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Pittman was born in Dallas TX and went to college at the University of North Texas at Denton, then around 2000 went into commercial real estate in Dallas. He worked for an interior design and decorative art company, eventually going out on his own in the same field. For a little over year, he traveled around Central and South America and arrived in Asheville in 2005.  He started Sage Concepts, a prolific one-stop shop for the design and development and construction of custom homes. As of May 2015, he closed Sage to again focus on travel.

2008 - The Linda S. and Lanny S. Altshuler House, aka Aspen, 11 Beaver Valley Drive, Asheville.

2009 - The Brian D. Ingraham House, aka Zuni, 56 Sunrise Street, Asheville.

2009 - The Lauren and Michael Tamayo House, aka Vertex, 54 Sunrise Street, Asheville.

2009 - The Nuclear Information and Resource House, aka the NIRS House, 45 Riverview Drive, Asheville. Still owned by NIRS as of May 2015.

2009 - The Michael D. D'Elia House, aka Aavaas, 354 Riverview Drive, Asheville.  Sold in 2014 to Michael T. Hudson.

2009 - The Jennifer and Preston James Zoeller House, aka Valkrie, 360 Riverview Drive, Asheville. Sold in 2013 to Jesse F. Fahrer.

2009 - The James and Amanda Boren House, aka Opus, 59 Morningside Drive, Asheville. Sold in 2010 to James and Amanda Curry.  Sold in 2013 to Jeanne C. Snyder.

2009 - The Linda, William, and Ryan Evans House, aka Caurica, 6 Stillwell Street, Asheville.

 2009 - The Anna and Erik Anderson House, aka Fifty-Five, 55 Russell Street, Asheville.

2009 - The Mary and David Lindrum House, 52 Sunrise Street, Asheville.

2010 - The Connie S. Hayes and Carol L. Scholar House, aka Lyria, 107 Deaver Street, Asheville.

2010 -
97 Joyner Avenue, Asheville. Spec house sold in 2012 to Brittany and Michael Lawson. Sold in 2014 to Debora P. and William T. Gardner.

2010 - The Miriam Allen House, 37 Howard Street, Asheville. Sold in 2011 to the Cheryl Gray Cary Living Trust.

2010 - The Susan G. Pittman House, aka Zia, 4 Bridle Path Road, Asheville.

2010 - The Rebecca Travers House, aka Opus, 103 Deaver Street, Asheville.

2010 - The Brian K. Laurencelle House, aka Mira, 91 Joyner Avenue, Asheville.

2011 - The Justin Ryan Hammer House, aka Maple, 58 Maple Springs Road, Asheville. Sold in 2015 to Linda V. and Mark W. Brinkley.

2011 - aka Velo, 46 Sunrise Drive, Asheville. Spec house sold in 2012 to Lauren and Michael Tamayo.

2011 - The Kelly and Christopher Dunbar House, aka Mid Century, 71 Joyner Avenue, Asheville.

2011 - The Lauren L. Boylston House, aka Ventana, 363 Riverview Drive, Asheville.

2011 - The Deirdre M. Clark and David M. Barry House, 2 Stillwell Road, Asheville.

2012 - The Jeffrey J. Smith House, aka Telluride, 44 Sunrise Drive, Asheville. 

2012 - The Shannon Waller and Paul Holt House, aka Butterfly, 28 Northview Street, Asheville.



2012 - The Subhan Zahed House, aka Urban, 48 Sunrise Drive, Asheville. Sold in 2013 to Jennifer and Richard F. Rozzelle.  Sold in 2015 to Dina P. and Brian Ingraham.

2013 - The Deanna S. Chilian House, 144 Waynesville Avenue, Asheville.  Sold in 2016.

2013 - 111 Deaver Street, Asheville NC. For sale in 2013.  Sold in 2014 to Kathryn M.H. Knorovsky and Steven N. Wiese.

2014 - The Barry and Elissa Lewis House, 16 Stillwell Road, Asheville NC. Sold in 2016.

Sources include: Troy Winterrowd, Adam Pittman.