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2016 Historic Coker Hills in Chapel Hill NC by Jill Ridky-Blackburn.  Buy print copy.

Knock Knock: North Carolina's Most Unusual Houses was a collaborative effort between the News and Observer and NCMH to spotlight North Carolina Modernist residential architecture. Knock Knock first ran in the Durham Herald-Sun.

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NCMH Archives at NC State University Special Collections
North Carolina buildings on the National Register of Historic Places
NCMH Pioneering Black Architects in North Carolina through 1970
NCMH Pioneering Women Architects in North Carolina through 1970
NCMH What I've Learned: Insightful observations on life and design from North Carolina architects and designers
Incomplete 1984-2013 NC architecture awards, including AIANC, Spectator, AIA Triangle, and some SAR (South Atlantic Regional AIA)
NC General Statutes on Architects and Architecture -- what's allowed in the profession and what's not
Preservation North Carolina Booklet on Preservation Tax Credits
2018 Raleigh Modern Commercial Architecture Survey 1945-1975

2016 Oakwood: Cherry/Gordon vs. Wiesners NC Court of Appeals Ruling.
2014 Oakwood: Cherry/Gordon vs. Wiesners Superior Court Ruling.

2014 Oakwood: Oak City Preservation Alliance pamphlet.
2013 Sweet Homes Coloring Book. Not just for kids!
2013 Durham Magazine article on George Smart.
2012 1950's Modern Mail-Order houses by David Hill.
2011 Charlotte Observer - NCMH saves a Charlotte house by AG Odell.
2011 RPPN article on NCMH's Pioneering Black Architects in North Carolina.
2010 RPPN article on George Smart and Mayberry Modernism.
2010 Forsyth County South Suburban Area Plan Draft.
2010 Richard Neutra's Cyclorama in Gettysburg PA. 
2009 Greensboro Historic Resources Survey 1940-1970.
2009 Raleigh Historic Districts Commission on Modernism

2009 Forsyth County Phase III Survey Report by Fearnbach History Services, Inc
2009 Fayetteville Modern Architecture Survey Report by
MdM Historical Consultants.
2008 Fayetteville Street Study, Raleigh, by MdM Historical Consultants.
2008 Forsyth County Phase II Report by Fearnbach History Services, Inc.
2007 AIA North Carolina Design Award winners 1955-2007
2006 The Development of Modernism in Raleigh 1945-1965 by M. Ruth Little
1998 Guide Map to 20th Century Architecture in Raleigh. Page one and page two
1994 Early Modern Architecture in Raleigh Associated with NCSU by David Black.
1992 Raleigh Comprehensive Architectural Survey Final Report by Helen Patricia Ross.

1971 NC Public Schools of Interest
1975 NC Public Schools of Interest
1977 NC Public Schools of Interest

1978 NC Public Schools of Interest
1981 NC Public Schools of Interest

1986 NC Public Schools of Interest
1990 NC Public Schools of Interest

1993 NC Public Schools of Interest

1978 City of Raleigh Architectural and Historical Inventory
1965 The 1965 North Carolina State Capital Plan, a visionary effort for that didnt' happen
1960's Brochure from Ezra Meir, structural engineer for many Modernist buildings in North Carolina and former owner of the Catalano House
1956 AIA Regional Conference for the South Atlantic District Tour guide for Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh

1960 The South Builds, written by  Terry Waugh, Elizabeth Waugh, and Henry Kamphoefner
1960's Douglas Fir Second Homes for Leisure Living, including George Matsumoto
1954 Quality Budget Houses by Katherine Morrow Ford and Thomas Creighton
1954 Treasury of Contemporary Houses
1952 Living Spaces by George Nelson
1951 The American House Today by Katherine Morrow Ford
1950's Architectural Record Mid-Century Houses Technical Guide
1946 MOMA If You Want to Build a House by Elizabeth B. Mock
1945 Tomorrow's House by George Nelson and Henry Wright
1940 The Modern House in America, by James Ford and Katherine Morrow Ford