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Henry Dole Norris was born in Brookline MA. He attended the University of Miami and worked for a architectural firm in Miami Beach. He met his wife Anna after WWII on a blind date then took jobs as a production illustrator in an airplane company in Homestead FL and what became Bell Aircraft in Marietta GA.  He opened a private practice as Henry D. Norris, AIA. His house plans were widely published in magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens. Later in the 1970's he started Heritage Homes Plan Service to sell home plans. The Historical Society of Atlanta has his working drawings.

Norris' grandson, Allen Josey, in one of his most prized pieces of furniture, a Knoll chair and ottoman.

1967 - The Helen Perry Residence, 3435 Rugby Road, Durham. The original design by Norris appeared in Better Homes and Gardens, September 1967 (ad above). Built by William (Bill) Chestnut. Sold in 2000 to Keith and Jill Kaye. Sold around 2007 to Sally and David Vasbinder. Sold in 2015 to The Martha M. Clemons Trust. Renovations by Lee Tripi.

1968 - The Harold W. and Ann Lois Rogers House, 2417 Mont Haven Drive, Durham. Another example of the Better Homes and Gardens September 1967 design. Built by William (Bill) Chestnut. Sold to William M. and Patsy Aldred, Jr. Sold in 1991 to Robert C. and Lori Leimbach Eberhardt. Lori grew up in the house at 2131 North Oak, below. Sold in 2012 to David and Lezlie Butts.

1970 - The Richard C. and Marjorie L. Leimbach House, 2131 North Oak Lane, Durham. Another example of the Better Homes and Gardens September 1967 design.  Built by William (Bill) Chestnut. Interior design by Dan Addison. Sold in 2014 to Nathan and Brandie Sweany.

1970 - The Beverly F. Noyes House, 627 Lankashire Road, Winston-Salem NC.  Designed by Henry Norris and John Normile. As of 2012 owned by Leonard Noyes.

1974 - The Henry Oosthoek House, 3180 Old Hollow Road, Walkertown NC. Designed by Norris and John Normile. Sold in 2008 to Charles B. Smith, Jr. Top photo by Myra Caffarey.

Around 1974 - 1030 13th Avenue NW, Hickory NC.  Example of the Better Homes and Gardens September 1967 plan. Sold in 1980 to Otto Szentesi, still owner as of 2017.

1975 - The Robert and Jane Needham House, 2017 South Lakeshore Drive, Chapel Hill. Built by JP Goforth from a plan book designed by Norris. Sold in 1978 to Joel and Myrna Schwartz.

1977 - The Pirson House, Buffalo NY. Another example of the Better Homes and Gardens September 1967 design. Photos by son Thom Pirson.

Around 1967 - Lake Holiday, northern VA.  Example of the Better Homes and Gardens September 1967 plan. Scheduled for demolition in 2016.

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