknown.

1948 - The Nathan Rosenberg House, Cresta Road, San Diego CA. Unbuilt.

1949 - The Del Webb Construction Pueblo Gardens Development, Tucson AZ. Designed with Paul Williams to fulfill the housing demand after WWII. Commissioned 1948. 700 units: 500 houses, 200 duplexes; 5 or 6 finished model houses. As of 2014, a very low-income neighborhood, with homes altered quite a bit.

1949 - The Del Webb Alterations, 3007 North Manor Drive West, Phoenix AZ. Commissioned 1948. Designed with architect Paul Williams. The original traditional 1935 house was sold to Webb in 1943. The Webbs held lavish parties there for his development business. Sold to Craig and Elizabeth Isaacs.

1949 - The L. C. (Jake) Jacobson House, 7537 North Central Avenue, Phoenix AZ. Donated to the Catholic sisters as a retreat. May be destroyed. Needs verification. 

1949 - The Winston B. Chappell House, 800 Tarcuto Way, Los Angeles CA. Jones did additions in 1955 and 1958 that were delayed from the original design. The Chappell's son is an architect in Los Angeles and did a restoration. Alterations were made in the kitchen in 1961. Sold in 2009 to the James and Helen Zukin Trust.

1949 - The Omar J. and Martha Fareed House, 10350 Wyton Drive, Los Angeles CA. About 3500 sf. Built by Kenneth P. Schmidt. Featured in the LA Times, August 7, 1949 and September 29, 1974.  Jones did a studio addition in 1960 growing it to 5000 sf.  According to their daughter Marcee Fareed Craighill, Jones designed much of the furniture as well. Many public service commercials were filmed there as part of Fareed's foundation. Sold in the 1990's to Robert Heffron. There was another addition in 2000 pushing it to 8000 sf, 11 bedrooms and 10 baths.  Sold in 2002 to the Saeed Farkhondehpour Trust.  Destroyed. Similar to the Brody House.

1949 - The Anne Jones Beach House, Capistrano CA. Unbuilt.

1949 - The Douglas Kenaston House, 30 Lagunita Drive, Laguna CA. They were living there through at least 1966. The home now listed at 30 Lagunita was built in 1985. Needs verification.

1949 - The John Kieffer House, 1252 Inverness Drive, Pasadena CA. Although often listed in Jones' archives, the house was designed by Harold B. Zook, not Jones, and built in 1956. An article from a 1959 newspaper with Mrs. Kieffer confirms the house was designed by Zook. Perhaps they talked to Jones first.

1949 - The Mutual Hills Cooperative Community and Off-Site Pilot (Model) House, aka Crestwood Hills, Los Angeles CA.  Commissioned 1946. Joint venture with Whitney Smith and Edgardo Contini, engineer. The 825-acre site with 500 homes was finished out about 1950.  Above example: The Grant House, 815 Bramble.  Photo by Michael Locke.

1949 - aka the Pilot House, 735 Rome Drive, Los Angeles CA. Designed with Whitney R. Smith. Altered in 1997. Sold to the Katharine and Julian Donahue Living Trust. 

1950 - The Friedman House, location unknown. It is not listed individually in the Jones collection. Need address.

1950 - 815 North Tigertail, Los Angeles CA. Sold to George L. and Sylvia L. Silk-Kline. Deeded to their trust. Sold in 2014 to Westside Estates LLC.

 1950 - 990 Hanley Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Sold to Jones scholar and author Cory Buckner.

1949 - The Ford Tussing Alterations, Sleepy Hollow, Orinda CA. Unbuilt.

1950 - The Paul Ash House, 9548 El Venado Drive, Whittier CA. No such address. 9546 and 9554 were built in 1953 and 1956 respectively. Assume unbuilt. Needs verification.

1950 - The O. R. Cummins House, location unknown. Unbuilt.

1950 - The Andrew Fuller House, originally 4112 Edgehill Road, Fort Worth TX. Address is now called 4167 Charron Lane West. Jones built the house, guest house, and entrance gate. There were more additions and alternations 1950 to 1953. Sold in 2003 to Joseph Bravenec, Jr. Sold to Frost National Bank. Sold in 2012 to Michael Jones who did a restoration. For sale 2014-2017.

1950 - The Stephen Nordinger House I, 11492 Thurston Circle, Bel Air area of Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1948. Jones designed another home for Nordinger in 1955. Sold to the Beverly Bessin Trust.


1950 - The Arthur Fuller House, aka Sun Villa Model Home, aka San Diego House, 3068 East Chevy Chase Drive, Glendale CA.  Sold in 2000 to Orson and Harriet Shimmin. Sold in 2006 to Karen A. Drosdik.  Photo by Michael Locke.

1950 - The Frank Webber House, aka Sun Villa Model Home, aka San Diego House, 268 West Kenneth Road, Glendale CA. Sold in 2013 to Varand Balasanian and Zaruhl Rostomian. Was on tour September 2015.  Photos by Michael Locke.

1950 - The Peggy Baum Gerry House, 24th Street, Santa Monica CA. Unbuilt.

1950 - The Al H. Howe House, 1036 Chautauqua Boulevard, Pacific Palisades CA. Presumed destroyed; a new house was built there in 1996.

1950 - The A. C. Hvistendahl House, aka Sun Building Company Model House, aka the San Diego House, aka the Sun Villas, 2400 or 2548 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego CA. Commissioned 1950. Published in Architectural Forum, 1950. Won the 1950 National AIA First Honor Award.

On the Modern San Diego website, the Hvistendahl house is listed as 2400. Both addresses are gone. 


1950 - The Kett House, 1709 Golf Club Drive, Glendale CA. Designed with Frederick E. Emmons. Built by Morley Construction at the Chevy Chase Country Club. Part of a development of 56 tract houses. Several architects designed models. Alterations in 1982. Sold in 1989 to Robert Norman Trust. Sold in 2001 to Panos Haitayan. Sold in 2013 to David Yunkeun Kim. Photos by Michael Locke.

1950 - The Donald L. and Ruth Leavitt House, aka San Diego House, 1919 Bayberry Drive, Los Angeles CA. 1000sf. Designed with Frederick E. Emmons. Featured in the Pasadena Independent Star News, February 17, 1958; Los Angeles Times March 31, 1957 and August 19, 1958.  Destroyed. Sold in 1999 to George A. and Michelle Pondella, who built a new house on the site, bottom photo.  

1950 - 12450 Rochedale Lane, Los Angeles.  Sold to Morris and Lydia Gelb (daughter of original owner).  Sold around 2009 to Landis Green. Featured in DWELL.  1200 sf.

1950 - The Wayne Loel House, Singing Wood Drive, Rancho Santa Anita, CA. Unbuilt.

1950 - The Paul Palmer House, 4802 North Launfal Avenue, Phoenix AZ.


1951 - The William Fuller Addition, 27 Valley Ridge Road, Fort Worth TX.  Jones did several more additions over the years.

1951 - The Hamma House, 12401 Deerbrook, Los Angeles CA.  Designed with Whitney Smith.  Photo by Michael Locke.  Renovation by Chris Peck and Sergio Zeballos.


1951 - The Irwin C. Krim House, Garden Oaks Estates, Lebanon, PA. Unbuilt. Two houses designed for a development which was to have 85 lots.


1951 - The Raymond Marcus House, 503 North Oakhurst Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Destroyed. New house built on the site in 2005. 

1951 - The George McKay House, Via Padova at Olive Point Place, Pomona CA. Unbuilt.

1951 - The William B. Morel House, San Pedro CA. Unbuilt.

1951 - The Ollie Morris House, Palm Springs CA. Unbuilt.

1951 - The Albert Peck House, Palm Springs CA. Unbuilt.

1951 - The Webb and Knapp Communities Tract development, New Orleans LA. Unbuilt.


1951 - The John J. Tuttle Alterations and Additions, 13611 Gault Avenue, Van Nuys CA. Original house built in 1940.  Addition of bathhouse, garden room, and informal living area. Last altered in 2001. Sold to Raymond Rhamey. Sold in 1988 to Jon Barbour Trust. Sold in 2007 to Garouch Grigorian.

 1952 - The George Sanders and Zsa Zsa Gabor Alterations, 11001 Bellagio Road, Los Angeles CA. The original house was for John Parkin, designed by John Parkin and C. A. Carlson; Leon Risemberg, engineer Built by Ray W. Gillette.

1952 - The James Mason Renovation, 1018 Pamela Drive, formerly 1004 Hartford Way, Beverly Hills CA. The original 1926 Italian villa with 20 rooms on 3 acres with guest house and swimming pool was designed by architect Gene Verge and owned by Buster Keaton. In 1932 the Keatons divorced and a year later Natalie Keaton sold the estate. After a succession of celebrity owners, including Barbara Hutton, Cary Grant, and Marlene Dietrich, it was sold to James and and Pamela Mason in 1952. During the Mason's ownership, the address was changed to the current address. When the Masons divorced, Pamela stayed in the house. After her death in 1996 it was sold to John Bercsi and Christopher Bedrosian, who restored it. Sold to William Guthy and Victoria Jackson (of informercial fame) in 2002.

1951 - The Sidney and Frances Brody House, 360 South Mapleton Drive, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1949. In 1957 a bathhouse and storage area were enlarged. In 1958-59, an additional bedroom was added to the 2nd floor, and in 1964-65 alterations and additions and furniture were made to the children's playroom. Sold to Robert Shuwarger, Trustee. Sold to Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi-Degeneres in January 2014. Sold later in 2014 to Sean Parker.

1952 - The Paul Kaven House, 4201 Parva Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1951, altered in 1973. Sold to Leo Goldberg, who would later buy Neutra's Lovell House.  Sold to Edgar Percy. Sold in 1991 to Moon Park. Sold in 1998 to Hiroshi Nada.  Jones did a proposal for the Kavens but the project was given to architect Arthur C. Munson and the design is his.  Photo by Michael Locke.

1952 - The Pardee-Phillips Construction Company, Rancho Estates, no location. Unbuilt.

1953 - The Pardee-Phillips Construction Company, Southdown Estates, 941 Bienveneda.

1954 - The Pardee-Phillips Construction Company, Phillips Park #2, Fullerton, CA. Includes the "Forever House". No specific location found.

1953 - The J. Walter Williams, Jr. House, 5555 Foothill Road, Ventura CA. Sold to the John and Jill Brookwalter Trust.  Vacant lot as of 2017.

1953 - The Max Zimmer House, 1184 Loma Linda Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Sold to Phyllis Factor; altered in 1978. Sold in 2007 to Larry Blake. Sold in 2012 to the Loma Linda Trust.

1954 - The Alex Allison House, 4762 White Oak Avenue, Encino CA. Not a Modernist house. Sold to Maurice Braun. Sold in 1991 to Six Point Company. Sold in 2001 to Mike Torabi. 


1954 - The Gary and Rocky Cooper House, 200 North Baroda Drive, Los Angeles CA. Actor Gary Cooper lived there until 1961. Sold to H. V. Fletcher Trust. Sold in 1996 to Charles Paul. Sold in 1999 to David Bohnett. Altered in 2000. Sold in 2010 to Laurence (Larry) Gagosian. For sale in 2014. 


1954 - The John D. Cooper House, west of Coldwater Canyon, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.


1954 - The Leon Huberland House, 16060 Royal Oak Road, Encino CA. Sold to Todd and Michelle Turner. Sold in 2003 to Steven and Wendy Garfinkel who remodeled.


1954 - The John Johnson House, East 49th Street/Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago IL. Probably unbuilt. Needs verification.

1954 - The A. Quincy and Elaine S. Jones House, 1233 Tigertail Road, Los Angeles. Designed with Frederick E. Emmons. Destroyed in the 1961 Bel Air fire. Another house was built on the site in 1963. Was an Architectural Record House of 1956. Featured in House and Home June 1956; Arts and Architecture October 1956; House and Home June 1957. B/W photos by Julius Shulman.


1954 - The Morris S. Pynoos Apartment House, 356 South Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Altered in 1973. Sold in 2012 to Barbara Klein.

1957 - 5668 Gato Avenue, Goleta CA. Sold in 2007.

1957 - 5663 Gato Avenue, Goleta CA.

1957 - The Garfield Sorensen Development, Kellogg Park, Kinman Avenue at Gato Avenue, Goleta CA. Commissioned 1954. Included 118 homes, 3 of which were models; two are pictured above. 

1954 - The Gerald Tannen House, 1230 Chickory Lane, Los Angeles CA. Destroyed in 1961 Bel Air fire. Rebuilt in 1962. Sold to actor Conrad Bain (Diff'rent Strokes) and Monica Bain. Sold in 2011 to Avangelo and Mariana Courlas.


1954 - The Trousdale Construction Company Development, ala Mills Estates, Millbrae CA. An Eichler development of 340 homes. As late as 1954, the 42-room Mills Mansion built in the 1860s still stood proud near the present location of Mills High School. Although parts of the original 1,500-acre Mills estate had been developed earlier (Burlingame Village and Ray Park, for example) several hundred acres still surrounded the home. After the newly formed City of Millbrae and the City of Burlingame ended an eight-year legal battle regarding title to the mansion and its remaining property, the mansion was destroyed and the land was subdivided. In its place, new homes were built to provide for the Peninsula’s growing post-WWII population. Today many homes in Mills Estate enjoy great views of the Bay and easy access to I-280.

1954 - The Milton S. Tyre House, 452 Loring Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1953. Interior wood screen also designed by Jones. Sold in 2006 by the Tyre Trust to Ogasawara; altered in 2012.

1955 - The Phil and Leila Hyams Berg House, 10939 Chalon Road, Los Angeles CA. Mr. Berg gifted the house to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. After his death in 1985, the museum put the house on the market. Berg's second wife, Joan, remarried and purchased the home. Eventually, the house was destroyed and a new one built on the lot in 2001. No date on when Joan bought or sold the house, or if she was the one who rebuilt. Sold to John Hotchkis Trust in 2012.

1955 - The G. W. Brenton House, 9951 Beverly Grove Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Unbuilt.

1955 - The Devon Construction Company. Tract houses for a developer, no location.

1955 - The Max Dunn House, 952 Stonehill Lane, Los Angeles CA. Deeded to L. E. Dunn. Sold in 1996 to a Dunn trust. Sold in 2001 to James M. Jacobsen. Sold in 2014 to Neal Aaron Baer.  Not a Jones design; designed by Gene Smith.

1955 - aka The House that Home built, aka the Castilian Model, one of the models for the NBC "Home" show, sponsored with the National Association of Home Builders. Designed with Frederick Emmons. House was built in a Chicago suburb and televised. Builders in various parts of the United States gave to this house to tie in with their subdivisions. More details.

1955 - The Hawley Lawrence House, 7133 Estepa Drive, Tujunga CA. Home was demolished prior to 2000. Vacant property sold in 2000 to Martha Rivera and James Gilmore, who built a new home in 2002.

1955 - The Stephen F. Nordinger House #2, 1248 Bel Air Road, Los Angeles CA. Designed with Emmons. Built by the owner. Sold in 1976 to N. Dann Moss. Jones altered it 1976-78. Sold in 2000 to Gary Tarna and Chieko Takagi, Trustees.

1955 - The Isadore H. Prinzmetal Alterations, 645 Comstock Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Original 1942 home designed by Sumner Spaulding. Addition in 1960 by Ayres and Fiege architects. Sold in 1999 to Daniel and Vicki McIoon.

1957 - The Donald Drummond Housing Development, Mission, KS. Jones met Donald Drummond during the "House that Home Built" promotion and worked with Drummond on a development in Kansas. One of the designs was the "Castilian". Jones did a development called "98th Place" for Drummond, including the Castilian. Included 4 models on 42 lots.

In 1955, during the 'House That Home Built' period, the Drummonds visited Eichler and toured several of his subdivisions. "We called on him because he was a volume builder, he had some good techniques, and he was a nice person," Drummond said. "We saw his plans and he told us who he had working for him. We called (Jones) and he went to work for me." The resulting plan was the 'Castilian,' the biggest and most lavish plan that Drummond would build. The 1956 Castilian was a quintessential Jones and Emmons H-plan, with terraces facing front and back. This addressed the criticisms that earlier Eichler H-designs had unceremonious entrances. The Castilian proudly turned its broad gable and its larger fenced entry terrace to the street, foreshadowing the Eichler atriums. 


1956 - The Reed Gattman house, White Oak Avenue, San Fernando Valley CA. House with office unit. Unbuilt.

1956 - The Louis Golan House, 1010 North Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Sold to Dennis and Shirley Moore. Sold in 2003 to F. B. Zarnegin. Sold in 2006 to Marla Diamond. Sold in 2014 to Qian Shen and Chen Zichun.

1956 - The Frank E. Hurd House, 13951 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles CA.  Unbuilt.

1956 - The Norman Reicher House, 2926 Club Drive, Cheviot Hills CA. Still owned by the Reicher family as of 2016.  Photos by Joanne Reicher-Caro.

1956 - The Graber House, SouthDown Estate, Pacific Palisades CA. Designed with Frederick Emmons. Part of the Pardee-Phillips Project. Won a 1957 National AIA Award; 1956 AIA Pacific/Hawaii Homes for Better Living. Featured in House and Home June 1956; October 1956.


1956 - The U. S. Steel Home, "Steel Aire 5th Avenue" Exhibition House. Research and design study exhibition house built on rooftop of Kaufmann's Department Store in Pittsburgh PA. Three architecture firms were involved: Jones and Emmons; Robert Little of Cleveland; and Rufus Nims of Miami.

1956 - The Eichler Steel X-100 House Prototype, 1596 Lexington Avenue, San Mateo CA. Featured in Sunset Magazine, October 1956.

1956 - The C. S. Woods Addition, Brooktree Road, Pacific Palisades CA. Unbuilt.

1957 - The USAF Air Materiel Command, McClellan AFB, Capehart Housing, Watt Avenue and El Verta Road, Antelope CA. Renamed McClellan Air Force Base Family Housing. Became a gated rental community called The Arbors at Antelope.

1957 - The Stanley Bergerman House, Beverly Hills CA. Unbuilt.

1957 - The Stanley Bergerman Apartment building, Wilshire and Warner Boulevards, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

New Year's Dinner party at Alfred and Betsy Bloomingdale's home in Holmby Hills, photo by Nat Farbman, 1959. And what are the ladies are wearing? From top to bottom Clockwise; black evening gown by Pierre
 Balmain, red and black one by James Galanos, cobalt and green by Oleg Cassini, Betsy Bloomingdale ( in front of the mirror) in white chiffon by Sophie, Merle Oberon in white satin duchesse by Christian Dior, the yellow gown is by Irene and the pink cocktail dress is by Nettie Rosenstein.

1957 - The Alfred Bloomingdale Alterations, 131 Delfern Drive, Los Angeles CA. Included a garage, pool house, and barbecue shed to the original 1928 house. Still in the Bloomingdale family. Photo by Nat Farbman.

1957 - The Charles Fry house, 135 Belday Drive, Pasadena CA. Sold to Joan Rodenbush Trust.

1957 - The Michael J. Garris House, 1070 Hillcrest Road, Beverly Hills, CA. Unbuilt. Architect Paul Williams designed this home for Garris at this address in 1959. 


1957 - The Howard Hawks House, Stradella Road, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt. According to Movieland Directory, Howard Hawks lived at 930 Stradella Road in the 1940's. The home that is at this address now was built in 1971. Needs verification.


1957 - The Homestyle Center Foundation Exhibition House, Grand Rapids MI. Planned permanent exhibition by 20 architects including Jones work for Eichler. Unbuilt. The architects listed in the Prospectus for the project included: Kazum Adachi; John E. Dinwiddle; Alden Dow; R. Buckminster Fuller; Harwell Hamilton Harris; Jones & Emmons; Robert Little; George Nelson; Eliot Noyes; Painter, Weeks & McCarty; Ralph Rapson; Paul Rudolph; the University of Illinois, Champaign, Urbana; Royal Barry Wills; Clifford B. Wright;Wurster, Bernardi & Emmons; and Gene Zema. The site planned at that time for the project buildings is now the site of Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park.

1957 - The A. Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons Apartment building, Saltair Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt. The designe was not feasible on property.

1957 - The Levitt and Sons Development, Tract houses for Pennypacker Park, Willingboro Township, Burlington County, NJ. Unbuilt. Designed with Frederick Emmons. The plans proved too expensive to build.

1957 - The Dan O'Herlihy house, 591 Paseo Miramar, Pacific Palisades, CA. Probably unbuilt. House at that address was built in 1975. Needs verification.


1957 - The Jerome Robinson house, 999 Patencio Road, Palm Springs CA. Later additions included a bath house (1959), a maid's wing (1970), and an office suite addition to the master bedroom (1971). Sold to George Shea.

1958 - The Pardee-Phillips Model Home, Better Homes & Gardens Five Star Home, model home adapted for Better Home and Gardens Magazine September 1958, pp. 58, 59, 149. Built.

15151 NE Hoyt Street, sold to John Xochihua. Needs photo verification.

15250 NE Hoyt Street, sold to Sean and Megan Dunlap. Needs photo verification.

Unknown, needs verification. 

1958 - The Hallberg Homes Model House and Houses,  NE 152nd Street and Glisan, Murmuring Pines, Portland OR.  Built by Robert Rummer.  48 lots but only 4 post and beam tract houses were built. Photos by Modern Homes Portland.

1958 - The Mary Lane House Speculative residences, Gail Road, Sundown Ranchos, Maricopa County, AZ. Unbuilt.


4809 Lido Sands Drive, sold to Richard Perkins, sold to Kevin Le Winter in 2013

5301 Lido Sands Drive, sold to Charlotte Marie Poe.

4919 Lido Sands Drive, sold to David and Grace Arnold.

1958 - The Irving Jordan and Nels Severin Development, aka Lido Sands Site Plan and Houses, Lido Isle, Newport Beach CA. Subdivision on leased land consisted of 82 houses. All houses sold prior to completion.

1958 - Clifford Jones, Metrim Corporation, Bellehurst Research House, Bellehurst Community, Buena Park CA. Site overlooks Fullerton Country Club. Unbuilt.

1958 - The Irving Jordan and Nels Severin Coronado Apartments Development, Coronado Islands CA. Unbuilt.

1958 - The Irving Jordan and Nels Severin Corolido Triplex Apartments, 418 Seaward Road, Corona del Mar CA. 24 triplexes, 72 apartments. Sold to Douglas Wilson.

1958 - The Irving Jordan house, 1815 Sabrina Terrace, Corona del Mar, CA. Sold to Jennifer Ogle Wilde.

1958 - The Matt Kahn house, designed with Joseph Eichler, Pine Hill Lot 52, Stanford CA. Matt Kahn was a professor of art and design at Stanford University. He and wife Lyda (a weaver) worked with Eichler as "artistic consultants" for a decade beginning in 1954. Their Jones and Emmons house is on the Stanford University campus. Lyda passed away in 1990, Matt in 2013 at age 85.

1958 - The Kolko House, designed with Joseph Eichler. Location unknown. Unbuilt.


1958 - The Joseph Kriss house, Lot 57, Stanford University, Stanford, CA. Unsure if built. Eichler built several homes on Stanford campus that were designed for faculty only, and are still sold as such. None of the addresses found were built in 1958 nor are the designated as Jones/Emmons houses.

1958 - The Popular Mechanics House, aka California Living, published by Popular Mechanics magazine in October 1958. Intended for publication but not for construction. Pages 132 - 139, 248 - 250. "If you can't live in California", advises the California-boosting Jones, "the next best thing, of course, is a California-style house."

1958 - The Sun Gold Community Site Planning and House Designs, University Hills, Riverside, CA. Unbuilt. There is an area called University Hills built in the early 1960's. There is also an area called Sun Gold Terrace. Neither is indicated as a Jones/Emmons development. In the "City of Riverside, Modernism Context Statement" there are only two buildings designed by Jones/Emmons, both are buildings on the University of California, Riverside Campus. Sun Gold Incorporated was also the developer behind the Capehart houses at McClellan AFB one year earlier. Needs verification.

1959 - The Ben Adler House, 1012 Wallace Ridge, Beverly Hills CA. Sold to the Richard Shephard Trust. Sold in 2004 to actors Courteney Cox and David Arquette, former owners of a John Lautner house in Malibu. Renovated in 2004 by architect Cory Buckner.  Sold in 2014 to I Like Big Butts LLC.


1959 - The Edwin W. Amyes House, 1103 Bel Air Place, Los Angeles CA.  Designed with Emmons.  Built by Gallman and Mitchell.  Likely was destroyed and merged with an adjacent property.  Needs verification.


1959 - The Ernani Bernardi Development Houses, Parthenia, Marklein, Chase, and Orion Streets, Van Nuys CA. 26 lots, unbuilt.


1959 - The Ernani Bernardi House plan built for the Palmeters, 3418 Vista Haven Road, Sherman Oaks CA. The Palmeters lived in the home until at least 1970. Sold to Shin and Nanayo Kunosina. 

1959 - The Raymond Boron House, address unknown. Unbuilt.

1959 - The L. W. Cork Alterations and Additions, 12800 Saxony Road, Encinitas CA. Address doesn't exist any more. All addresses are 4 numbers. Needs verification.

1959 - The Hallberg Homes Apartments, North Ivanhoe Street and New York Avenue, Portland OR. Possible address 7302 North New York Avenue. 8 units, now condos. There is another matching building in the 7200 block of N. New York Avenue (no exact address found). Needs verification.

1959 - The Henry Hathaway House, 888 Sarbonne Road, Los Angeles CA. Sold to Peter Guber. Sold in 2011 to Green Shell 888 Trust, Brian Joseph, Trustee. Ad reads: "4,300 sf, 1 story mid century modern. Incredible opportunity to build, expand/add to the existing structure., develop, etc. Part of a 3 house compound." The Movieland Directory says Guber bought the house for their "kid's arcade." 

1959 - The Cliff Jones Bellehurst Apartments for Acron Corporation, Bellehurst Community, Buena Park, CA. 24 units, site overlooks Fullerton Country Club. Unbuilt.


1959 - The Joseph Kabata House, 1425 West 139th, Gardena CA. Sold to Ted Yank. Sold to Jensen Truman in 1995.


1959 - The Charles O'Malley Alterations, location unknown. 


1960 - The Philip and Ethel (Ethyl?) Graham house, 16117 Royal Oak Road, Encino CA. Plans say Sherman Oaks CA. Collection shows starting date of 1960, with updates through 1965. Unclear if completed, but house at this address was built 1965 with later updates and is a very modern style. Sold to Leonard Katzman. Sold to Irving Diamond in 1989. Sold to actor David Steinberg in 1997. Sold to the Javadi Family Trust in 2003.

1960 - The Ray Hommes Subdivision, University City, San Diego CA. Unbuilt.

1960 - The Ray Hommes Apartments, Country Club Addition, Las Vegas NV. Unbuilt.


1960 - The Sarah Jane Lapin House, 12221 Benmore Terrace, Los Angeles CA.  Lapin started taking extension courses in the late 1940's when she wanted to design her own house. She became a building contractor and developed several homes and apartments.  In December 1964, the San Bernardino County Sun ran an interview about her developing five homes in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles.  This was her own house, designed by Jones and Emmons.

According to her daughter Nancy, "we called [the Jones/Emmons design] the upside-down house, since the majority of the house was up the glass enclosed stairs - half way up there was a sliding door to the pool, continuing to the top of the stairs you would be in the dining/living room.  Traveling north on Bundy Drive a small portion of Benmore was on the left. Our house came first. There was a driveway to the top of a small rise where two homes were built. We referred to the third spec house as "hanging over the side" of the driveway."

Sold in 1997 to Jack and Leslie Kavanaugh.  Altered in 1998.

1960 - The Fred Nassour Subdivision, Palm Desert, CA. Unbuilt.

1960 - The Tom and Ann Peppers house, 49280 Avenida Fernando, La Quinta, CA. Collection indicates address as 44280, yet 49280 appears in later records. Sold to Frank Capra. Sold in 2004 to Richard and Sharon Dicker. Sold in 2014.

1960 - The Harlan Lee House, aka the Royal Homes Subdivision, aka the Good Housekeeping model house), 4965 Calvin Avenue, Tarzana CA. Lee was head of the development company. The subdivision included five homes including the model house. Sold to C. L. Kobrin. Sold to Subbotin Trust in 2000.

Also 4941 Calvin. Sold in 2013.


1960 - The H. A. Shelton Apartments. Unbuilt.

1961 - The Sherman L. and Priscilla Christensen House, 4078 Farmouth Drive, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1955. Sold to Ho and Tracy Kim. Sold in 1995 to Yong Kim. Sold in 1997 to Kevin Reilly. Sold in 1997 to Adam H. Spiegel (aka Spike Jonze) and Sofia Coppola. 1998 renovation by Brad Dunning. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.

1961 - The Justin Dart Addition, 444 North Faring Road, Los Angeles CA. The original house was built in 1938. Justin Dart was Chairman of the Board for Rexall Drug Stores and a member of CA Governor Ronald Reagan's "kitchen cabinet." Dart's former home at 944 Airole Way was destroyed in the Bel Air fire of 1961 and Jones designed a replacement. However, the Darts decided not to wait for construction and bought this house to which Jones made additions. Sold to Perry Leff and Abbe Lane. Sold in 2011 to 444 Faring Lane Road, LLC.

1961 - The Lawrence H. Ganahl House, 11223 Laurie Drive, Studio City CA. Sold to George Damato. Sold in 1997 to Jonathan and Michelle Gathrid who did a renovation. Sold in 2005 to the Yasmine Murro Trust. Photos by Jonathan Gathrid.

1961 - The Robert Litman House, 771 North Kenter Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Sold to Charles Faerkin. Sold to Jesse Brunner in 2001. Sold to Geoffrey Breskal in 2002.

1961 - The J. A. Lucian Apartments, aka Cliff Drive Apartments, aka Seacliff Apartments, address unknown, Santa Barbara CA. The first owners were builders Davies, Keusder and Brown. Lucian was the second owner. Sold to Sam Kubetz. Unsure if built, needs verification.

1961 - The James Pabian House, 2735 Ybarra Road, Spring Valley, CA. Altered in 1978. Sold to Jerry and Bernardine Carroll.

1961 - The Robert Rummer Homes Project, Portland OR. Unbuilt. Jones was initially going to work on this development, but instead gave Rummer some advice on the designs and architect Toby Moore designed the blueprints. In the end the 16 designs closely resembled those of Eichler projects done by Jones and Emmons and Claude Oakland.

1961 - The Sproul Development houses, Pueblo Homes, Albuquerque NM. Unbuilt. Community planned unit with 86 lots. Planning included "pocket neighborhood" scheme with community center and recreation areas.


1961 - The Gerald Tannen House Alternations, 11320 Joffre Street, Brentwood CA. Alterations to 1947 Case Study House originally designed by Rodney Walker. The Tannen's moved into this home temporarily while their home on Chickory Lane (1962) was being re-built. Mrs. Tannen was in a wheelchair and the alterations were changes made to accommodate her. Sold to A. Quincy Jones. Sold in 1965 to Everett Moore. Sold to Larry Blivas. Sold in 2003 to Nathan Hranek. Sold in 2012 to Anna and Jonathan Honig.

1962 - The Ben Deane Subdivision, Coronado Housing, San Diego CA. Unbuilt. This was a proposed subdivision for the Hotel del Coronado property.

1962 - The Lou Perini Land Development Subdivision, West Palm Beach FL. Commissioned 1957. Designed by Jones/Emmons and Norman Robson of West Palm Beach. In 1957 developer Lou Perini purchased 4,200 acres of swampland from the City of West Palm Beach lying between Australian Avenue and I-95, just north of the Palm Beach International Airport. Between 1960 and 1972 he constructed the Village of Palm Beach Lakes. By 1995 there were 7,400 rental units p;us commercial sites.


1962 - The Harry and Phyllis Sherwood House, 920 Foothill Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Designed with Frederick Emmons. Sold to Michael LaFetra. Sold in 2012 to Next Project LLC. Sold in 2013 to Kelly Day Trust. Sold later in 2013 to the JP and Fabrienne Guerin Trust.

1962 - The Arvid Wedin House, 1805 North First Avenue, Upland CA. Sold to Gregory and Manuela Zerovnik.

1963 - The Ruth Carroll Studio and Apartment Building, Phoenix AZ. Unbuilt.

1963 - The Shorecliff Tower Apartments, aka Oceanaire Condominiums, 535 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica CA. Built for owners Ralph Kiewit, Sr and son, Ralph, Jr. Originally 50 apartment units on 13 floors with 2 parking levels, it was renovated in 1991, renamed, and has 48 units on 12 floors.

1963 - The Robert L. Spencer House, 939 Alpine Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Jones also designed the furniture. Sold to Gibson Trust. Sold to Strube Trust. Sold to Alpine Hills Inc in 2001. Sold to Marilyn Trattner in 2003.


1963 - The Sproul Development Houses, aka San Luis Rey Estates, Oceanside CA. According to Moderni San Diego, 37 units were built including the "Lido" and "Newport" designs. The "Newport" design is first house above, the "Lido" the second. Photo is the Lido Design. Units are on the folliwing streets: Frontier, Sahara, Sands, Las Vegas, Hacienda, Riverside, Mint, Tacayme, Siesta, Redondo, Lun, and Sol Sitio.  Photos by Modern San Diego.

About 1963 - 12716 Darla, Granada Hills CA.  Designed with Frederick Emmons and Claude Oakland.  Developed by Joseph Eichler. Photo by Michael Locke.

About 1963 - 12724 Darla, Granada Hills CA.  Designed with Frederick Emmons and Claude Oakland.  Developed by Joseph Eichler. Photo by Michael Locke.

About 1963 - 12743 Darla, Granada Hills CA.  Designed with Frederick Emmons and Claude Oakland.  Developed by Joseph Eichler. Photo by Michael Locke.

1963 - The Sproul Development houses, Las Vegas NV. Unbuilt.

1963 - The Joseph Vasilik house, location unknown. Unbuilt. 

1963 - The Sidney Brody Weekend House, Malibu CA. No indication it was built.

1964 - The Rosenberg Apartments, aka Golden Tower Apartments, San Diego, CA. Unbuilt.

1964 - The Russcor Corporation Exhibit Home. Unbuilt. This was the model for a proposed new development.

1964 - 1078 North Granada, Orange CA. Sold to Mark and Mickey Bishop. Sold to Robert R. Loper. Sold in 2006 to Brent Harris. Renovation in 2008 by Brad Dunning.

Eichler - A. Quincy Jones Restored by Craig Hudson

1964 - aka the Lagoon House, Palo Alto CA.  Address unknown.  Built by Joseph Eichler.  Remodeled in the 1980's. Sold to Chara Schreyer. Restored around 2012 by Craig Hudson.

1964 - The US Navy 11th Naval District Naval Station Housing, Ponte Vista in Long Beach and Cabrillo Housing in San Pedro CA. 

The June 13, 1965 article in the Long Beach Independent Press Telegram has an article on the construction. The article appears to be talking about apartment units, not houses, so unclear if Ponte Vista was part of his design. The Independent Press Telegram has an article on the housing project in the June 15, 1965 newspaper, but doesn't confirm the name of the development, just says "units" so not clear if apartments or houses. Long Beach Naval Station was sold in 2013 to iStar Financial to build 830 new units. As of 2/2014, nothing happened and the original homes still stand. See

1964 - The Case Study House #24. Unbuilt.

1964 - The Marsden Wagner House, 2180 Mandeville Canyon Road, Los Angeles CA. Family of six with limited funds asked Jones to design a house plan of 1200 square feet which would allow expansion as children grew older. Unbuilt, as the site became to costly due to unstable soil.

1965 to 1972 - The George Air Force Base Family Housing, Victorville CA. Grew from 150 units in 1965 to around 600 total. The base was closed in 1992 and the housing fell to ruin. Due to ground contamination, it was abandoned. Photos from 2013 by Sandi Hemmerlein.

1965 - The Robert Hinerfield Alterations, 131 South Cliffwood Drive, Los Angeles CA. Assumed demolished as another house was built there in 2001. It is now Cliffwood Avenue.

1965 - The A. Quincy and Elaine Jones House and Studio Alterations and Addition, aka The Barn, 10300 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. Originally built in 1950 as a commercial building for photographers Mary Mead and Tamis Maddick, Jones converted it into a living space with studio so he could work from home. Featured in Progressive Architecture May 1966. His wife Elaine Jones sold the home in 2009 to Metabolic Studio LLC.

1965 - The Edward Lasker House, 901 Airole Way, Los Angeles CA. Sold to the Gilchrist and Rutter Trust in 2000. Sold to Robert Maguire in 2002. Sold to the Bruce Lagnese Trust in 2012. Sold later in 2012 to actress Jennifer Aniston, who married Justin Theroux there in 2015.

1965 - The David G. Licht House, 410 Castle Place, Beverly Hills CA. Sold to Antoinio Villalobos and Diane Weiss.


Year unknown - 1971 South Camino Real, Palm Springs CA. Sold to John Fiala. Sold in 2014.

Year unknown - 820 E. La Verne Way, Palm Springs CA. Sold to Bret Boreman in 2012.

Year unknown - 1969 South Camino Real, Palm Springs, CA. Sold to Andrew Barnes in 2013.

1965 - The Philbert Corporation, Country Club Estates, La Verne Way and El Camino Real, Palm Springs, CA. 30 condominiums. Original idea was co-op housing. 


1965 - The Trousdale Construction Corporation, Trousdale Estates, 605 Clinton Place (Trousdale Estates #1, Lot 35), Beverly Hills CA. According to Jones' collection, General Omar Bradley purchased this home after it opened as an exhibition house. Sold to Silverstein Living Trust. Sold to Blair Tefkin in 2013.

1965 - Jones designed a second home for Trousdale Estates, 1720 Carla Ridge (Trousdale Estates #2, Lot 54). Sold to Giorgio Moroder. Sold to Susan Becker in 2009.

The grounds originally belonged to Lucy Smith Doheny Battson, wife of Edward L. Doheny, Jr. (1893–1929), son of oil tycoon Edward L. Doheny (1856–1935); were known as the Doheny Ranch or the Doheny Estate; and included the Greystone Manor. In 1954, Paul Trousdale (1915–1990) purchased the grounds, while the mansion was purchased by industrialist Henry Crown(1896–1990). Shortly after, Trousdale convinced the Beverly Hills City Council to add the neighborhood to the city, which they accepted, and he renamed it the Trousdale Estates.

Trousdale first built 532 original lots, all subject to strict regulations devised by the Architectural Committee, including how high roofs could be. Early houses were designed by Jones, Wallace Nelson, Paul R. Williams, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Harold Levitt. Allen Siple was the supervising architect.


1965 - The United States Navy, Southwest Division, 11th Naval District Naval Station housing, White's Point CA. This was a later addition to the units at Cabrillo started in 1964. In 1996 Harbor area communities were in line to take over the housing that became surplus after the Navy closed the shipyard. Needs verification.

 1966 - The Walter and Leonore Annenberg Estate, aka Sunnylands, 37977 Bob Hope Drive, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270. This is a 650-acre, 32,000 sf. The Annenbergs designed the facility to one of the most exceptionally secure in the US so to as to host celebrities, billionaires and international heads of state, a practice which continues to this day.  Tours are also available to the public.

1966 - The H. E. and Wilma Chiles House, 1300 Shady Oaks Lane, Ft. Worth TX. Jones did a design in 1962 for the site that was not built. This second plan was indeed built.

1968 - The Park Lane Apartments, developed by H. W. Hewson and D. W. Bell, 450 South Marion Parkway, Denver CO. Now called Park Lane Condominiums, the address is 460 - 480 South Marion Parkway. The four buildings replaced the historic Park Lane Hotel which was on that site from 1928-1968.

1970 - The Roy Rosenthal House, Rancho Santa Fe CA. Unbuilt.

1971 - The William Coberly House, 247 Muirfield Road, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1969. Addition of caretaker room in 1972. Sold to Jai Lee. Sold in 2000 to David Yorkin and Susan Madigan. Photos by Emily Mott.

1972 - The Louis Degen House, 37th Avenue and Palm View, aka Wonder Estates, Rancho Mirage CA. No exact location. 37th is now Tamarisk.  Needs verification.

1973 - The Smalley Residence, aka Brooklawn Residence, Beverly Hills CA. One of the largest houses Jones designed. Renovation by Scrafano Architects. Sold in 2006 to Shulamit "Shula" Nazarian. Featured in 2009 in the LA Times.

1973 - The James C. Greene House, 975 Buckingham Place, Pasadena CA. Commissioned 1971. Unbuilt. It got too expensive for the client, who cancelled the project on May 24, 1973.

1973 - The G. L. Hoerner House, Mandeville Canyon Road, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1973 - The Lincoln Property Company, Tower 1 & 2, High Rise Condominiums, Redondo Plaza. Commissioned 1970. Unbuilt.

1975 - The Max DePree House Alterations, 2967 North Lake Shore Drive, Holland MI. The DePree's worked for Herman Miller. As of 2014 still owned by the DePree family.

1975 - The Ruth White House, Malibu CA. Unbuilt, due to illness of client.

1976 - The Robert Alan Franklyn House, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Unbuilt.

1976 - The Levitt France Housing, Lesigny, France. Unbuilt. Property sold before development began.

1976 - The Mo Ostin Alterations, no location. Unbuilt, feasibility study.

1976 - Lincoln Properties Townhouses, Huntington Harbor CA. Commissioned 1973. Unbuilt.

1976 - The Alexander Hixon House Alterations and Additions, 1100 Paso Alto Road, Pasadena CA. Commissioned 1971. Original house designed by architect Thornton Ladd in 1949/1954. The property consisted of two lots with houses and a third lot with a house that was to be demolished and rebuilt. Since Alto East was originally designed for Mr. Ladd's mother I'm assuming this must have been Mr. Ladd's personal property at the time. Minimal alterations were made for the Hixon's to occupy while the other construction was underway. In 1973 a garage was added. In 1976 Alto West was built on the property where the 3rd house that was in bad condition, was demolished. Appears the addresses are now 1092 and 1100, both sold to Harvey Mudd College in 2011 by Mrs. Hixon. Needs verification.

1977 - The Pedro and Judith Miller House Alterations, 3201 Palos Drive West, Palos Verdes CA. The original 1955 house was designed by Thornton Abell. Unbuilt.

1978 - The Ricardo Montalban House Alterations, 9256 Robin Drive, Los Angeles CA. Original was designed by architect John Elgin Woolf in 1962. Sold to Robert Farber. Sold to Kosta Stojanovich in 2000. Sold to Donald Krendler and Ernest Caswell in 2000.

1978 - The Thomas Moore House, Napa CA. Address unknown. After Jones died, William Turnbull finished the design.

1978 - The Marvin Teitelbaum House Alterations, 354 Homewood Road, Los Angeles CA. Original house was built in 1947. As of 2013, the Teitelbaum's still own the home.


1979 - The Joe Konis Penthouse Alterations, 121 South Palm Drive #502, Beverly Hills CA. Commissioned 1977. All non-structural walls were removed for a completely new apartment. Sold to the Michail Sani Trust in 2007.

1979 -The James B. Miller Alternations, 611 South Muirfield Road, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1975. Alterations to original 1925 house designed by Gordon Kaufman. Last alteration in 1980. The 13 bedroom/11 bath, 15,000 sf Mediterranean-style house also has a ballroom, pool, two laundry rooms, a wine vault, green house and motorcourt. Owned by Miller family until 1994. Sold to John Cottrell, an interior designer. Sold to film producers Lila and Jean Cazes in 1997. Sold to the Dominguez Trust in 1999. Sold to Wayne Mejia Co. Trust, Page Jenkins Trust, and Marbella Trust. Some sources say it was owned by Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas at one time, but we couldn't find reputable confirmation. There was a smaller house at 625 S. Muirfield Road built in 1955, also owned by same family, but now vacant land. This house was probably demolished for the 1980 expansion.

1979 - The Joan Borinstein House, 11667 Moraga Lane, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt. Project ended with death of Jones. House was in schematic stage at that time. Another architect built a house in 1983 that as of 2013 is still owned by Borinstein.

1979 - The Stephen G. Nordinger House, 20520 West Pinnacle Way, Malibu CA. Son of Stephen F. Nordinger, another client of Jones'. Site had geologically young rock outcrop that Jones did not want to disturb. House was designed in two parts with a glass enclosed "bridge" that connected the house into continuous space. Sold to Herb Tannen Trust.

1979 - The Selden Ring House, 10720 Chalon Road, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1975. Not sure if this house was actually ever completed. The Jones archives have the years 1975 - 1979 on this property, along with an interior project plan and landscaping. The lot sold in 2010, apparently someone started to build on it (see photos), then stopped, and put it back on the market. In September 2013, Belzburg-Hagy Architects and Builders took out building permits for a single family dwelling. According to Property Shark there was a home built in 1979. Perhaps the original house was never finished and the lot was sold as is.

1979 - The Stanley Seligson House, Fairfield CT. Unbuilt.

1979 - Tumanjan and Tumanjan Investments, Mission Hills Development, Rancho Mirage CA. Planned unit development. Project included 80 houses, recreation, and community center. Unbuilt.

Year unknown - Renovation, 4100 Cromwell, Los Angeles CA. Sold to Mark Romanek and Brigette McWilliams. Original house was built in 1922.  Needs verification as a Jones project.  Sold in 2009 to Bernie Gudvi Trust aka Cromwell Avenue Trust.

Sources include: A. Quincy Jones by Cory Buckner; Modern San Diego; Michael Locke.