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Recognizing Excellence in North Carolina Modernist Residential Design.  Supported in 2017 by The McAdams Foundation and an anonymous donor from Durham.

The George Matsumoto Prize for North Carolina Modernist residential architecture is a unique design competition featuring $6,000 in awards, a blue-ribbon jury of internationally-known architects, critics, and designers, and online public voting. 

Most people don't realize, or even suspect, that North Carolina has the third largest concentration of Modernist houses in America. Yet,
we do. There are about 1,300 statewide with about 800 in the Triangle area alone.

NCMH created the Matsumoto Prize in 2012 honor of George Matsumoto, one of the founding faculty members of North Carolina State University's College of Design. Matsumoto created some of North Carolina's most well-known and well-loved Modernist houses. The Matsumoto Prize provides motivating honors and incentives for a new generation of architects; contributes to wider public recognition of Modernism in all its forms (architecture, art, furniture, and fashion); and recognizes the significant economic and aesthetic impact of Modernist design across North Carolina.

123 HILLCREST - Alphin Design Build
2016 Jury 1st Place by Will Alphin

The Matsumoto Prize is the only juried architecture competition in North Carolina that focuses exclusively on Modernist houses, provides financial awards, involves a national jury plus public voting, and connects to a major architectural archive. The Prize meaningfully and powerfully engages the public with the architecture they love and showcases exceptional Modernist architects and designers in North Carolina.

The Matsumoto Prize encourages designers, architects, owners, and builders to continue the Modernist movement in houses so important to North Carolina's artistic leadership.  Past jurors include Tom Kundig, Marlon Blackwell, Larry Scarpa, Frank Harmon, Jeanne Gang, Eric Gartner, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Alison Brooks, Nathan Crowley, David Jameson, Harry Bates, Harry Wolf, Helena Arahuete, Maryann Thompson, Brion Jeannette, Peter Gluck, Bev Thorne, and Ray Kappe.   

The 2017 Matsumoto Prize Jury

Carl Abbott FAIA
Carl Abbott Architect

Paul Goldberger HAIA

Susan Saarinen ASLA, Saarinen Landscape Architecture

Ron Radziner FAIA
Marmol Radziner

Harry Wolf FAIA
Wolf Architecture

Robert Miller FAIA
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Curt Fentress FAIA RIBA, Fentress Architects

2017 George Matsumoto Prize Rules, Terms, and Conditions

1. The Prize is open to anyone with primary design responsibility for a completely built, from-the-ground-up, single-family Modernist house of at least 800 heated sf with a CO on or after January 1, 2012. The house must be in North Carolina; the designer/architect can be from anywhere. Renovations, additions, multi-family, or any house that won a past Matsumoto Prize Jury or People's Choice award are ineligible. Past submissions that did not win either of these awards may be resubmitted.

2. There are no educational or licensure requirements for submission. Your design stands for itself. You may submit more than one house but you cannot win more than one prize per category. If you have a disagreement with another person or firm concerning credit for a house design, get it worked out or consider submitting jointly.

3. Jury Awards: $3,000 first place, $2,000 second place, $1,000 third place, plus a very nice trophy for each. The Jury, named above, will choose one house per cash Prize honor. There will be no ties. None of the Jury or their firms or employees are allowed to submit for the Prize. There will only be one Jury Prize awarded per firm/designer/architect.

4. There will be three People's Choice awards, selected by the public through online voting, limited to one vote per e-mail address. Addresses that are or appear to be machine-generated or fraudulent will not be counted. However, if people want to vote more than once, say from a home email and a work email, that's fine. NCMH's decisions on vote eligibility are final. Vote counts will not be released; only the recipients of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

5. Contacting any of the named Jury is strictly prohibited; however, submitters are actively encouraged to publicize their participation in the Matsumoto Prize through email and social media, including asking friends, family, clients, prospects, and the public to vote.

6. By submitting, images and video become part of NCMH's website, Facebook page, and other social media.

7. NCMH reserves the exclusive right to accept, edit, or reject any information, image, video, or other submission component for accuracy, appropriateness, style, size, or length; or for compliance with these rules, terms and conditions. If a submission is rejected, payment will be refunded. Houses may not be submitted anonymously and/or without an address and owner.

8. By paying the entry fee, you agree to all the terms and conditions on this page; you have secured rights to use any submitted images, video, or audio; and you have secured permission from the homeowners to submit their house.

2017 Matsumoto Prize Submission Requirements

Submissions open 8am EST May 1.  Please do not submit before that time. Submissions are due no later than 5pm EST June 1.

a. Submit a non-refundable entry fee of $179 per house via PayPal to or mail to NCMH, 5409 Pelham Road, Durham NC, 27713.

b.  Via email to, submit the working name of the house, homeowner name and project address, architect/designer contact info, builder contact info; a headshot JPG of the architect/designer, and  a PDF of the Certificate of Occupancy verifying house completion on or after 1/1/2012.

c.  Via a free transfer service for large files such as, send to, submit up to 15 images/photos in 300dpi or higher in JPG format only. Do not submit PDF or any other format. These images must include at least one site plan, one elevation, one floor plan, three interior photos, and three exterior photos. Images may include text, but be sure the text can be read easily on a tablet/Ipad; members of the Jury and the public will likely use these devices to view your submission. 

d  (optional but highly encouraged) Submit a two-minute or less video about the house, the client, their needs, the process to meet those needs, you, your firm, or any combination of these elements. Submit in MP4 format. Please don't overproduce this part; keep it simple. Filming with your cell phone or tablet will be fine. People want to hear your story of the design journey with the house and the client!  Submit via to

Deadline: Submissions due no later than 5pm EST June 1.

For submission assistance, email Competition Manager Leslie Kingery at

Winners of both the Jury and People's Choice categories will be notified no later than July 8.

The George Matsumoto Prize Awards will be in Raleigh at McConnell Studios on Thursday, July 27, 6-8pm during our Thirst4Architecture event.